Monday, August 10, 2015

World Lion Day : The Lions of Giza

I am going to seize the opportunity of the World Lion Day to post a couple of photos I took last year for the lions at the Giza Zoo.








The poor lions are placed in the famous “ Lions House”. It is extremely old , you can see from the photos the cages are old.



As much I love the old style of the Giza Zoo, which is Africa’s oldest and first Zoo I think if we are going to keep lions in cages then we can improve them without messing up that old style.

By the way I am extremely angry and sad to know that lion cubs are being drugged and used to attract customers in Porto Resorts.

Already I have seen them earlier this year at Porto Sokhana where people have photos while carrying the poor drugged lion cub. Of course it is dangerous on both side , for the little animal and the people who carry a wild animal after all.

At Porto El-Sokhna 

By the way, you can have a photo witha lion cub at Giza Zoo as well.
It is not a big secret that only now online , people seem to be interested in Preserving wild life after what happened to Cecil Lion in Zimbabwe. Well I got a nice idea instead of whining online. People can start lobbying to for a complete game hunting in Africa simple as that.  I had enough of seeing photos of rich American and Arabian Gulf men hunting animals only to prove that they are men and strong enough. I have enough to share and curse their photos and names online.
Banning the game hunting is the only way to keep the animals live enough so our great grandchildren won’t curse us for another reason with the pollution and wars we are leaving behind.   


  1. thanks for reporting on this. those are such sad lions, and they even poke them with sticks to make them roar for pics. :( terrible people to do this. there are many petitions and activists working on the trophy hunting issue. i really hope and pray the lions of egypt can be saved from the zoo and circus all animal circus should be banned.

  2. Oh, i also want to say that last pic of the guy with the cub looks like an idiot LOL the cubs not even looking, poor cubs :(


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