Saturday, October 31, 2015

Russian Plane Crashes in Middle of Sinai #7K9268 “Updated”

This is the sort of news you do not want to wake up on !!!!
A Russian airliner carrying 224 passengers and crew crashed in Sinai peninsula earlier Saturday.
According to Egypt’s cabinet, the Airbus A-321, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia with registration number KGL-9268, was flying from Sharm El-Sheikh in Sinai to St.Petersburg earlier this morning when it crashed in Central Sinai after 23 minutes of taking off.
Exactly the airplane took off from Sharm El-Sheikh airport at 5.58 AM Cairo Local time “CLT” in its way to St.Petersburg. The flight number was 7K9268
The wreckage of the plane at the crash site , a photo released
by Egypt's PM office after his visit this afternoon
At 6:20 AM “04:13 UTC”, it disappeared from the radars after nearly 23 minutes of taking off due to technical malfunctions.
Unfortunately, there were 200 adults and 17 children on the board of the plane in addition to 7-crew members.
Relatives of the victims waiting at Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg
The cabinet also said in its official statement that the Egyptian armed forces’ radars spotted the missing airplane crash site at a mountainous area near the city of El-Hassana.

At 1:41 PM CLT

The Egyptian government announced that the airplane’s black box was found  and that more than 100 bodies were found.
Despite the Egyptian officials hinted at first that a technical malfunction was behind the crash, now they are saying that it was early to determine the reason behind it.
Russia’s President Putin declared Sunday as a national day of mourning.
According to Russian L!ve News website, this photo could be from the last photos taken at the Plane by one of the victims who sent to his family back to Russia.
"L!ve News website"
The Russian embassy in Cairo is saying that there were no survivors in the crash unfortunately.
The Russian embassy in Cairo says that there were 212 passengers and 7 crew members on board.
The Belarus government reported that there was one citizen from Belarus on the board of this flight.
Ukranian FM Pavolo Klimin announced that there were 4 Ukranian citizens on the board of this flight.

@4:11 PM CLT

An IS-affiliated group in Sinai aka Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM” claimed responsibility for downing the Plane in an official statement. They did not state how they did it but most people speak about MANPADs
I do not believe them, I think they are bluffing because they do not have MANPAD to reach that altitude.
Already ,the Plane as you can see blow in the data we got from Flight radar was flying at an altitude of 30,000ft when it crashed.
The militant group which is responsible for the most of the deadly attacks in North Sinai against Egyptian security forces since 2013 claimed that it targeted the Russian Plane to avenge for the Muslims who were killed in Syria by Russian airstrikes.
Two fake videos showing airplanes shot down in the air are spread in the Egyptian social media networks realm. It turned out to be old videos.
One of them was filmed in Afghanistan in 2007.
Russia said it is a far-fetched claim.
Of course , aside from the MANPADs theory, there is another theory that there was a bomb on the board of the Plane.
 It will be an extremely bad thing for Egyptian authorities because they stated that they inspected the plane before taking off.
Unfortunately , the  “ABM” statement is gaining popularity now in Egyptian social media after the announcement of both Air France and Lufthansa announced that they would avoid flying over Sinai till they get a clear explanation of what happened to the Russian flight.
Here are the first batch of photos showing the crash site taken by the office of Egypt's PM Sherif Ismail during his visit to the location.
The PM at the crash site "PM's office" 
The wreckage of the plane "PM's office 
News reports say that the flight cabinet a change of route and landing permission to the nearest airports whether in Cairo or Al-Arish due to technical.
According to Flight Radar, there were very rapid, scary and big changes in the vertical speeds of the plane in its last 20 seconds.
This chart explains better

Here is a .GIF from Flight Radar showing the last moments for the poor plane.

I am not a pilot, but what I see here is scary.
The doomed Airbus A-321 plane, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia with registration number KGL-9268 is 18 years and 5 months old according to
The plane ""
Russia Today is saying that Russia sent about 3 planes to rescue and to help in retrieving the bodies of the victims that would be transferred to Zenihom morgue in Cairo according to Egyptian officials.
My deepest condolences to the families of the victims.
Egyptian officials told AFP that rescuers arrived the wreckage site. The Egyptian Prime Minister went to Al-Arish to follow up the matter.
Here is the latest official statement issued by the Egyptian cabinet in English.

Statement No. 3 by the Cabinet on the crash of a plane in North SinaiThe prime minister accompanied by the ministers...
Posted by Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday, October 31, 2015
Egypt’s Prosecutor general has opened an investigation into the crash. I expected that he will issue a media gag order soon in Egypt.
The Israeli government says that IDF assisted with aerial surveillance in efforts to locate the plane.
Some are saying that according to Camp David peace accords, Egypt is not allowed to use aerial surveillance in Sinai in Central Sinai. I am going to check this.
The Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev announced that he formed a committee to investigate the matter.

Sharm El-Sheikh is considered a popular tourist attraction for Russian tourists.
That incident can affect the flow of Russian tourists to the city.
More updates are coming !!!

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