Friday, January 15, 2016

The Difference between Spanish Congress of Deputies and the Egyptian House of Representatives

Meet Nagua Alba, the 25-years old Spanish MP of Egyptian Nubian origins in the Spanish Congress of Deputies.
Nagua Alba "Ahmed Guoeli's Facebook page"
Nagua Alba -born Nagua Goueli-the Podemos party member headed the first procedural session of the Spanish Congress of Deputies on Wednesday in Madrid as its youngest member according to the Spanish Constitution.
Graduated from the university of Madrid with a major in psychology, the daughter of an Egyptian father and Spanish mother got the highest number of votes in Gipuzkoa, northern Spain.
We are speaking about a newcomer to politics who got 97,000 votes in the Spanish general elections in December.
Nagua Alba is the daughter of Egyptian Nubian Ahmed Goueli who left Egypt to learn Spanish in Spain where he settled down there in 1990s. Goueli is now working in the online tourism sector and is a co-founder of a number of successful online tourism sites.
Despite living in Spain, Ahmed Goueli is a big supporter to 25 January revolution and called his daughter as its daughter.
Now Meet Bahaa Abu Shouka, the 78-years old Egyptian MP in the Egyptian House of Representatives.

MP Bahaa Abou Shouka at the session "Ahmed El-Malky" 
Bahaa Abou Shouka, the Wafd veteran party member headed the first procedural session of the Egyptian House of Representatives as its oldest member according to the Egyptian Constitution.
Graduated from Cairo university in the 1950s with a major in law, the Assuit born-prosecutor-turned-in-to-lawyer was appointed by President El-Sisi in the House of Representatives.
Abu Shouka, the veteran criminal law lawyer is currently the head of legislative committee in the House of the Representatives.
Also, meet the independent head of the Youth committee in the Egyptian House of Representatives: Kassem Farg, the 70-years old Egyptian MP.
Mr. Farg on the left at Atafih with one of the young men
 in his constituency "Parlmany" 
As far as I know, Mr. Kassem will be the temporary head of the Youth Committee for the next two weeks during the discussion of the laws issued during President Sisi's rule.
Kassem was elected in Atafih constituency, Giza governorate where he got about 30,000 votes.
He used to head the youth center in Atafih as far as I understand.
This tells you everything.
Have a nice weekend if you are in Egypt.

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