Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.10"

It is the tenth episode from our Radio Arabian Nights tale this year , the tale of Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
Written by 1960s-author Abbas El-Aswani , this was 672nd episode of the longest Radio drama show aired on the Egyptian State Radio : The One thousand and one nights.
Seriously speaking , I think you should refresh memory and hear last night's episode because things are really escalating.
Here is tonight episode after the break

And King Rokn El-Zaman is arrested and is sent to jail where he is not believed and actually mocked by other inmates for claiming that he was the king.
Nobody believes him because simply he disguised.
He manages to send a message to his son Safwan telling him to save him through a prison guard but unfortunately the message falls into the hands of evil vizier Samsem's assistant Fatak.
Fatak goes to his master and gives him the message. The evil Vizier thinks about his wicked plan to make sure that King Rokn El-Zaman stays forever in jail.

The Vizier tells Fatak that the King will stand a trial soon.
Then Samsem goes and visits the Kingdom's Chief Judge who should head the Diwan in the case of the King's absence according to the laws of the Kingdom.
The Chief Judge refuses to discuss any legal case with Samsem because it is unacceptable.
Samsem then decides to dismiss the Chief judge and appoints Lahfan , the weak judge who does whatever the evil vizier wants.
In court , King Rokn El-Zaman stands in front of the judge as a thief. Judge Lahfan then summoned to the surprise of everyone Prince Safwan.
"Do you swear that this man is not your father ? " Lafhan by the orders of Samsem asks Prince Safwan.
The crown prince then told King Rokn El-Zaman that he is not his son.
Shocked and speechless , Rokn El-Zaman did not have a clue that Safwan was actually telling the truth. 
Now Rokn El-Zaman is officially a convicted thief who will spend the rest of his days in jail. 
Meanwhile , Shoms' Uncle Salman goes to the Palace in order to complaint of the unwanted advances of Prince Safwan to his niece. He does not find the king but unfortunately Fatak , the Vizier's assistant is there and decides to detain the old Shepherd man.
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