Thursday, June 16, 2016

When Al-Messa newspaper knew the fate of Malek Adly before his trial day !!!

As far as I know and the world knows as well , judges do not leak their court rulings and decisions to the media before the court to anyone.This is what we .
Nevertheless, this is Egypt.
On Monday, State-owned Al-Messa newspaper published a news in its crimes page the Court renewed the detention of human rights lawyer Malek Adly for another 15 days pending investigation.
Malek Adly's case was already on Tuesday !?

Al-Messa newspaper Al-Messa newspaper
                                   "The date of the newspaper issue and the news of Adly's trial

Yes , the trial of Adly and other defendants was on Tuesday and not Monday.
Not so surprisingly , the Judge renewed the detention of Adly and other defendants in the case 15 days pending investigation for attempting to topple the regime and calling for the 25 April protests against the decision of the Egyptian government to give Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia.
So how did the newspaper know in advance what the court would rule eventually !?
This is a serious question !!
Anyhow , what is important in the trial on Tuesday is how Malek Adly complained about the inhuman treatment he was suffering from in his detention. Adly is still suffering from inhumane conditions in solitary confinement.
According to his wife Asmaa Aly , he has been in solitary confinement in a very narrow cell for 42 days.
During the court session on Tuesday , he told the Judge that he wanted to be tried like Israeli spies in custody.

Malek Adly in trial
Malek Adly in court
on that day "Twitter"
I do not want you to set me free.I know this is a price I have to pay but I just want to be treated like any other detainee or inmate. I am being treated like Israeli spy , in fact I want to be treated like Israeli spies, I want to be treated like Hisham Talaat Mustafa or any other guy involved in corruption cases or even in drugs cases.
The renowned human rights activist told the judge
I have not seen the sun for 40 days. I see the sun when I come to court , there is no piece in my body that is not hurt or tired as I sleep on the floor for 3 hours maximum everyday. I asked the administration of the prison to remove all the medication in front of me so I won't commit suicide , I can do this easily now
Malek Adly told the judge adding that he wanted to be detained but to treated according to the Prison bylaws.
The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights "ECESR" listed the number of violations committed against Lawyer Malek Adly.

The ECESR and other 9 Egyptian human rights organizations launched a campaign "Voices behind bars" to defend victims of freedom of expression in Egypt.
Here is a website launched by the campaign in Arabic so far listing the freedom of speech prisoners and detainees.
By the way , this happened to a very renowned human rights lawyer and so you can imagine what happens to normal political detainees.
Also on Tuesday , Egypt's Administrative Court set a verdict in the case brought by human rights lawyer Khaled Ali and a number of lawyers including Malek Adly "before he was removed from the case" against the government decision to transfer Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia next 21 June.
Khaled Ali presented documents from 1811 to the court that prove the two disputed isles "Tiran and Sanafir" have been part of Egypt including old official documents.
Interestingly , up till now the Government has not presented to the court the text of the Maritime borders redrawing deal between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Again, I am not that optimistic but I know in the past three months I have seen mounting undeniable evidence about the Egyptianhood of those two isles.

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