Thursday, October 27, 2016

National Youth conference week and 8-seconds GIF !!

"P.S: This is belated post"
Currently , the resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh is hosting a 3-days conference organized by Egyptian presidency dedicated to Egyptian youth.
It is just like the old Mubarak and NDP's youth conference but not for a single day but for three days with really bizarre quotes.

El-Sisi and the youth in a marathon on Wednesday "Egyptian Presidency" 
That conference comes in a very strange timing as the conference celebrates youth as well freedom of expression in Egypt according to its session on media on Wednesday.

On Wednesday ,the speakers in the so-called "Youth media" panel unleashed another attack against Social media users who "think that they can change the country" according to the index on censorship 2010 award-winning  journalist Ibrahim Eissa. "Fair enough he criticized the state during the session in some theatrical performance" 

Ironically a small incident happened earlier this week and proves that some people got a big problem with social media.

Earlier Monday , Cairo's prosecution ordered the release of a popular comic Facebook page administration pending investigations without a bail after his arrest and detention for nearly 48 hours on charges of "insulting state institutions".

Only on Sunday it was known that  popular comic Facebook page administrator Khaled Mokhtar aka "Shiko Biko" was arrested from his house and accused of "insulting state institutions", inciting protests on November 11 and obstructing security and public peace  despite it is known that Mokhtar has not political activity of any kind !!

In early Monday , it was initially announced that he would be detained 15 days pending investigations. His family did not want the news to spread at first as they hoped that he would get out less in than 24 hours but the news went out thankfully.
Khaled's brother, Waleed told Mada Masr that his brother was arrested from their house on Friday by a "huge security force"

Mokhtar is the admin the popular Sarcastic Facebook page 'Tamt targrama' {Translation cleared } that got over one million fans from all over the Arab world. He has been featured in newspapers , magazines and websites as well interviewed openly in several TV channels.

"Tamt targrama" focuses only on Foreign films and their comic translation away from politics since its launch by Shiko Biko aka Khaled Mokhtar in 2013.
Khaled Mokhtar
Khaled Mokhtar 
Aside from being the admin of one of the Arab popular Facebook sarcastic pages, Mokhtar works as a copywriter in popular Abla Fahita show.

Now despite officially we know the charges Shiko is currently accused of while he has not political activity at all according to what we know , all the fingers are pointing to the fact that in September he made fun of Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and posted on his personal Facebook profile  !! His personal Facebook profile was closed but he re-activated it.

Following Sisi's speech in late September where he told the Egyptian people to spare the small change left cover in bank transactions to fund national development projects, Shiko joined millions of Egyptians who reacted to the call with mockery on social media.

A talented video editor, he posted on his personal profile an-eight-seconds gif mocking El-Sisi showing him as some sort of Asian automated piggy bank that snatches change automatically.
He deleted the post with the gif now .

It was taken and posted on other FB pages as well social media networks like twitter thousands of times.

I followed Khaled Mokhtar's personal Facebook account after his hilarious Sisi GIF and I found him hilarious who makes fun of actors and celebrities along with his friends.

I do not know honestly why he would be arrested. If it were for the 8-second gif ,then the Egyptian regime and its security services must rethink their position. Khaled Mokhtar is not a terrorist.

Ironically, the 8-seconds gif was re-shared once again online thanks to Khaled Mokhtar's arrest and those who did not see it , have seen it.

Some say that the arrest of Khaled Mokhtar happened as part of the on-going campaign against activists before the so-called 11/11 peasants revolution that nobody knows its origin.

For weeks now , we have been seeing calls for having massive protests against the current regime on 11/11 with no true source. It is unclear who really started those calls or stands behind it. Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood has jumped into the wagon but still it is not theirs.

The regime media is freaking out about those calls and honestly many people now suspect that the regime itself would be behind the calls to have another round of activists crackdown .

Back to Khaled , I think his incident speaks and says a lot about youth , media and social media in Egypt.
By the way, human rights activists in Egypt launched a parallel online social media conference called "Where_have_all_the_young_ones_gone?" in Arabic and in English. 


  1. Shocking, horrible, what can I say? I cry for Egypt today and everyday. Lots of friends there who are suffering.

    Does anyone know where that link is with the 8second gif? :(

    1. Here it is dear Deb :)

  2. أشكرك على مقالاتك الاكترونية التى أتتبعها باهتمام إذ أنها تطلعنى على آخر المستجدات بتفاصيل أكثر وتحليل ممتع بس هل من الممكن أن أقرأها مترجمة إلى العربية مثل مقالات مدى مصر ءم أنه شئ صعب ؟ الانجليزى بتاعى تعبان شوية ....الله يوفقك .

    1. العفو :)
      هاحاول ان شاء الله :))

  3. (Where_havve_all_the_young _ones_gone)?
    Not in Sharma. ..

  4. thank you! Looks like it would not open for me :( but thanks for trying.


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