Thursday, October 6, 2016

#Oct73 war anniversary : The 2016 edition

On Wednesday , Egypt celebrated the October 1973 War 43rd anniversary.
It was quieter than previous years as far as I could tell.
An Egyptian soldier on the Front in October 1973
An Egyptian soldier on the Front in October 1973 
On Wednesday , Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi attended the commemoration of the war by the Egyptian armed forces along with none other than Sudan's Omar El-Bashir.
As an Egyptian , I felt insulted twice.

Egypt should not have received a war criminal dictator like El-Bashir in the first place.
El-Sisi should not have awarded a war criminal like El-Bashir the Egyptian army's Order of Honor star regardless.
It is an insult for the martyrs in Egypt who died in the 1973 war as well the martyrs who were killed in Sudan whether in North or Sudan , whether in Darfur or South Sudan.
El-Bashir and Sisi
Omar El-Bashir honored during the celebration !!
"Egyptian armed forces" 
It is a shame and sends a wrong message to the world.
By the way, Pro-Sisi supporters do not like Bashir because they believe that he is a pro-MB. I read on social media account that Sisi honored him only to remind him that he is a "military" !!
The Egyptian TV channels aired the same old films about the war as well special programs that stressed on the idea that the Egyptian people were not selfish and consuming in 1973 like now.
Those TV channels and who runs them forget that in 1973 the Egyptian armed forces as well the government made a perfect plan to cover the supplies of the Egyptian people for months before 6 October so they would give any hint to the Israelis that there would be any war !!
Former first Gihan El-Sadat called the Egyptians in 2016 to tolerate the economic crisis and not to eat meat or poultry.
The Egyptian armed forces' Morale department made an effort this year and released short documentaries about the war and its heroes from late commanders. You can find those videos in the Egyptian MOD YouTube Channel.
Mubarak fans went to Maadi military hospital and cheered for him paralyzing the traffic for couple hours , it has become an annual ritual.
For some odd reason , the Israeli Defense Forces "IDF" spokesperson for Arabic Media Avichay Adree shared on his official Facebook page that Egyptian Shaabi top hit "Mafesh Saheb Yetsaheb" {No Friend to befriend} saying that it is popular in Israel "Found that a bit strange" and that he believed that many friends can be trusted totally. "He wrote it in a Levant accent".

The post got nearly 5 thousand comments and mostly they are Egyptian offensive comments as usual.
Now , people are analyzing why he would share like that on the anniversary of October/Yom Kippur war and some are speculating that he is sending that Egypt cannot be trusted !!
Personally , I do not know what he meant but nothing is published on that page except it was intended to send a specific message.
P.S : That annoying hit made over 91 million views on YouTube alone !!
The Israeli embassy in Cairo also posted on its Facebook page a post about the war which was actually a "Ten points about the importance of Yom Kippur war to peace"in Arabic.

Aside from the Israeli's efforts on Social media, Young Egyptians shared wonderful and amazing stories of their parents and grandparents who participated in the war as the true heroes of Egypt.
A group of Egyptian soliders and officers on the Front in 1973
Wonderful photos and testimonies of young Egyptian men on the Front make you proud as well sad considering how Egypt suffers today. Egypt should have been a better place with all those sacrifices.
I pray and I hope things will be different next year inshallah and that we will celebrate that great anniversary as we should. Hopefully , also next year things will change and the Egyptian state will release its 1973 archives to the Egyptians and to the world to let them see the war through our eyes after four decades.


  1. Even you endorse this war to restore "pride", which is only possible by ignoring the outcome. The whole world faced a nuclear threat, when the former USSR threatened with an invasion of Russian troops in Egypt to stop the advance of the Israeli troops towards Cairo on 20th of October 1973.
    The USA replied with the activation of nuclear weapons in Europe. I remember how angry I was - a 19 year old girl - about the stupid people to cause this problems for nothing.Instead of talking to each other and develop a peace treaty.

  2. WHEN THE 1940/50s Hollywood star then and Elected for 2 terms as USA President, Late Mr.RONALD REAGAN in the early 1980s..HE was a FIRST,and cartoonists around the world drew HIM as a Cowboy Character,as HE played such roles in most of HIS movies??..No one ever guessed THEN, that Hollywood will come to us every road/street/building/etc..etc..will become a location that will be seen as a ground for this or that event or NEWS releases??...many decades ago people went to the cinema theatres. as some showed News-reels from GAUMONT or PATHEE organisations about events took place a week before..shot on 36M.M. films,some in black & white,then few in colour?? SOME audiences applauded for this or that Leader or personality or event on the screens/small rows or arguments took place among opponent individuals..and sorted out soon!! Television arrived into the Arab world by mid 1959?? as National entertainment/information/education tool...NEWS were a meek part of it..even though the region was enduring WARS/COUPS/REVOLUTIONS + the outside world was having its problems too, to mention one>>>>The VIETNAM War??...We,the movie goers saw only the ONE sided-ness of those events, and our parents/friends/neighbours adults^ verdicts were lacking fair judgement...TV short News and mostly dark films were not obvious to see what really was going on here & there?/RADIOS just..NOISES & blah..blah ..blah,bad News followed by a love song,as if everything was FINE?? ..During 1967 then 1973 Middle East wars ,apart from Egypt & close to HER countries other regional RADIO stations playing their usual daily progs.? as if nothing BAD was happening.. or taking place few miles away from them!!.. as if they were trying to sweep the dust under the carpet,or as an ostrich hiding its head in the sand??...NOW we ALL see on our colourful satellite dishes/in H.D/6x3 meter TV screens also on Iinternet/ +any media means, the exact colour or that HIDDEN DUST..that we are all inhaling and toxicating our lunges..especially when we witness on our colourful screens The starving/The children slaughterted /The blown up young/old..Men /Women/Children ..Black/White/Yellow/Red.. the >RED< colour is in the lead due to being BLOOD that is spilled daily everywhere... and its not Tomato ketch-up as sometimes gets used in Hollywood/Bollywood or any other studios...this is REAL...The person lying shot dead on the ground is not going to appear in a different scene ,,next season,because he or she gone for ever..only what REALLY hurts more is that some BIG renowned Television organisations make things look SENSATIONAL /EXCITING to atract more viewers and get more adverts, & for viewers also too easy to skip, or worst switch off the set...but all that won^t help the issue...still suffering goes on around the world...Hollywood gives away OSCARS to its Best Actor/Director/Script writer,but every individual who is indefferant to all what^s happening in this >>> World-WIDE Hollywood<<< .. is the same, as if HE or SHE is awarding the bad GUY or GUYS with licence to kill/ and to kill more!! ..That^s all Folks/ From :IS-Hak BARSOUMIAN/London


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