Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tiran and Sanafir's court ruling echoes in Cairo

Here are the newspapers on Tuesday following Egypt's High Administrative court ruling to reject the appeal of the Egyptian government against the annulling of April 2016 Egyptian-Saudi demarcation deal. 
Egyptian Newspapers on Tuesday 
The best coverage goes so far to Al-Masry Al-Youm that dedicated its First page to the verdict and its impact.
Tiran and Sanafir are Egyptian 
Most newspapers spoke about the deep trouble and crisis the Egyptian government and parliament are facing.

 On the other hand , Al-Ahram Daily News ignored the verdict in its Front page which it dedicated to the second part of President El-Sisi's interview with major State-owned newspapers.

News reports say that the residents above the local tribes of South Sinai celebrated the court ruling that asserted the Egyptianhood of the two islands.
It is worth to mention that all Sinai MPs in North and South declared that they are against handing over the two islands to Saudi Arabia.
Needless to say , there is a huge political crisis in Egypt involving the two islands.

The High Administrative court said in its reasoning that the parliament should not discuss the deal.
On the other the Parliament Ali Abdel Aal and head of its legislative committee MP Bahaa Abou Shouka say that the House of the Representatives will go on and discuss the deal.
Other MPs have got something to say including those in the legislative committee : Do not discuss it
There will be clash without doubt between judiciary and the parliament.
Earlier this year, the cabinet referred the deal to the parliament in a moved that surprised everybody

The government is saying that it will head to the Constitutional court which means more tension.
Nothing came from the Egyptian Presidency so far.
Nothing official came from Saudi Arabia in the same way.

There was a hysteria on the Pro-regime TV talks shows Monday evening as almost all the Pro-regime TV hosts and guests were angry except Wael Al-Abrashi who actually celebrated the verdict !!
Notorious Pro-regime TV host Ahmed Moussa was more furious on Sada El-Balad TV channel to the level of calling those who believe that the Islands are Egyptians as "traitors".
The man had a meltdown on TV for real !!
The government's lawyer Rafik Sharif also had a meltdown to the level of attacking the State council and its judges !!
Ironically , Pro-regime supporters above TV hosts say that we should respect court rulings and verdicts.
Not only , Moussa and Sharif did not respect court rulings , those who continued watching them say that they can face legal consequences for their attack against judiciary.
It is worth to mention that there are 25 public figures including ousted president Morsi , activist Alaa Abdel Fattah and journalist Abdel Halim Andeel are facing an ongoing trial for insulting judiciary on social media. 
Ironically and sadly , the Pro-regime TV hosts are attacking Sherif Ismail and his cabinet for the deal when we all know that it came from above.
The debate about the islands has not and won't stop. I said it before , it is a long war. 

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