Friday, April 21, 2017

Aya Hijazi is back to the U.S and Trump got his moment

And Aya Hijazi returned to the United States, that is the main and sole news Egypt was speaking about on Friday.
Egyptian-American Hijazi arrived the United States on Friday along with her husband Mohamed Hassanein on a special plane accompanied by a top adviser to Donald Trump personally.
Their plan to stay in Egypt and to restart their project to help Cairo's street children seemed to be doomed.
Even after their full acquittal from all the shameful charges like child exploitation and human trafficking last week, it will not be an easy to start again an independent NGO like "Beladi" now with the new NGOs law and its strict regulations.
It is not like 2011 or even 2013 in Cairo.
Hijazi and Hassanein returned to D.C along with Dina Powell, Donald Trump's deputy national security advisor for strategy
The Egyptian-American whose star is shining recently among Trump's White House staff came to Egypt and met with El-Sisi last week according to the Washington Post's report about Aya's return to the U.S.
No journalist or reporter as far as I know in Egypt spoke or even knew that Dina Powell was in town except Washington Post. She was not alone in Cairo as U.S secretary of defense Jim Mattis was in town as well.
Aya arrived in Washington and hours later, she and her brother Bassil were received warmly in the White House.
Interestingly, the US president refused to answer any questions or let the media ask any question. It was clever to end at that point because the no.1 question would be: You lifted the human rights condition when it comes to the relations with Egypt but here you are sitting with one of those human rights cases !?
The 30-years old Egyptian-American sat on the same chair like Abdel Fattah El-Sisi from two weeks ago.
Aya Hijazi and Trump
Aya Hijazi shaking hands with Trump
on the same chair like El-Sisi "Reuters"

I feel sad that I did not have got the opportunity to rant about Sisi's big visit to Washington D.C.
Sisi and Trump
Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Trump from two weeks ago
Hijazi also took the same photo with Trump in the oval house just like El-Sisi but it was not spread like the above photos.
The Egyptian-American girl also took a picture with Ivanka Trump.
Aya Hijazi is a true Egyptian girl with her formal black and white cute look.
Needless to say, knowing the role Dina Powell played, it was expected to see Ivanka in the picture and not Steven Bannon.

According to the Washington Post as well the official statements coming from D.C say that Aya Hijazi and her Beladi team were freed after "Trump's intervention" explicitly.Here is the US departement of state's Arabic account quoting WH press secretary Sean Spicer speaking about "Intervention".

A senior Trump administration official told the WaPo that agreement for Hijazi’s release was the product of Trump’s “discreet diplomacy and no favors were presented to Cairo in return.
In another indirect way, there was intervention in Egyptian Judiciary's work.
It is worth to mention that last week, Cairo's First-degree criminal court acquitted Aya and her team of all charges.
El-Sisi has repeatedly that the Egyptian judiciary was independent and when he was asked about her in his Fox News interview, he said that he would use his legal power aka pardon after the verdict.
For the record, Trump is saying that there has been no deal in Aya's case but all the news coming from the States speak about "intervention".

The Egyptian foreign ministry has not issued any Comment about this matter yet.

The Reality TV superstar president has not wasted any time in seizing the moment and using Aya's case to raise his popularity.
Aya Hijazi and Trump
Hijazi and Trump at the White House "Reuters" 
Among his supporters and bad media, Donald Trump has succeeded in what Obama failed to do in three years: To Free the American citizen Aya Hijazi without any deal.
He forgot that the US NGOs workers and Mohamed Soltan return back home as well during the time of Obama.
There is always a price in such deals.
Trump also is sending another indirect message that he is not against Muslim Americans after all Aya is a Muslim.

Trump threw the current Egyptian administration under the bus for a publicity stunt.
All the foreign media is speaking about is that brutal crackdown against the NGOs and we are back to that "coup that removed democratically elected president".
Ironically, the man shared a patriot nationalist song on his personal account the WaPo article that slams the Egyptian regime.
Pro-Sisi supporters are still in shock. The Pro-regime media in Egypt is furious. TV shows are attacking the young lady madly
Shamefully, they are attacking Aya Hijazi and claiming that she is an American spy on the social media as well on TV channels boldly !!

I read a crazy tweet of Pro-regime supporter saying that she must be a high ranking officer in the CIA to received in the White House like that !!

Because if she were not a spy but why the President of the States sent her a military aircraft and received her at the While House !!??
Anyhow wild theory went viral that she was exchanged with Egyptian Spy Mostafa Awad who was arrested spying on US for the sake of Egyptian intelligence !!
There has been no swap of spies because there is not Egyptian spy detained in the United States in the first place and Mostafa Awad is not Egyptian but rather a Saudi-born !!!

Sisi and Trump
Sisi and Trump earlier this month at the White House "AFP"
Ironically, those are the same people online who have been cheering for Trump and were so happy from two weeks when Sisi went to D.C.

I totally understand their frustration and anger.

This is the second time Trump shocks them. The first time was his also stunt raid in Syria.
Anyhow those people forget the fact that officially she was not accused of espionage but rather a set of charges related to exploitation of street children.

Another fact, Aya did not raise up the US passport except in a very time when she found herself detained without any trial year after year.

The US government did what it should do from helping a citizen in a trouble abroad.
Just like how the Italian government is doing with Regeni's file.

This is what governments do but unfortunately, we do not have this concept in our part of the world.
Only VIPs and officials as well security officers got this special treatment.

That's why we find people accusing Aya of being a spy or a CIA agent just like late Giulio Regeni.

Also, people forget how ousted President Mohamed Morsi himself intervened to release Egyptian journalist Shaimaa Adel from detention in Sudan in 2012. 

Those facts should not be forgotten.


  1. She's so happy! :) Thanks to Trump! He put behind-the-scenes pressure on Sisi to let her go. Yay Trump!

  2. If trump is helped her she is she cant be that good. Trumop does not have honest people in his circle. EVER. And yes he uses everything to his own benefit not for anyone else, for sure!


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