Monday, December 18, 2017

Al-Rawda Mosque Massacre : Three weeks passed and No one claims responsibility officially

Three weeks have passed and no one has claimed officially the responsibility for the horrifying massacre of Al-Rawda Mosque

Yes, I can not move forward easily and forget what happened in Al-Rawda village of North Sinai. It is not easy after all as we are speaking about Egypt’s worst terrorist attack ever whether by the official numbers or non-official numbers. “Check the infograph I have done about it below”.

The latest news I have read about Al-Radwa village was how the Egyptian government allocated nearly LE 70 million to the families of the victims. Cristiano Ronaldo’s BBF and steel/media mogul Ahmed Abu Hashima declared his charity would build new houses there as part of his initiative to help poor villages across the country.

The Egyptian mainstream media moved on with life quickly, the death of legendary star Shadia as well the dramatic return of presidential hopeful of Ahmed Shafik, Trump’s Jerusalem announcement and the victories of Mohamed Salah in Liverpool gave it a chance. The Egyptian social media is also busy in speaking about how TV-social dramas like “Seventh Neighbor” and “The flood” are threatening our social values.
Al-Rawda Mosque
Al-Rawda Mosque and the victims' slippers two weeks after 
the attack "Reuters"
No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks officially so far.

The Egyptian prosecutor general said in his statement issued following the attack that it was a Daesh-affiliated group in North aka Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM”  according to the testimonies of the survivors and the injured as well eyewitnesses.

According to the testimonies, the 25-30 militants came carrying the black flag of Daesh.
The warnings issued to the Sufis in Al-Rawda since January as well face-to-face warnings in the village from three months ago point to “ABM” as a suspect.
An Islamist Anti-regime Facebook page and Telegram channel called “Mnabr Sinai” published an alleged audio recording for communications for ABM members claiming responsibility for the attack.
Some may think that it was the smoking gun but I have a big problem with “Mnabr Sinai”.

Its administrators claim to be anti-Sisi regime as well anti-Daesh but their Facebook page is named as “The Sinai province media” in Arabic and it is full of Pro-Daesh media.
“Sinai Province” is the name of ABM after becoming a part of Daesh’s franchise. At the same time, Mnabr Sinai hinted out that it could a false flag on its telegram page !!

Either way, no one has claimed its responsibility for REAL for the attack in an old-fashioned way.

I won’t waste my and your time about that fake statement allegedly issued by radical Christian group because it has been debunked thanks to cheap fake language.

All the fingers are pointing to ABM to stand behind that horrific massacre but so far the Daesh media machine has not issued anything about it.
Egyptian Chronicles' infograph : 5 deadlist terrorist attacks in Egypt
Egypt's 5 deadliest terrorist attacks
Click to zoom in 
Even though in the past three weeks, Daesh issued at least three statements about the activities of its franchise in North Sinai including one statement about how ABM executed a local young teenager for cooperating with the Egyptian security forces.

The attack on the Mosque has created a huge debate among Daesh fanboys online already as we are speaking about worshipers killed during a Friday prayer.

That “Sufi sin” cannot stand too much in front of the horrifying act after all even for those extremist fanboys who cry day and night on how foreign and Arab regimes do not respect the Islam Houses of God.

Personally, I do not understand the motives for such action as again if ABM or group X was targeting the Sufis in the village “who are not more than 20 people”, the militants would have targeted their gatherings.

Al-Sawaraka tribe or at least a militant faction of it declared that its men were at the “disposal of the Egyptian army” to establish stability in North Sinai or in other words, they will seek revenge after the death of its men like that. It is highly expected

Interestingly following the Rawda Massacre we found out pro-TV hosts and journalists calling the tribes in Sinai to carry arms against terrorists !! Literality they have been calling for militias which are banned clearly in the Egyptian constitution !!

Real National security experts warned from the implications of such matter, local tribal chiefs also warned of the implications of such matter as well but no one listened.

Anyhow there is nothing big that happened so far from Al-Sawaraka tribe’s side.

Things are calm somehow in North Sinai now but usually that it is the calmness before the big storm.

Speaking about terrorist militant groups and as we are leaving crazy times worldwide now, at least two groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda declared their rejection and commendation to the attack.
Jund Al-Islam in Sinai and its sister group Ansar Al-Islam declared their own condemnation for that attack and vowed to avenge for those Muslim worshipers as soon as possible.
Hasm militant group also condemned the attack blaming El-Sisi regime !!

Ayman El-Zawahiri himself released an audio recording lately claiming that Al-Qaeda is fighting Daesh on behalf of the world !!!!!
 Crazy times indeed !!


  1. "I won’t waste my and your time about that fake statement allegedly issued by radical Christian group because it has been debunked thanks to cheap fake language." Not to mention that Christianity is the religion of preace. I, for one, would not consider it a waste of time if more elaboration is given. Where was it debunked? Many have seen these sick posts cheering the incident.

    1. A fake statement signed by the so-called Sons of Jesus claiming responsibility when there are no Christians in North Sinai anymore and no one can gets it without security pass to North Sinai not to mention that the survivors speak about black flags identical to Daesh's flags ?? The terms used in the statement also are not correct. That fake statement intended to create sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians but it failed miserably.


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