Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 1 "The challenge"

Ramadan Karim
From 1001 Arabian nights book
by Edmund Dulac 
Tonight is our first night of Ramadan Audio Arabian nights for the year 2018.
This Ramadan season will have a very special tale: the bet of amazing tales.
 It is a tale inside a tale inside tale.
Our tale starts with episode 262 of Egyptian State radio “One thousand and one nights” aka Arabian nights.

Directed and created by the father of the Egyptian Radio Mohamed Shaaban aka Papa Sharo,
that tale was written by writer Taher Abu Fasha. Late Legendary Zozo Nabil and Abdel Rahim El-Zorkany starred as Scheherazade and Shahryar.
Late Legendary actor Abdel Waress Assar voices Vizier Habhan in the tale.

Our tale for this year starts as King Shahryar is furious and angry to the level that his servants fear that he might execute his queen Scheherazade. Our wise queen goes and asks her king why he is angry. Shahryar tells her that he is angry because a rival king made things worse between and his cousin, who is also an enemy of that rival. “I think this was a metaphor for Nasser and his fights with other Arab rulers”
To cheer up his king, Scheherazade begins telling a new story as she has done in the past 30 months.

Our tale starts in a faraway kingdom when King Shoushan challenges his Vizier Habhan “Cardamom” to tell him a tale that he has not heard before. If the Vizier fails to find a tale, the king will confiscate his fortune. The Vizier also challenges the King to tell him a story he has not heard before. If the King fails, then the Vizier will take from him what is equal to his fortune.
This is just the start.
This new season and new tale come with the great help of Online Gramafoon FM Radio station and its founder Ahmed Kamel.
Gramafoon FM is back online after it suspended its services due to the new National Media Authority’s law.
You can entertain yourself in Ramadan days and nights by listening to previous nights here in that section.
Come back tomorrow to complete our tale.

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