Friday, May 18, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 2 "The lovers"

Welcome to our second night of Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018.
First of all, before we complete our tale of this year, I would like to speak about the legendary artist and actor Abdel  Waress Assar.

When I heard his distinguished voice in our tale for this year, I was really happy to hear it.
A professional narrator, Assar’s voice is associated with the Arabic dubbed Snow White. Snow White was the first Arabic dubbed film re-released to the Arabic audience in the early 1970s.
Born in 1894, Abdel Waress Assar was the son of a famous successful lawyer who had been fond of two things since his teenagehood Arabic language and theatre.
Abdel Waress Assar
Late Abdel Waress Assar in his youth 
I do not know from which faculty he graduated from but the young man who landed a job at the ministry of finance. He left his job at the age of 40 years old to join the famous Acting supporters association in Cairo which graduated Egypt’s legendary actors, writers and directors in the 20th century.
He was only an actor but he also taught other young actors how to act. He also wrote one of the important books about acting in Arabic. He wrote scripts and films.
His filmography and plays include over 300 films and plays where he mostly was the best supporting actor whether in tragedy or comedy.
My generation knows him as an old man, we had never seen a photo of him in younger age but suddenly an old photo showing him as a young man suffered recently and it was very unique.

Second of all, we will continue our tale for this year; the amazing tales challenge.
You can refresh your memory by going back to the first episode of last night.

Tonight in episode 263 of Egyptian state radio’s One Thousand and One nights, we are introduced to Sukar; the daughter of Vizier Habhan “Abdel Waress Assar” and her beloved Anbar.

Sukar, a very beautiful girl who loves old tales and books loves the poor author and scholar Anbar who can’t marry her not because of his poverty but because of his color.
As it turns out Anbar is a black man and it seems that old kingdom where Sukar and her father the vizier live, racism exists.

At the same time, Sukar wants to get rid of her so many suitors in order to marry Anbar.
Knowing her father's challenge with the king, Sukar finds a solution for him especially after he told her that he knew a tale that the king won’t know. Unfortunately, he only that tale’s end and needs to know its beginning.
She tells her father to ask her suitors that if they want to marry her then they have a year to find that tale from the beginning till the end.
Sukar tells Anbar about that challenge and he goes off searching in the world for that tale.

On the other hand, the King is also having a trouble as he knew a tale he believes the vizier does not know. But there is one problem: He only knows its end.
Yes, what you think it is true; both the king and the Vizier got the same tale but each of one them got a part of it.
Mirzaban, who is another aide for the King who hates Vizier Habhan and wants his position, promises the king to search for the end of the tale around the globe.

Tomorrow we will know whether they suitors including Anbar and Mirzaban will succeed in their mission or not.

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