Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2019 : Aladdin " An new lamp for a old lamp " Ep.8

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First of all, you can refresh your memory and see how Aladdin got married his beloved princess.
Here is the eighth episode of Aladdin and the magical lamp or episode no.159 of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights show in Arabic after the break.

After two years of living happily with Princess Tot in their palace, Aladdin went on a hunting trip with other high society members as he has become a prince.

As soon as he has left, someone returns and this someone is none other than the wicked sorcerer who claimed to be his uncle.
The evil sorcerer as lamps seller  by Monro S. Orr in early 20th century
The evil sorcerer as lamps seller
by Monro S. Orr in the early 20th century 

The sorcerer begins to hear about that prince Aladdin who married the princess and lives in a palace bigger than the king’s palace.
He has had his doubts because the last time he saw Aladdin, he left him to rot in an underground magical cavern.
He goes to Aladdin’s old address and knows that it is really Aladdin. Without a lot of thinking, he knows how Aladdin made it.

He goes to Aladdin’s new address and asks to see him but he is not there, he is out of town.
The wicked sorcerer has got a new wicked plan to get the lamp.

Disguised as a lamp seller, he passes by the palace saying that for every old lamp, he will give up a new lamp and sing as well as dance.
Princess Tot and her maid remember that Aladdin has got an old lamp and decide to give it to that old crazy seller so they get in return a new lamp and dance.
As soon as the wicked sorcerer gets the lamp, he runs away with it.

In no time, he rubs the lamp and orders its genie to move the big palace and the princess inside it to a faraway location in the mounts.

The king is furious about how his daughter disappears and orders the arrest of Aladdin.
The people of the kingdom protest and demand his release.
Because of the public pressure, the King brings Aladdin in front of him and our boy tells him to give him two months so he can return his princess, his wife.
The king agrees and gives him two months.

Tomorrow night we will know how Aladdin without the lamp’s genie will save the princess.

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