Friday, August 30, 2019

Egypt’s scientists are angry : Egyptian academia got something to say for real

“#Egypt’s_Scientists_are_angry” is A hashtag that has been top trending for days now in Egypt especially among Egyptian public university professors and academics for days now on social media networks.

It is mainly active on Facebook and Twitter in Arabic.
Why are Egypt’s scientists aka academia and university staff angry?

Because they are simply demanding better salaries and pensions to help them in their living in Egypt nowadays.
This is the short version.
Cairo University's famous hall
Cairo University's famous hall in Giza 
The longer version got more details that make you understand why they have to be so angry and even will make you wonder why they were not angry before.
The University staff across Egypt are demanding the following in their campaign according to one of the biggest groups dedicated to “Egypt’s Scientists are angry” movement on Facebook “Over 57 thousand members” :
  • Fair salaries as well as increase in salary to coup with the floating of the Egyptian pound, the cancellation of subsidies like fuel subsidies and soaring prices.
  • Providing University staff and their families with proper health care and health insurance. 
  • To have a pension that is equal at least 80% of the last salary.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kodak Agfa Presents : Egypt's Spring Flowers fair 2019

Another belated post for an annual cheerful event that reminds us of the good spring breeze in those very hot days in Egypt and the world.
It is time for Kodak Agfa’s annual Spring Flowers fair post and this year it was during the Constitutional amendments referendum.
I remember that I visited the Orman spring Flowers Fair last years during the Presidential elections too.
Inside Egypt's Spring Flowers Fair 2019
Inside one of the partitions in the Spring Flowers Fair 2019
I did not stay too long but it was a good time and break.
Inside Egypt's Spring Flowers Fair 2019
Inside one of the partitions in the Spring Flowers Fair 2019

Held at Orman Botanical Garden starting from 21 March from every year, it became one of the main beautiful annual events in the country.

This was the 86th session of the Flowers Fair and Unfortunately, the government fails to promote it as a tourist attraction event despite I see foreigners, mostly from expats every year now.

Also, it is sad to know that the government is not promoting Orman botanical Garden as a tourist attraction itself for plants lovers.

We are speaking about one of the biggest and oldest public parks in Africa and the Middle East that hosts plants from outside the continent for over 100 years now like that this beautiful Mexican Shaving brush tree.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Happy Eid Adha 2019 from Egyptian Chronicles

The Family Park Mosque in New Cairo
The Family Park Mosque in New Cairo 
Happy Eid Adha to all the Muslim world celebrating it today “as well as tomorrow like Oman”. Here is a New Cairo modern architecture mosque that caught my eyes in Family park in the upscale East of Cairo suburb Egypt. I tried to find any extra information about it but I have failed so far. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Seen in Cairo : Transferring an obelisk "Updated"

During its dismantling in Zamalek 

This was a photo taken last week for the attempt to transfer King Ramses II obelisk from Zamalek island to New Alamein city.

On Wednesday, the ministry of antiquities announced that the obelisk arrived in New Alamein city.

It reportedly took 20 days just to lift it from its place in the public garden named after it “Obelisk garden” and put it horizontally on a big track.

Now there is a problem regarding its weight "90 tonnes" and whether it can be carried over 15 May bridge till it reaches the desert highway 😬🙈🙈. 

This is the only time that less known the Ancient Egyptian obelisk makes headline in both social media and mainstream media.

According to the ministry of antiquities, it was decided to transfer that obelisk from its place in Zamalek because it did not attract anybody and it was hidden.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

National Cancer Institute tragedy : The red wedding

On Sunday, Egypt stayed awake till the early hours of the morning watching a fire that erupted outside the National Cancer Institute “NCI” in Cairo’s Al-Manial island.
It started with big bang and huge fire that was seen from Giza and Garden City.
For several hours, the cause of the huge explosion and fire was not unknown and many news websites close to the current administration reported different contradicting causes of the explosion.
Outside the NCI, the fire following the explosion by Ahmed El-Sheikh
Outside the NCI, the fire following the explosion by Ahmed El-Sheikh
The only information we had then was that not less 18 people were killed and 20 others were injured. The number was increasing while the patients of the NCI were being evacuated.
One of the cancer patients evacuated from NCI in Cairo after the explosion "Getty images" 
By the morning, the death toll increased to 22 and 47 others injured.

It took 18 hours till the Egyptian ministry of interior declared that a car carrying explosive involved in a traffic collision that caused this deadly blast.
The collision and the explosion that rocked happened when that car full of explosive went in the wrong way of the street colliding with other cars, the MOI statement read.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Official Numbers : 32.5% of the Egyptians are under the Egyptian poverty line

On Monday, Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics “CAPMAS” announced that 32.5% of Egyptians are living under the Egyptian poverty line currently according to the results of its 2017/2018 income survey.
Yes, you read it right 1/3 of the Egyptian population are currently living under the Egyptian poverty line.

We are currently 101,333,931 people according to the latest numbers of the UN, one-third of them are living under poverty officially.
According to CAPMAS, the Egyptian poverty line is estimated to be LE 735.7 a month (USD 44.47)
There is a 4.7% increase in the number of Egyptians living in poverty line in 2017/18 comparing to 27.8% in 2015.
In its 69-pages-survey, CAPMAS stated the extreme poverty line is estimated to be LE 490 a month in Egypt in 2017/18 and that are 6.2 million Egyptians living beneath that line.