Friday, January 1, 2021

Coronavirus on the Nile : A New year , Same old pandemic "Live Updates"

First of all happy new, this is the first post in 2021.

A new year where we hope that will witness inshallah some sort of an end to this awful pandemic that is still paralyzing the world.

Hopefully, most of us will get the vaccines inshallah and hopefully, the virus won’t mutate again.

I hope that the world will heal its wounds in 2021 inshallah.

Egypt's celebration of the new year at Rod El-Farg bridge "EPA"
Egypt's celebration of the new year at Rod El-Farg bridge "EPA"

Now back to our 15-days-post with our daily coronavirus news from Egypt and the Arab world.

I must hint out that the Egyptian government is bracing for tougher coronavirus days in the country in January. I expect more cases in the upcoming two weeks because it seems that people celebrated the New Year's Eve regardless of the government's decision banning any celebrations. 

Personally, I hear more cases every day in my circle. 

Anyhow here is our daily live updates from Egypt and the Arab world


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