Thursday, April 1, 2021

#Coronavirus on the Nile : April’s Coronavirus “Live Coverage”

A new month under the coronavirus pandemic. It is April and in its half of it, the Holy Month of Ramadan will commence and observed by more than one billion Muslim around the globe during what is believed to be the third wave of coronavirus.

From the preparation of Ramadan in Cairo in 2020
"Mohamed El-Shahed for AFP"

Last year we had our first Ramadan under partial lockdown that many did not respect or follow its role. The result was catastrophic officially and unofficially in numbers as from the second or third week of Ramadan 2020, we had a surge in the cases.

The highest numbers of coronavirus cases recorded and cases of coronavirus fatalities officially were in those weeks between May and June during Ramadan 2020 and after it.

It was the peak of coronavirus’ first virus in Egypt.

Now officials are worried the third wave of coronavirus will be in the upcoming weeks during Ramadan as well as the Orthodox Easter when Egyptians meet up for social gatherings.

This time the live coverage will extend to four weeks instead of two weeks to make it easier for me honestly because the second half will be during Ramadan as you may have known.

Please stay safe, stay at home and get vaccinated.

Here is the live update

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