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Thursday Rave and Rants: #EP8 The Tates

Despite all the economic woes in Egypt and the downfall of the Egyptian pound, I can’t ignore the social media growing cult evolving around notorious social media personality Andrew Tate. It already found its way to Egypt despite all our worries.

That’s why I am discussing it in Arabic on my podcast “Thursday Rave and Rants” in Arabic. 

Below is what I ranted and said but in English. “I speak a lot”

On Tuesday, Bucharest’s Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of the Tate brothers and upheld their 30-day detention on investigations for human trafficking, rape and organized crime.

Tristan and Andrew Tate
Tristan and Andrew Tate 

The British-American social media personalities were arrested along with two women in Romania on 29 December in a connection with a human-trafficking investigation.

The two brothers are under investigation for allegedly forming an organized criminal group responsible for kidnapping and exploiting young women by making them the subject of porn videos intended for sale via websites like OnlyFans according to Romanian media.

Andrew Tate denies the allegations and says that it was “the matrix” moving against him aka a “global conspiracy” against him. I do not know why the alt-right folks in the West are fond of the Matrix when the Matrix universe was actually created by two trans sisters !!

Early in April, the Romanian police raided Tate’s house in the country following the allegations that he abducted some American woman but nothing was found and no one was arrested.

The Tates’ arrest in December may not have captured the world’s attention if it were not for the fact that it came right after an online duel of Andrew on Twitter with climate activist Greta Thunberg, which the Swedish teenage activist won in a perfect way.

Why an adult man like Tate tries to drag a teenage activist like that !!

From what I see in Tate’s tweet is an unsecured man for real who thrives on attention.

First who Andrew Tate is.

I have not heard his name before 2022. It was his year for sure.

That’s what I found about the 1986-born on Wikipedia :

Andrew Tate is an American-British social media personality, businessman, and former professional kickboxer. Following his kickboxing career, he began offering paid courses and memberships through his website and later rose to fame as an Internet celebrity, promoting an "ultra-masculine, ultra-luxurious lifestyle". A self-described misogynist,Tate's controversial commentary has resulted in his suspension from several social media platforms

Interestingly, I found out that he is the son of Emory Tate, the famous African American Chess master. His mother is a British white lady called Eileen who was a catering assistant. Eileen and Emory had a divorce and Eileen returned to the UK to raise three children while working as a dinner lady.

In other words, he was raised by a single mother. “A white woman raising three bi-racial children while working as a dinner lady”

When he became rich after becoming a kickboxing champion, Andrew made his mom retire. Nevertheless, in his podcasts, he allegedly described her as mean and hard. This makes me wonder if this has to do with his views towards women in general. “According to UK tabloid reports, Eileen Tate does not like his views and did not raise him like that

I knew about Tate as a misogynist who despises feminists and strong women in general so his relationship with his mother is critical to understand what we are dealing with.

I knew that he was a kickboxing champion and into crypto which was a red flag to me.

I did not know that he was a popular alt-right social influencer except when he was banned from almost all social media networks in August.

In the same month, The Guardian made a profile about him as a new troubled alt-right social media prince

In October, he made headlines again when we found him praying in a Mosque in Dubai along with his friend Tam Khan, who believes in his innocence. It attracted a new base of fans from young Muslim young men who hate feminism and woke culture in general. 

In the same month, BuzzFeed published an investigative report about his Hustler University written by a Muslim-veiled British journalist.

For the record, I only found those reports of Buzzfeed and Guardian this week. During then, I did not care much for him except hoping that after converting to Islam, his alt-right views would change as Islam would introduce him to a world where all people are the same and you support the weak and vulnerable.

Then in December, he returned to Twitter along with the rest of the misogynist alt-right gang above them Jordan Peterson as Elon Musk ended the so-called Woke Culture in the popular social network.

In late December, he was arrested, and I found myself in front of a flood of tweets of young Muslims in solidarity with brother Tate who tried to break the matrix and stood against the Western culture thanks to his brothers in Dubai above them Tam Khan.

Already till this moment I do not understand what Tate did or does so the World or the West would conspire against him to silence him to the rest of that globalist plot. Andrew Tate is already the product of everything bad in the capitalistic Western culture by all measures.

Owning a casino brand in Eastern Europe where laws are kinder to men according to him, an online hustler university which sells promises of riches to those who want to live like him and a webcam business along with Only Fans management “it has another word for it” seem to be all based on pure and extreme capitalistic western values that objectify and commercialized everything.

A side note: That business empire has the smell of Eastern Europe mafia in it, especially with the brothers' online sex and casino business in Romania I believe.  

I am sorry but I am from a part of the world that knows very well how the world or the West or the regime can silence you and for what exactly. I do not see a single reason that the West stood against him because he converted to Islam.

Greta Thunberg is more annoying and more vocal against Western interests, especially the official and political and economic agendas with her activism than him It does not need a genius to see how she is being ridiculed in the media whether mainstream or social media to know who is really being silent here.

I won’t get involved in the talk about whether Andrew Tate sincerely converted to Islam or not because a Muslim I do not have the right to suspect anyone's belief.

Yet I think I can say it is hard and unacceptable to compare Tate to figures like Malcolm X and Mohamed Ali.

By the way, when Tate published his video praying in Dubai, I hoped that he would be like Malcom-X genuinely after embracing true Islam and going on his famous tour in the Muslim world performing Hajj and visiting Egypt.

Yes, Malcolm had a criminal history before joining the Nation of Islam “which is a cult” and then converting to Islam but did anyone of Tate’s followers even try for one second to see what Tate did to be compared to one of the most important figures in the civil rights movements in the United States ??

Tate is the opposite of Malcolm X, Tate is a “Make-America-Great-Again” supporter and idol too. MAGA is like everything Malcolm X stood against starting with White supremacy and Donald Trump.

When Mohamed Ali made his famous decision and refused to be inducted into the US army to fight in Vietnam in 1968, that was an act against MAGA.

Tate believes in El-Assad’s narrative in Syria for the love of God!! Millions of humans, mostly Muslims are refugees because of El-Assad’s dictatorship and atrocities!!

Again, after that video of Tate praying in a Mosque as well as his videos expressing his admiration for that culture in Dubai “which Muslim Arabs consider more Westernized by the way” more than the Western culture as well as how Muslims are keeping that family concept together, one would have thought hearing him expressing his regret for all those outrageous statements, stances and his webcam girl’s business.

Hell, from an Islamic position, his money and wealth are considered haram income and money because they are made from illegal activities that break the law and are against the Islamic Sharia whether this webcam/only fans management "he admitted that he made his girls fool the men they chatted with to steal their money" or his casino business "gambling" for instance. 

In Egypt which is a Muslim-majority country, Andrew and Tristan Tate would be arrested for their activities of soliciting prostitution with their Webcam and OnlyFans academy business and those young boys admiring that badass character would be cheering for their arrest.

Nevertheless, that online toxic masculinity cult currently built around Andrew Tate with his followers of young men around the globe worries me because it is troubling.

Seriously whether Muslim or not I hope that Andrew Tate got a waking call like Malcolm X and take the red pill for sure to see the true suffering in this world because the last thing the world needs now is another online cult right-wing leader.

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