Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ancient Egypt : From Raherka and Meresankh to the World

Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who are celebrating it sincerely.

Here is another special couple from the Egyptian Museum of Cairo in late 2015: Ancient Egyptian couple Raherka and Meresankh.

Ancient Egyptian Couple at the Egyptian museum of Cairo
Raherka and Meresankh 

Raherka and his wife Meresankh were an ancient Egyptian couple. They were not a Royal couple but rather commoners despite Raherka being actually an important employee in the Royal palace and holding important responsibilities.

Raherka according to what was found to him was “the inspector of jackal’s scribes. His wife Meresankh had the title “The King’s acquaintance” which means that she had access to the palace.

I do not know if they went to another museum or not.

There is another group statue showing them as a couple at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo too.

Now Raherka and Meresankh are famous due to their limestone group statue currently in Louvre.

Any Google search will yield the Louvre group statue over Egypt’s stock of that nice couple, unfortunately.

The group statues were found in the year 1902 at the D37 tomb in the Giza Western cemetery by a member of the British parliament and collector Montague Ballard.

Now we will leave ancient Egypt to Modern Egypt where Egyptians are sharing memes about the perfect present for this Valentine’s Day.

And the famous scene from “The Best of Times” film and Hend Sabry's character "Yoseria"  tells her husband Ibrahim that she wants chicken pane instead of the flowers on Valentine’s and Ibrahim replies that he will get flowers instead.

Both memes are referring to the current poultry’s crisis and how chicken prices soared.

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