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Seen in Cairo: King Farouk’s Golden Cradle

Once Seen in Cairo: On the occasion of King Faoruk's birthday on 11 February 1920 “11 February is an interesting day for Egypt’s rulers as it seems", here is the special gold-painted handmade baby cradle of Egypt and Sudan's late ruling king from Mohamed Ali Dynasty.

King Farouk I's golden wooden cradle 

He was then Crown Prince of Upper Egypt

The Photo was taken at a special temporary exhibit at Prince Mohamed Ali Manial Palace estate in January dedicated to the retrieved lost Mohamed Ali Family’s artefacts.

It turned out that someone attempted to smuggle that cradle outside the country in 2010 but likely it was found at Cairo International Airport Cargo village!!

It is unclear from where it was taken or rather stolen but at least it was found. This post can be a teaser for the whole exhibit. 

Here is the Cradle in its original status.

Farouk's cradle
The cradle in its glory at Abdeen palace 
"Farouk Egypt website" 

Here is also a bonus rare photo of late former Queen Nazly with her baby boy Farouk in another cradle. It is from a private collection signed by Nazly herself.

Nazly and Farouk
Nazly and Farouk 

Here is also a couple of months old-last ruling King of Egypt and Sudan Farouk Ahmed Fouad when he was a Gerber baby.

Farouk of Egypt as a baby
The official handout of Farouk's first-ever official photo in the media
then, his father Fouad I was still Sultan
"Farouk Egypt website" 
Here is another photo of baby Farouk with his mom Queen Nazly,

Baby Prince Farouk

The photo was taken by a Sony a6500 with an 18-55 e-mount lens 

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