Monday, March 20, 2023

Exploring Egypt's Wadi El-Hitan and Fossils and Climate Change Museum: In video

I know. I promise you that this would be the finale of the posts series I dedicated to the visit I paid to Egypt’s Wadi El-Hitan or the Valley of the Whales in 2017.

Believe me, this obsession is worth it, the place is amazing and having this place in Egypt makes me so proud.

Now here are a couple of video clips I took at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of the Fayoum desert which is 150 km away from Cairo. Warning: Extremely shaky, fast and short video. Turn on the captions, it got English captions and I am working on the Arabic captions as well.

I apologize for the bad filming; I was still a newbie. 

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Featured in the video are Wadi El-Rayan’s man-made waterfalls and the man-made magic lake.

Wadi El-Rayan's Magic Lake area in Egypt's Fayoum
The Magic lake 

I spoke in the video about the history of Wadi El-Hitan of the Valley of the whales which was first discovered in 1902, its in-door museum "Fossils and Climate Change Museum" and its outdoor museum "the protectorate" 

Basilosaurus Isis whale and Dorudon Atrox whale starred in the video.

Largest intact Basilosaurus Isis whale at the Fossils and Climate Change Museum
The intact Basilosaurus skeleton at the Fossils and Climate change Museum 

A little fact I shared in this video is that more than 400 prehistoric whales and other creatures were unearthed in that Fayoum desert valley. New discoveries are still found to this day in the very rich valley for real.

Dorudon Atrox fossil at Fayoum's Fossil and Climate Change Musuem in Egypt
A Dorudon Atrox whale remains at Wadi El-Hitan 

To be honest, I hope that I pay Fayoum a longer visit for real because thanks to Fayoumer I realized that I only scratched the surface of the very rich governorate with a very old history.

If you are planning to visit Egypt, plan to visit Fayoum because it definitely deserves a visit.

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