Monday, October 31, 2005

There is still hope

There is still hope I believe
There is still some light in these dark night I see
yes I am so happy tonight because there is still hope that Egypt will be fine and it will cross safely this mirage of Division .
After the incident of Alexandria and all this talk about Muslims and Christians ,about claims and threats, about hate and anger , about truth and lies ,about moderation and radicalism and about Egypt ,I was so scared what is going to happen after this ?
The Quran was being made fun of , Churches doors and glasses were destroyed
The two elements that stood against the British Empire are getting away from each other
Lets admit that we did what the British failed in ,whether Muslims or Christians.
Yet tonight I regained my hope that Everything can be changed to be better than it is now .
My Dear friend Dr.Ramy Karam decided and he is now in the United States to fast Monday just like the Muslims along with some friends ,
It is small thing that may be the number of those who will know it is not big number ,but despite it is small thing from outside ,it is big thing from inside
especially when You know Dr.Karam is Christian "I really don't like saying this Muslim and this Christians because we are all Egyptians , and I was raised on not saying this Muslim and this Christian as we are all humans and Egyptians"
Dr.Karam wrote an excellent post in his Beyond Normal about why he is doing so .
Away from the media and away the officials ,a simple citizen is doing this is much important than an official doing it
I believe in something Gandhi once said 'Be the Change you want to see in the world ' ,also I believe in 'A man's faith can turn to be a Crusader' .
Bless you Doctor Karam and I wish Accepted Fasting and delicious Breakfast.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

A day in the stars Center

Oh oh boy I am dying when I am writing this and ironically I have to update my MSN Space too and not even in the same topic no Copy and paste ,it is another thing
Anyway today without no introduction I went to Stars Center in City Stars ,Madinet Nasr ,First you have to know I live in Agouza Area ,so Madinat Nasr where City Stars is ,is a travel for me ,already everything is available where I live but what can you say I am girl like any girl loves shopping and it isn't like in any shopping when Benetton, Levi's and Mango open in Egypt.
And not to mention Virgin Mega Stores Egypt branch "Do you know that my graduation projects in Business Administration this Year was to open a same kind of Stores in Egypt ,but what Can u say Amad Adib took my idea!!!!!!"
I know that I shouldn't go while fasting ,but I got nothing to do so I went there and after terrible trip in Taxi accompanied with My Aunt 'She couldn't take the Car to Madinat Nasr as she doesn't know the Street well there',We arrived thank God and of course over the October Bridge I saw the other face of Egypt I didn't see before ,it is strange when you see a billboard of Mango and under it semi houses that people live in .
Anyway we arrived ,and of Course the first shop we went in to was Abd-Samd El-Qorashi, we love bokhor and his bokhor is Excellent despite his big big prices ,We bought some small Quantity ,we cannot afford buying 1000 E.P of Bokhor
To say the truth Stars Center is really impressive whether the building itself or the inerior design or how clean it is ,the Cafes and the restaurants ,it is so impressive also the names of the shops are so impressive.
First we went to Mango to see if something fits me as Petite ,already friend living in Dubai told me once that Mango the famous Spanish brand is suitable for me, So I had some hopes to get me some nice stuff and frankly I thought it won't be that expensive but .....
I was wrong the Gypsy short skirt that I don't know where can I dress it except in something of a Party is for 600 E.P ,yes I swear it is
and all what in the shop is on the same level of price
I even found a beige Coat ,I love coats ,but I got nasty problem that I am short ,,so I need a coat with a specail cut to suite my short petite shape, this Coat looked fine, yet it is for 1465 E.P something !!!!!!!a pair of gloves there is worth 96 E.P
My Aunt said a funny comment 'Are telling me that this Colombo coat worth 1000 E.P?!"
and so we left Mango with nothing in our hands
In front of it was Benetton ,the united Colors ,already I remember it was for Egypt then Closed after problems with the franchisee ,I was encouraged as I saw many people buying stuff from it ,but I was mistaken , two things I noticed in Benetton ,all the products either made in Syria or Italy ,yes Syria .
other thing is that the material isn't so great that worth the hundreds of pounds on the price label
I didn't like the material at all ,yes nice colors, but people use your minds, not because it is labeled of Benetton then it will be worth it
And so we left Benetton wit nothing in our hands
Where did we go ? to Bella Dona ,My favorite Cloth shop along with Newman and Rodiar
funny already the three shops got several branches nearby where I live
I bought nice stuff from Bella Donna
To where than ? to My idea and my dream place ,to Virgin Mega Store ,and as I entered I went immediately to the Book Section and Guess what I bought two novels one for Dame Agatha Christy and the other is the da Vinci Code ,all Book stores around me is selling the Arabic Translation and I wanted the original , Virgin mega store is great ,sellers are so nice ,and there I made my first encouter with A Mac PC for the first time and I discovered one thing it is not worth ,I didn't like the Keyboard or mouse , the LCD is fine ,but the idea of having one computer Piece is not practical in Egypt
The Prices of Computer programs there are Excellent I found Microsoft Encarta 2006 5Cds with a DVD only 270 E.P ,I was going to buy it ,except I postponed it till I buy a new Hard Drive as Mine is reaching its limits now
Not to mention the music section or the DVD Section ,it is best in Egypt ,yes indeed ,but they indeed to increase the Book section to include more Arabic Novels .
After that I went to Levi's store ,yet I didn't like anything there ,my Mobacco Newman Jeans collection that I have are still in good shape
after we left the place so we can reach our home before breakfast
This is was my day in Stars Center
Now I got a piece advice of some couple shops there , Decrease your price, you will increase your number of Customers
I have the JC penny catalogs with freemans of England ,both with currencies differences and fright in cost will be cheaper than buying from these expensive places
People we don't steal the Money ,but we earn it with hard work

The New Look for My own old blog

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Here it is after very long time of experiments and failure nights
The new layout of my old same blog
I made it by my own self just today
Already among hobbies of reading, writing, politics, History, photography and espionage is Web designing
Yes I can make Sites on my own
This was difficult as it is not Html but CSS
But I did it thank God
I hope you like it
I didn't change the Scribe Body inside as I like it
Tell me what you think about it?



Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Egyptian Intelligence Jubilee

Did you know that this Year the Egyptian Intelligence is celebrating its 50th year anniversary? Yes it is its Jubilee, it was established in Year 1955, and Yes we celebrating this important occasion by producing this stupid TV Series "Agent 1001".
I was surprised from few months when I read in the Al-Akhbar newspaper, a small little article about this silent body, the name of the journalist who wrote it was there and that's why I guessed that someone from the intelligence service itself wrote it.
First you must know that I am from the generation that was raised upon the Writings of Dr.Nabil Farouk; my favorite series books in my teenage hood were The Impossible Man: Adham Sabri and Cocktail 2000 instead of Abair romantic series, Farouk wasn't the first to introduce me to this world but it were the great legend of Espionage literature in Egypt: Saleh Morsi 'Author of Rafaat El-Hagan' and Ibrahim Massoud
My favorite spy story for Saleh Morse which turned me upside down and made me till now respect this service in Egypt is not Rafaat El-Hagan, to say the truth I didn't read till now, my favorite was Samia Fahmy, the Egyptian Communist journalist whose great love to her finance didn't stop her from informing that the later was a spy for Iseral.
This is the greatest kind of Romance ever, she loved her Finance so much but she is mad in love with her Country
This novel was the start than Came Massoud's "Dalia in the Spies trap", it was made a movie starring Mahmoud Abd El-aziz and Hala Sadky, a good one, this story I love it too.
The two books "I still have Samia Fahmy two parts books' were the introduction to Dr.Nabil Farouk
Already I had got a good and strong background before I entered it, no white Color, I remember even I knew few about the Scandal of Egyptian intelligence which Farouk doesn't want to speak about it , but I speak about it
then Came Adham Sabri, the Egyptian Arabic version of James Bond 007, I was for the few who read the No.1, 2 and 3 from the impossible Man, to say the truth I wasn't attracted so much to Sabri, the super man who fights an army and knows all kind of Martial arts, the sexy man who all women fall in love with in the first sign, the Walking encyclopedia who knows 10 living and dead language ,you know I just wish that Sabri goes a country where He doesn't its native languages and accent
I bet you realized I am bit aggressively Criticizing this Sabri ,but as I informed you before already I wasn't small little girl ,I was exactly 12 years old ,who got a simple yet strong background ,one thing for sure no human got these super talents even James Bond ,Bond only knew English his mother tongue, French and German his own mother languages , Bond's mom was from Switzerland ,and Of course the Russian with love ' I told I know that world well enough' , only four language Bond knows them ,while the No.1 rare spy of Egypt knows every language on this Earth.
Another thing I hate about Sabri, the romance, the women fight over him, His babes Mona and Gihan not to mention Sonia who is always wearing a Haute Courtier semi Portal –semi naked Dress day and night, of course he loves Mona for ages and yet they don't have time for marriage, a surprise for you I was among the Minority who favored Gihan on Mona ,Mona is a typical Bond Babe who is just there to be kidnapped to blackmail Sabri ,and Sabri always saves the gal , the world and the day.
Don't get me wrong but I have until now big Crashes to Sabri but in not the regular series editions, but the Special editions, the Special editions about the real A.S in real life, his adventures in Iseral during the war and after it, Farouk is saying day and night that there is a real A.S of course not with the Robot superman qualification of Sabri, but in human qualification
I believe 50% that A.S is a real person like you and me, and 50% I believe A.S is not just one man but many men Farouk read about them in the files of the intelligence archive
Anyway I am bit a girl after all ,if Mr.A.S comes one day visiting this humble Egyptian blog ,I will say I love Mr.A.S ,I love more than many VIPs in Egypt including GM 'Hey Farah'
I will stop here as I talked so much and ironically in side talks not away yet not so near to our main topic that is the Jubilee but this is the first time I talk about myself and my hobbies which among them is discovering unknown worlds including the Espionage World, next time I will Complete talking about the Egyptian Intelligence itself and also Agent 1001

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Small Step can be big one

Ibn Al-Aziz and Alaa made this Site
Ibn Al-Aziz wrote excellent statement behalf the Egyptian Bloggers for forgiving and conversation after the Margarges and Moharm Bak incidents
I signed it and joined this call
You must do this too
Read it carefully
For the Sake of Islam
For the Sake of Christianity
And more important for the Sake of Egypt

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Play of Alexandira

Sure this play will be a historical one ,Causing all this division in Egypt ,putting the nation on Unity
So Does it really Insult the Islam that the church Must Apologize officailly for its Support and bless to its production or what?
Find out Yourself ,Not through Newspapers
It is available in El-Fares ElAkhair blog
This time we won't use the Group mind salah Elsaadni referred to in BitBatik Yesterday but our logic's Conspiracy on my post

I wrote a post another post about what is going on in Alexandria and this sad division in Egypt between Muslims and Christians , It was posted successfully but not on the same date yesterday, no on the 23rd of October 1990
I was only 6 years old then in the School ,little girl who watched the news in Wonder and asking why we are fighting Iraq and why Iraq invaded Kuwait
I fixed this strange mistake and you will find the post in its right place with the right date
This is a conspiracy

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Curtains won't come down

First I really enjoyed Yesterday el-Bitbatik guests especially Mohammed Sobhi What he said about the Crab in the media from national Unity ,we are together ,we love each other and to the end ,of course I am talking the Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt
No one denies it is in worst levels ever now except the government's media
First the Christian play ,I didn't see it but I read its description in the Dostor Newspaper, a respectable one not a tabloid like El-Midan
Yes there is an Insult that I felt against the Islam and its holy book , as i read and understand 'did't see it yet' It uses the terrorist groups to say Our religion is better yours is Nothing
I repeat again I didn't see it depends on the description in El-Dostor which I trust its integrity
I didn't like the Church statement saying it is just like Adel Emam and Wahid Hamad's movie'The terrorist'
I am sorry both Eman and Hamed are Muslims and in the movie they didn't made fun from the core of Islam ,from The holy Quarn saying that no one understands it and it has just musical rhythm!!!!!!!!!
The play is made to insult the Islam under the cover of fighting radicalism
I guess those who made it are radical Christians ,it is okay as we have the samething on the other side
I guess this can end with an apology from the Pope and that is the only request , it is civilized request with a civilized answer
I disagree with the smashing and stubbing that happened in the last couple of days yet I read some reports in Online newspapers like El-masryon that the security arrested some radical Christians were printing some publications insulting the Islam making it tough , an alexandiran friend described the situation there as it couldn't be explained
People The situation need stand
and I wish the Christian outside Egypt Mr.Abadir and Co. Stop spreading lies , people inside Egypt don't want this division , this oppression talk about kidnapping Christian girls and force them on Islam ..Etc to this incident isn't helping anyone
The talk is not finished and it mustn't finish now at any cost
Saying Sorry doesn't harm
The Curtains shouldn't come down now
We should discuss it , this division mustn't be let alone

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gamal Mubarak Supports El-Zamalak Club!!!!!!!

Yes I read that Mr. Gamal Mubarak Supports El-Zamalak Club in Gaad 'Tomorrow Newspaper' published by the Gaad opposition party and its owner Ayman Nour
I know that he is fond of Football just like his brother, do you remember when they used to play football in this holy Month in strange tradition!!!!
What is the connection of Football and Ramadan, I don't know really
Anyway this is very important thing if it is fact, not a nasty lie made by the opposition against GM, fighting his Career and his right as Egyptian citizen to become the fifth Egyptian President
Claiming he is Zamalakawy, with all the defeats and scandals of Zamalak, not to mention that most of Egyptians are Ahly supporters
It is danger on his political Career
But if it is true and I think it is
I have a piece of Advice
Why doesn't he go and fix things in his favorite Club instead of planning to Egypt's Future!?
He got excellent administrative skills with great political mind that can solve the Zamalak problems
I forgot to say that I am big Ahly Supporter, El-Ahly Hadid (

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Samra who is playing with fire : Muslims and Christians in Egypt 2

You know The movie 'Samra' ,the black and white movie starring late Tahia Karioka with the famous Quota in it 'You are playing with fire ,Samra'
You may wonder why I chose this strange title to post that will continue my discussion about the conditions of Muslims and Christians in Egypt , this is my second part, to check my first part go here
To say the truth as I am fasting right now ,in the last couple of days I wasn't ready or even had the time to complete discussing this important subject but things and events made again open the door another time
First I want to correct something El-Nazm Elhamony was made only in 19 centuries , it is modern one , didn't have any connection during the Islamic and Arabic rule
Second The events which forced me to return back to this mines field are the clashes that happened in Alexandria ,when 4 students went to the Mosque in Mohram Bak with a CD , this CD on it was a play presented by a nearby Church , The play they said insulted Prophet Mohammed PBUH and so you can imagine the Muslim feelings , got angry , and without go in to many details ,the night ending with a human siege around the nearby Church and of course the Police forces came and stopped this siege, I am sorry I don't recall the names ,Ramadan effect
Newspapers since then opposition and independent began to publish the story , the governmental newspapers are in another planet as Usual ,not surprised by this
The Osobo owned by Mustafa Bakry took the muslim stand and to stay the truth sometimes I feel there is some kind of hate especially after journalists from El-osobo were beaten in the coverage in Wafa , the priest's wife crisis in the riots
El-fagr I felt defended the Christian church in Mohram Bak and the play , and read my words ,I felt it is my own interpretation
and today came El-dostor ,my favorite newspaper ever ,and of course I will be biased to it , as strangely some points in its coverage I reached to it with my simple understanding ,It is not with or against , it brought the truth and it was the only newspaper to show the contents of the play too , go and buy it
I talk too much I know but wait don't go now
I will start where I stopped last time about the oppression of Egyptian Christian in Egypt
When this talk started about oppression and hatred , Do you remember ? When the first clash between Muslims and Christian started ?
It was during the seventies ,I wasn't born yet ,but surely some of you have lived these days
Despite My love to Anwar el-Sadaat ,and my belief that he was a great politician yet he didn't calculate it well this time
Not only Clashes, but the radical Islamic groups ,and the Clash between Pope Shnouda and El-Sadat ended as you know
all helped in creating the nucleus of problem ,a divesting one if it gets larger and larger , till now I haven't meet an orthodox Christian who doesn't hate El-sadat even those who didn't live his days .
So who made it , the Muslims or the regime , it is different , it is the regime which wanted to fulfill some kind of policy with a specific way ,a wrong
then Came Mubarak with the problems of the Islamic groups in southern Egypt ...Etc ,I will speak later these Islamic group but wait as it is just like Puzzle game
Now there are strange claims that the regimes in Egypt are radical , well it is true it is radical in Dictatorship not in religion
For quiet a time everything was fine till the Scandal of This monk , and his images in El-Midan as far as I remember,by the way I got this Issue from this newpaper , and I read it , and as a muslim I disapprove publishing the images under any name or any topic
This Newspaper is tabloid ,and is supported by the government as I believe to make noise on anyone of its enemies
Not to mention that one of its editorial stuff called Salah Mubarak ,may be he is not a relative to Mubarak but in these circumstances accusation already there
I don't have any doubts that the government played this dirty game
some of you will say why ?
well I believe in some strange idea but go with me in it ,you won't lose anything
Do you know Kafaya ? Of course you do if you are Egyptian
Do you see the picture of George Isaac with Mohammed Abd El-quds ? What do you feel ?
it is same like the image of the Egyptian people in 1919 revolution when Priest preached in Mosques and Shekihs preached in Churches
Did u get hint of what I am trying to say
The government is using the old British policy Divide Conquer and that's why it plays with fire
not only the Government ,but let's speak seriously and I am not laughing when I say some alien forces may got some benefits for the current conditions , of course I am not saying the Alien forces fomr outer Space
People What the Chirstians suffer from in Egypt also the Muslims suffer from it is the regime and the government
The talk is not finished yet

Monday, October 17, 2005


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Murder or Suicide

I am sorry I amnot updating this blog as I used to before Ramadan ,It is not Ramadan fault but it is Me ,I am lazy , as I am busy doing something else ,tell you about it later as it is still in the testing phase
Anyway as My favorite professor used to say in his lecture , I will speak today about something happened last week not in Egypt but in our Sister Arab Country Syria
As all of you know The Minister of Interior Gazi Kanaan committed suicide in his office with western smith gun I guess 'I am sorry but my knowlodge in Guns depends on playing No one lives forever and watching James Bond movies
Late Mr.Kanaan was the head of the Syrian intelligence branch in Lebanon ,in other more realistic words He was the partical Ruler for Lebanon in The last 20 years
So you can imagine what the Man had done Lebanon not to mention what He had done in Syria before Going to Lebanon.
And so the rest of Story you know the Blasts which killed Rafik El-Hariri 'this man lots of Lebanese didn't like and made fun of him in his life despite the fact that he was better than our honorable primes ministers in the last 25 year ,may God bless his soul in that holy month'
And the other blasts afters to the Syrian departure from Lebanon .....Etc ,than came the international Investigation to Investigate with everyone included Kanaan ,who was under the pressure of attack from Lebanese Media
First I don't like this Inverstigation thing , it is just pressure from the United States on Syria this issue I keep to another day along with other issues I said I will talk about
Kanaan in the official Story couldn't take it any more so He acted just like The Japanese Samurais after Japan's defeat in WW2 ,and took his gun , Bang Bang my baby shut me down in my mouth in a scene similar to Hussein Fahmy's in El-Keif , The man killed himself in his office in The holy Month of Ramadan
really I don't know what was his religion but it makes no difference as I know in both Islam and Christianity it is a big sin 'at least in the Egyptian orthodox church , and I know this from personal experience ,family friends got a depressed brother who killed himself and they didn't know whether to say it in the Church or not 'Yet I doubt that Kanaan was sunni ,as sunnis the majority of Syria don't have the rule or rights except few after of Al-assd the father ,also I doubt that He was Christian as He would have a good relation with the Christian Lebanese ,so I think He was Aloi Shai ,'I don't know what I am talking '
The man killed himself as we were told
But All the people who think and have brains ,working one that aren't Spoiled by oppression ' I wrote it right this time ' Said 'Kanaan , the Arabic Minister was Committed Suicide , in other words He was Killed ,other Killed him to get rid of him and the truth ,nothing but truth to get rid of
Kanaan was the Man who too much and Some brilliant brains in Syria 'don't you agree that All dictatorship regimes from The Gulf to the Ocean got these brilliant brains!?' , those brilliant brains thought that by getting rid from Kanaan from the Scene , Would clear Syria from an accusation in the Harriri Case and would calm down Lebanese , and everything would be under control again !!!!!!!!!!
What makes me write this long article is not only I care for Syria' I love this country so much '
But two official incidents I saw it in Al-jazzera indirect confession for Syrian officials that Kanaan was Killed
First Farouk El-Sharaa Himself in the press conference , 'His murder .....Sorry I mean his suicide'
Second the Doctor who spoke in the Press Conference of the DA in Syria ' The bolt caused his murder,sorry his suicide '
I don't know if those two incidents were just slipping tongue mistakes or it is fasting in Ramadan or what !?
Anyway Mr.Kanaan joined General Abd Hakim Amar .............
What do you think people?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nirvana and the first Lady

Last night viewers of El-bitbatik were surprised by bad surprise that the 15000$ TV presenter made an interview with the First Lady of Egypt 'it doesn't suit her' Suzan Mubarak ,the wife of the president and the mother of next president
I don't why they made this interview ,whether to Celebrate the 10th of Ramadan or what?
Silly talk ,Silly Questions and silly answer
the only thing I like was the hall were they were sitting ,the Chimney and the Chairs
other than that it was waste of time
What new thing did the First lady say in thisinterview ? I don't know
I am sorry they are fooling the people especially when She said I didn't understand what's going on in 1967 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sorry but she was a mother two young boys during that time and she didn't understand what was going on
There was a war lady
And Nirvana who used to live in the Gulf and their stupid titles
wa Elsidin Gamal wa Alaa' when they were children !!!!!!
Look carefully Gamal before Alaa !!!!!!!
The most silliest part in the interview is when Suzanne Mubarak said that she uses to her family on the table where is your Zaqt? as I have charity !!!!!!!!
No Comment
Silly Question suitable for this silly interview Why it was reshowed on the Nile TV international with translation ?
as if the foreigners really watch this channel

Monday, October 10, 2005

Nirvana played it well

Nirvana , a name with different meanings ,for Buddhism ,it is considered the core of wisdom and many philosophical stuff that I got lost in , I remember the Teen Stuff magazine published a series of article about Nirvana and to be the Change you want to see in the world ,and also I got lost in it 'by the way I knew the one who wrote these article personally from University ,Great guy with Promising future ,may God help him to achieve what he wants

Anyway I always wonder especially when I have some kind of idea about Nirvana's meaning ,on why Nirvana's parent ,the TV presenter called her so ?? May be it is Turkish name ,but she doesn't look to have these Turkish root

Nirvana the newcomer to the Egyptian Television , the only TV presenter in the national TV who takes salary greater than the official salary of the manager of the TV , she takes 15000 dollars, yes in dollars not even in Egyptian Pounds ,I don't know why ?
for cloth ,well her dressing is not so impressive ,
The minister thinks when he brings the fired TV presenter from Orbit network ,she will make the viewers watch the governmental consumed Elbitbatik
I feel that they are trying to conquer Dream 2 10 o'clock and Mona Shazely but in Vain
Nirvana for those don't know ,is a big supporter to the President and his Party that She said during the election in answer for the angry viewers that She is supporting Mubarak because Her religion 'Islam ' ordered her to obey the Superior and of course she used an Aya from El-Quran without knowing or ignoring the fact it is was talking about the condition of War , but what we can see , many people nowadays use Islam for their purposes starting from Shekih El-Azhr ending to Nirvana Hanam
not to mention the bias to Mubarak ,and her severe attack on Dr. Ayman Nour in Cairo Today ,all these disgraceful attacks caused the Administration of Orbit to dismiss but she isn't sad or angry as She took a gift from the Regime on her attacks ,She became the highest paid TV presenter in Egyptian TV
What makes me Sad that She came in and three very talented and respectful TV presenters went out
Jasmine ,Yasmine and Sherif
they are so talented and I believe they are even better
by the way for those who also don't know Jasmine is married to Abd Aziz Hagezy's son and she is the daughter of Taha Zaki the minister ,so daughter of minister and married to a son of prime minster
Nirvana really played well with her own calculations
bottom line ,I don't like her and she isn't worth 15000$
Bring back Yasmina ,Jasmine and Sherif please

As if bureaucracy will end .................!?

Before Ramadan I read strange news in El-Sharq El-aost newspaper and I was amazed to find out that it is true when I saw the last episode of my favorite program and my one of trusted source of news in this country '10 o'clock ' on Dream TV 2
The news is the government decided to transfer the legendary Compound of Tahrir ,the symbol of bureaucracy in Egypt in another place somewhere seems outside the crowded Cairo may be in the New Cairo,where they are going to build a new building for it
Now already the Compound the hero of Wahid Hamd 'Elarahab wal Kabab' got hundreds of governmental offices serving thousands of citizens daily
the Government thinks it is better to transfer the compound to a new vast place and so on
but the employees and the citizens got another opinion and I am with them
The employees said they can't go away from this place already the new place can be far from their homes
The citizens said similar things to the employees that they accustomed to the compound ,faraway from their homes ,and because of bureaucracy they spent hours there ,so imagine spending hours there in New Cairo for example and then returning to where you come from
I guess the government thinks by that it can end the perceived image of bureaucracy of the Government just by transferring the Tahrir compound
It is from the New thinking mode of GM or what ? I don't know
another thing Building a new compound with the governmental offices means spending millions of Pounds and already we got useless projects in Egypt causing a heavy load of expenses in Our Budget
No know thought of the cost and benefits of this step I think , as you know there is something called The cost -benefit analysis
another problem is the transportation facilities , already the new areas in Egypt suffer from Shortage in transportation facilities
The government needs to provide the Employees of transportation facilities ,also it needs to provide the citizens by the same thing but it is hard ,come on they won't have buses for people every half hour from El-Tahrir Square
Another important question
if they transferred the compound what they are going to do with the huge building?
Will it be used or what ?
I got an idea ,it can be a good Hotel with its vast space and it is beside the Egyptian museum
Ladies and Gentlemen bureaucracy doesn't vanish by Changing Buildings and Places but it vanishes by Changing policies and regimes

Friday, October 7, 2005

El-Baradi the fourth Egyptian to get Nobel Prize

Dr. Mohamed El-Baradi became the fourth Egyptian to take a Nobel prize along with the International Atomic Energy Agency
He took it as a head of this UN organization and of course the Prize is Nobel for Peace
I am very happy that he is the fourth Egyptian
Another victory for Egypt
He is the second to take Nobel Prize in Peace after the Late president Mohammed Anwer El-Sadaat
The Egyptian People who took were
1-Mohammed Anwer El-Sadaat -Nobel Prize for Peace -1979
2-Naguib Mahfoz-Nobel Prize in Literature -1988
3-Ahmed Zowale -Nobel Prize in Chemistry -1999 'Youngest scientist to take it'
4- Mohammed El-Baradi -Nobel Prize in Peace - 2005

Now we are the first Arabic country to have this load from the Nobel prize winners
I am so proud of El-Baradi ,Don you know that he is Cairo Univeristy graduate
another thing it is announced in Ramadan ,also Ahmed Zowale as I recall it received in Ramadan

Thursday, October 6, 2005

You know others fought too on the 6th of October

Another 6th of October comes and the cheering for the Air strike takes its familiar shapes as if the Air forces or in specific the Air strike was the main reason for victory .
This is really silly all the newspapers speak about how the Air Strikes was the reason of victory and how President Mubarak ,the master and commander led the whole Egyptian army to victory
Despite the fact that Mubarak at that time couldn't act alone it is a superior orders from higher and important rank from great men that didn't take their deserved respect like El-Shazely and El-Gamsi God bless his soul, the decision of war wasn't his ,it was the decision of anywhere El-Sadaat who for the first time his son in law didn't publish the annual paid ad on the last page of El-Ahram newspaper
Why people forget the fact that Mubarak wasn't alone ? And that the Air strike wasn't the only key success ? The whole Army made ,the Navy ,the Army and the Air forces all fought together
The Egyptian general and military inteliigence
If we are going to speak about who paved the way for the Egyptian Army to victory ,we will speak about years of preparations
If we are going to speak in specific of the 6th October war ,okay we must speak about those who fought or in other better words began their war on the 5th of October
The commandos who went behind the enemy lines to cut off the roads ,to shut down the Nablam pumps 'sorry I don't know the correct spelling'
If they didn't do it ,the Egyptian army would have been on fire in the Canal
and what will be the benefit for the Air forces then ?
If we speak about who gave or moved the first step towards success it will be the Egyptian
The Military and the Civilian
It is the Egyptian
Another thing it is a suggestion to make this day more useful than being a day off and fire works show 'hadn't hear them till now '
why don't every Egyptian go and buy a red rose and visit the graves of those who gave their life in return for dignity ? This can teach our kids to love their country and respect those who fought for it and for its future ,for them , it will teach them that this is more than a silly movie in the TV or a reading topic in the Arabic Lessons
This idea came to me last year ,in the Sham El-Nassim ,I went to Ain-elsokhna and on the way there was some kind of a grave yard for some Navy officers who died there ,I don't what it is ,if anyone knows the area well can tell me ,it is on the red Sea either in Ain ElSokhna or before El-Gonna ,now this grave yard seemed to me so neglected that I felt so sad
We need to teach ourselves the respect to those who gave their lives for Egypt ,if we did so ,may be our lives will be better ,it can be the first step to escape from our passiveness
Please remember today the Real makers of the Victory
Mohammed Anwer El-Sadaat
General Badoui
General Ismail
and more important
The Egyptian Solider
Ramadan Karim :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Show the Man some respect

Dr.Huda Jamal Abd El-Nasar made a dangerous accusation to Late president Anwar El-Sadaat ,she is accusing him of killing her father late President and Egypt Dictator Nasser ,not that only but also she accused that he was working for the C.I.A ,this was all mentioned in Ahram El-arabi in from two weeks ago I guess
I wanted to write about this but I forgot it then I remembered it yesterday when I watched the interview of the eldest daughter to President El-Sadaat Rokia in Dream 2 with Mona Shazely 'well I am daily watcher for it and I am already missing it in Ramadan '
I hate this Nasser-Sadaat thing ,for one good thing ,Sadaat was better by stages from Nasser yes I am biased as I think that Sadaat is better than Nasser at least we returned back more land and returned back the dignity to the Armed Forces ,By the way I am from the lucky generation who lived Mubarak golden Era ,I didn't attend wither Nasser nor Sadaat but I read ,ask and see
I notice something whenever the 6th of October just come closer , the attack on El-Sadaat increases
First it was The Midan newspaper showing the dead body of late president and share Mrs.Rokia wonder on how did the tabloid El-Midan get this classified photo?
I know that this photo should be and it is already classified in the files of the assassination in either the Egyptian Intelligence or the investigation of National security as it should be
in fact I believe this photo was shown by higher orders and this photo was delivered on purpose
They couldn't just find it in the street as Mrs.Rokia said
Now return again to Dr.Huda and her accusation saying that she got American documents ,what American docemunts you are using Doc?
first of all the Classified documents in the United States and the United Kingdom are revealed to public after 50 years of its occurring ,after the approval of the National security boards
Now Daddy Nasser died in 1971 and we are in 2005 so where is the half century period ?
another thing if Nasser was being killed ,Sadaat was not only the accused one ,there are many ,because as you all know the man got enemies from west to Israel to Arab Kings to Shah Reza of Iran , in bottom line he got many enemies.
I don't think that Murdering him was far idea as I read that the man who used to give him the Massage was caught after Nasser Death for spying to Israel ,may be used some kind of Creams that poisoned the guy on long term
Nasser made a lot of his life that he deserved to be be killed for the jails and torture to bitter defeat till now we suffer from to destroying the economy and to to to the list doesn't finish

Another I notice and we are just 48 hours from the glorious anniversary of 6th October war
why all the credit goes to the Air strike and the commander of the Air force despite the fact he wasn't the one who planned it in the first place , he couldn't give the order by himself alone ,it came as orders from above him ?
People read the military history and you will know that the Commander of the Air forces was under the command of other great commanders who didn't have the much the respect like him
anyway back to the sadaat
Rokia gave some hard enigmatic words yesterday , in the assassination she said that it was shameful that he wasn't killed in Israel and was killed by his Army !!!???? And that torsion was behind his murder
I am among the people after reading the assassination in 1981 believe that there are still to be revealed and surely there is something missing

El-sadaat wasn't that traitor who made Peace with Israel like El-Gadfi once said in the Arab Summit at least he had some courage to deal with Iseral above the table not beneath it
Many respect late King Hussien of Jordan and Hassan of Morocco despite their very old relation with Iseral especially the later
The traitors are those who destroy their countries for their benefit
Mrs.Rokia spoke bitterly on how she found out there is no street called after her father and how his wooden cottage in El-raah valley in South Sinai was left carelessly and I agree with her

Sometime I feel there is some kind conspiracy against El-Sadaat ,after we are the nation of mighty pharaohs who come to erase other pharoahs achievement to put theirs even if theirs were nothing to compare with the other old pharaoh
and ........Ramadan Karim

Monday, October 3, 2005

Ramadan 2005 will start tomorrow

Yes you heard from the TV ,Ramadan officailly will be tomorrow the 4th of October 2005 Tuesday
Kol sana wanto tayben
Ramadan Karim and Allah Akram

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Film Henndy : Muslims and Chirstians in Egypt part 1

Yesterday I saw a movie called 'Film Henndy' -an indian movie-the story of the movie is about two old friends one is muslim and the other chirstian ,both live in the famous quarter of Shobra in Egypt with major populotion of chirstians
Both friends want to marry but got a small problem they can't find an appartment to live in with in their budget , all appartments are expensive and they are from the low high working class ,not mention their highly demanding girls requests
Now they found an appartment which they can afford to buy but there is a problem ,it is one appartment either the muslim takes it or the chirstian does ,yet they don't won't to lose each other , so everyone left it to the other but ironically someone else took it and it was too late ,not the chirstian nor the muslim took it ,not that only but their girls left them ,and so they lost their loves but won their friendship
Okay you will wonder why it is called this strange name Indian Movie,well if you are Egyptian or lived in Egypt enough you will know why, if you aren't Egyptian ,well Indian Movies got this reputation in Egypt that it is a movie which romantic ,sad ,musical wiuth lots and lots of tragdy by the way our movie is Comedy one starring two talented comdians yet not lucky like other 'Ahmed Adam and Salah Abdallah ' yes they are muslims but there were chirstian actors like Trisia Domyan,it is shown now on ART cinema on Nilesat if you are interested 'and also subscribed to it '

Now you will wonder why do I start this post under the cateogry of News and politics in MSN Spaces as I will post it at the same time in my Egyptian Chronicle at and not the movie category well read the title again and you will know why ,it is about Muslims and chirstians in Egypt and this is just an introduction , a long one but not longer than the post I attend to do

This movie came accidently at the same time when The Second Coptic convention will be held in Washington D.C in the American congress discussing the obression of the Coptic Minority in Egypt ,the Convention is being funded by imigrants from the copits like Adaly Abadir ' the chirstian who wanted to run for presidency in Egypt ' ,from few days Mona El-Shazely opened the tabo with claims that Abadir wants international help just like in Bosnia and wants to have an independent state from Chirstians in the South of Egypt yet another Egyptian Chirstian from the organizers of the convention denied these claims ,yet he said they will discuss the claims of abducating the chirstian girls and forcing them into Islam !!!!!
then today on Dream 2 again 'Wael Abrashi 's truth tv show discussed again the convention with Abadir on the telephone and one of his supporters Nabil Sharf El-Din ,the famous Egypt Correspondent to ,and two oppenents Salah Eissa ,the famous journalist and Adal Naguib Razeq a chirstian researcher in the chirstian affairs in Egypt ,they spoke alot in both programs

Now you are put in the image if you don't know what it is going on ,after I saw the first program , I went directly to my dear friend famous Egyptian blogger Dr.Ramy , he is an Egyptian chirstian who lives in The states and I asked him what is going he told me first he had to check the copts united and he presumed it may be a game to get more Chairs in the assembly next november for the chirstians ,then he sent me a video link to an interview made by Copts united with Adaly Abadir who seems to became the enemy of state in Egypt and I was surpised to find a very very old man ,when I listened to his talk for the first time I found out he got a very long tongue and style that gave him the impression of a comedian more than a political leader 'I am really sorry to describe him like that but this impression was enforced after the phone interview with El-Abrashi ' I respect the guy and his motive but ,okay I will take step by steps as thoughts and words are running in my mind right now

I will speak now for what I think , I want to clarify something I don't attack the Egyptian Chirstians at all ,I am giving a muslim point of view ,and you will see I am just trying also to explain some points in the this issue ,so please no hard feelings as I don't have it towards any one

first I don't like the word Copt too much just like my friend free soul and his respond to my post in blogspot , but you know why because first the word Copt means Egyptian by old greek origin and I wrote early posts about this in both the MSN Spaces and the Blog spot ,so it can give the impression that Egyptian Muslims arenot so guinue Egyptians ,they are arabs and this also has some truth as some egyptian Muslims in the south of Egypt come from arabic tribes Origin ,but if we want to speak right it will be then Muslim and chirstian because in the right terms of the word of Copt and its meaning ,then I will be a MUSLIM COPT and I am really proud to say it and to say loud too, we are all Egyptians and that we should be

Second the Christians in Egypt lately began to speak about Obression and the need of more freedom to them and so on , this obression ,this word can't be used to describe the conditions of the chirstians in Egypt ,the real conditions not the claims that some pretends to happen ,there is some discremenation for them in some things but not obression ,obression is big word to describe the condition of Muslims or tabbits in China ,or in Rowunda in Africa , yes there is obression in Egypt by the regime but not on a single party but on the Whole Egyptian People ,not difference in fact there were times Muslims faced alot of obression in Egypt and nobody spoke about it and dared to open his mouth or asked the help of others

So what are these things that caused this so called Obression ?
The Second Article in the Egyptian Consituation saying that the Source of Legalization in Egypt is the Islam presented in the Islamic Shiraa , they wanted this to be cancelled and they are not alone some muslims wanted to be cancelled ,I am sorry I don't want to be cancelled ,first let's say the truth people is this a government or regime that works according to the Shiraa !? they are far away from God and Islam . where is that Shiraa ? ironically when the laws of women came from the Shiraa Muslim men were first against it and call it the Jihan Laws for Jihan El-Sadaat support to it and even when the new divorce law came from few years and it is from the shiraa ,some redical muslims men stood against it , people this regime hate the shiraa and believe me it wants to cancel it if they can but it is like a traffic dealer who put a MASHALLAH on his office wall while he is in union with Devil
well I wish that we work according to the Shiraa you know why coz there will be a real equity and here I will mention what a chirstian neighbour once said to my mom when they were talkling about the Muslim brothers 'Do you think that I will hate that Egypt will be ruled by the Shiraa , I wish we were after all it was our golden age when a chirstian young man to El-Madina to meet Omar Ibn El-Khateb complainning about the son of Amr Ibn El-aas as he hit him with no right only that his father was the ruler of Egypt ,Omar brought Amr to El-Madina along to his son and ordered the chirstian man to whip both Amr and his Son , the son as revenge ,the father for not teaching his son good manners after all the Shiraa is the one which made Omar rule justly and sleep peacefully ." Amr and his son ,oh boy can any person in Egypt muslim or chirstian , let's say Muslim on this discremenation mode now ,can he complain a son of ex-general in the police and won't suddenly disappear !????????????
Here I am asking some claims for some Egyptian Chirstians saying that obression started with the Arabic islamic rule ,sorry folks ,hisotrically it started with the Romans ,in fact History said that Islamic Arab armies didn't fight a single Egyptian in the Conquest ,in fact Egyptian Chirstians fought with the Arab armies to get rid from the romans
Yes there were some cases in the islamic age of discrementation but when ,first in the Fatami rule , in whose era ,the era of El-Hakam bamar Allah , Egypt Hanry the 8th the crazy of the crazist ,well the union of Muslims and chirstians was there ,as they faced a mad man ,who ordered the markets to be closed in the morning and to be opened in night ,and I forgot The fatami rule was the Shiia era in Egypt , the fatamis were Shiia while Egyptians are sunni ,for 600 years the Azan was according to the Shiia just like in Iran nowadays , the Sunni shekihs were forbidden to speak or preach
The real beginning of Discrementation was with the Turkish Othman rule to the arab world and before it the Mamulaks but it wasn't like the Turkish Othman rule which didn't give hard time to chirstians in Egypt only but in other parts like in Syria and say the truth the Turkish Othman rule paralysed the real Islam caused it to what it reached nowadays from the troubles and misconceptation we muslims suffer from ,The Othman rule killed the equity in Islam , made the turk better race over the others ,killed the thinking ,the innovation ,the philosphy , if you read the Islamic history you will find all those great scientists ,poets and philophosers before the Othman rule , and unfortunately we still having the remaining of this rule and that we may cause the discrementation ,in the Oathman rule it is The law governing building of the churches (El nizam el hamony) that is differentiating between building a church and a mosque, a law that had been applied for more than 1000 years. now I say to the Chirstian Brothers and sisters believe me it is not easy to build a mosque either a friend of the family wanted to build one and he gave up the idea after the constraints that no one can understand except the regime doesn't want any mosque any more , and so I against any constraints against the worshipping places
The Second article of consituation doesn't stop at source of legalization but it states the Arabic is language of the State I don't see a problem in that in fact I know that there arabic bible and hear in tv some chirstian prayers in Arabic along with the coptic language m and also the religion of the State is Islam ,here is another thing that some don't like

I don't know how to speak about this but i just want to tell the Egyptian chirstians something ,the Prophet of Islam Mohamed Pbuh said 'Be Good to the Copts of Egypt ,they are in bond till the end of days' and what Prophet Mohamed Said Pbuh is an order to all Muslims in all places in all times , after all I am as Egyptian proud that Lady Maria ,the mother of believers ,the Wife of Prophet Mohamed and the mother of his Son Ibrahim Peace upon them all was an Egyptian Copt
this is the end of part 1 as I need to stop to give u a break as this is one of the most longest post I have ever written
there will be part 2 inshallah as it won't the end ,in fact I wanted to speak from a long time about this tabo
I will complete the complains of the Copts and you will find me somehow trying to be objective
Here I will end this time with Makram Abid the famous Wafadi politican in the 40s and 30s from the Golden age of Egypt ' I am Chirstian as a religion ,Muslim as a Nationality '
before anyone ask where I got it ,I wrote it down after Hamdy Kandil in his old program editor in chief , if you remember it before it is prohibited

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Alexandria on fire

I am writing this post exactly in 2 Am , and just from few minutes ,Al-jazeera correspondent Amr El-Kahky in Alexandria saying there is on going War till now and clashes between the angry Muslim demonstrators and The security forces , a bloody day three were killed and huge number of injuries ,not to mention they are moving to church to another throwing bricks on the Windows and smashing doors
It is on going war till this moment
The angry protestors want the Egyptian Orthodox Church apologize for the Play that insults the Islam , I didn't see it but I am depending on Dostor as they made a report about it and for strange reason my grandfather took to read it and thank God I found it today
The church didn't apologize and said it is an old play ,made just for one night and it was prohibited since
I don't like this at all
and I don't know how it is going to end but it is better to end in wise way not on the security force way
People are very very angry