Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ahmed,Hend and Lena indian movie "Part one"

At last the court said its word in the Hend El-Henawy case concerning the parenthood of her daughter against young Actor Ahmed El-fashawy. For those who don't know who is Hend and the problem of her daughter this is a quick snack:
  • Hend El-Henawy, a stylist and a daughter of prestigious professors, her dad is a professor at the AUC, she is somewhat raised upon the western culture, an open minded eastern girl, I forgot to say that she is either 28 or 29 years old now, and she is not so beautiful "Not Haifa or Nancy or Hannan Turk level of beauty", she is not that feminine stylish girl if you understand me.

  • Ahmed Fashawy, a young promising actor, the son of two divorced famous actor, his dad is known for his naughty behavior, the kind of bad boy actor whom the parents warn their children not to be like, yet the boy was raised by his mom and engaged from early age to Amr Khaled's religious lessons and groups and even began to give the young Muslim people pieces of advices in a very popular show on MBC called Yalla Shabab. The boy was so promising and he is excellent actor ,better thousand times than his own parents ,he can do complex rules so easily "Aunty Noor " and "Afriat El-Saila ;does anyone have the intro. Song of it I am searching it!?" proved so. Ahmed is considered from cute cuddly buddly handsome boys, reminds me with Ashton Kushter kind of beauty, not a manhood one, not like Ahmed Ezz or Ahmed El-Sakka. Before I continue El-Fashawy was 22 years old when this Indian movie started

  • Now Ahmed and Hend met while shooting a doomed TV series for the MBC and it seemed that they began to have some sort of friendship and this friendship in one week turned in to a sinful relationship where the devil becomes the a real third one in a companionship of man and woman.

  • After that we found Hend exposed everything saying they were married an Orfi marriage "Orfi marriage is one of the crisis in our Egyptian social life, it is a secret marriage ,it is a piece of paper written by two person or even one and two close friends witness it and sign and voila ! they are a married couple , it is big issue needs many post to discuss ,yet the bottom-line it is not like official marriage " and that "read carefully to Hend's words" They were married and wrote a paper as her family wouldn't accept him as groom to their daughter ,and no one witnessed this paper at all ,plus he took paper from her ,stole it as she likes to describe it !!"

  • After long denial, in a shocking historical moment on National TV for the first time El-Fashawy confessed that he had an illegal affair with Hend, already at that Time Hend gave birth to a baby girl called Lena and there was a case in the court held by Hend to prove the parenthood of El-Fashawy to her daughter!!
Now come back again the Quick heavy snack is over, the problem here is that in Islamic Sheriia; which is the source of the constitution and laws in the A.R.E; doesn’t give the children who are born outside the marriage from illegal affairs the same like the inside the marriage , They are not to be named after their father's name ,yet the father can permit or can give them their name if he wants , You may think that Islam is cruel but it is not a cruelty because Islam wants a healthy legal respectful society ,this one ,this rule I guess a proactive and warning , this two ,and last thing in a real Islamic fair society those kids won't suffer because in real Islam I don't care about whose is your dad or mom but I care about your behavior in the Society .
Another important point Adultery is a great sin in Islam just like in any other religion and the punishment of it in Islam is upon both the Man and Woman, no difference because this is a man or this is a woman "another important ignored rule in some Muslim countries like Nigeria"
So Hend's poor daughter who came as result of a lust is considered an adultery affair kid if you looked so closely and thus she won't be able till now and she is one year old to have an official certificate in the Egyptian Republic, she has no existence at all.
End of Part "One" of Ahmed Hend Lena Indian movie"

Today I was born ,Today I started to blog

I am lazy I know but it is not my problem, today is my birthday and I feel sick to speak about politics again and again.
One of my friends who are reading my blog once told me I should change the subject, not to be politics-driven all the time.
I agree with him ,in fact I have another life in the MSN Spaces with my MSN Space ,I write about music, movies, history ,civilization and my favorite topic Arabian and Egyptian legends and myths yet I feel the kind of visitors who come and visit me here are different from the MSN Spaces community.
The MSN Spaces are still not considered a powerful blogging tool despite the great work MSN made in their project and I know that effort because I lived with it since day one, I was from the early bloggers who joined the MSN spaces from Egypt, if I wasn't the first, as soon as I read about it in Mess.Be, on the same day of its release as beta project I joined, and so I followed it step by step growing up, yet it is still a small baby.
If Microsoft is wise enough it should make a blogging tool like type pad or Word press for the pro-bloggers like me.
I consider myself a pro because simply on this day from three or even four year I began blogging online, on my birthday, I had a terrible depression because no one of my friends remembered my birthday as usual except may be one or two ,and no one from my age even my cousins attended my birthday ,it was a an adult birthday ,my mom ,my aunt ,grandparents and grand mother's cousins !! So you can see how I felt, so sad, so lonely and I got this brilliant idea, I read about blogging and I got opera browser community which has this blogging feature as journals, go on and let the world share your misery and it will be great feeling because you will be the first Egyptian to write in Opera journals and from that day I began to share my thoughts with the Internet community.
I joined after that the JoeUser.com blogging community ,a part of Wincustomize.com and stardock.net software company ,I like customizing my windows and I am regular visitor there ,my Joe User days made me so strong because also I was the only Egyptian ,Muslim and even Arab who dared to speak against the Hawks of American Right Wing there , my first encounter with Israelis ,with guys who didn't believe in God or religion ,a great experience yet I couldn't stand it there ,the anti-Muslim Arabic climate is killing me
After that I joined Blogger.com
Then MSN Spaces and my wonderful life there
Then I found Dr. Ramy is visiting me, saying why you don't join us in Egyptian bloggers and Manal and Alaa
And Volia here I am
Blogging became a part of me and I guess I can consider myself an old blogger, after 4 wonderful years
I don't why I am writing this ,rarely I talk about my personal life which I don't like to speak about but this is what in my head
As a change in the course, I will speak about Hend El-Henawy case inshallah Next post.
About my other blogs and spaces
My opera journal is still there but didn't update it from very long time but I will update today after publishing this post
My MSN Space is there
You are visiting and reading this in blogger.com
And my joeUSer.com is out of service now I can't stand the racism.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The petition Link that I forgot

I think I forgot to post the url of the petition against the Danish newspaper from couple of day "I am so wise"
Here it is Petition
Go and defend our religion and our prophet

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Shekih El-Azhar and losing the religion

The current Shekih El-Azhar of Egypt ,Shekih Siad Tantawy made a very offensive statement "The Danish newspaper should not attack a dead man !!"
Ladies and gentlemen the dead man he was referring to is Prophet Mohammed "PBUH", the prophet of Islam
The occasion was meeting with the Danish ambassador who is trying to save some of the remaining Danish Islamic relations after the Danish Newspaper "Its name is in the petition post people ,I don't how to read it already !!"
The Shekih who is appointed by a presidential order must resign immediately and apologize for the Muslim
Not that only but I wish they can cut off the title of Shekih from him ,just like in Christianity
One of the main problems of Al-Azhar is that its head man became a speaker ,hypocrite to the government .....

France thanks Egypt and the United States is going to lose

The French republic thanks the Egyptian republic for letting the death carrier cross the Suez canal !!
Stupid news I read in some gov't Newspaper
Yesterday I read strange statement for our tall prime minister in Switzerland
"The United States is the one who is going to lose after freezing the free trade between Egypt and the States !!"
Is he crazy or something ? is he playing dumb ? Who is he fooling with irrational statement !?

El-Wafd crisis

This is getting very bad ,at first it was the Gad party crisis ,now it is EL-Wafad.
For weeks now the Egyptian street watched the great conflict between Abza and Goma ended by judicial order that Goma is the sole leader of head of El-Wafd ,strange order especially if most members don't want the man to be the head
It even reached that Goma stopped the publishing of daily El-Wafd ,the official newspaper of the party after 22 years.
I felt sad today when the newspaper boy told me so ,El-Wafd is from the most important newspapers in Egypt
I don't know much about the internal affairs of the party
But I noticed something don't you agree with me that every party stood against the NDP in the presidential ,the important parties just like EL-Wafd and El-gad got sudden terrible problems that can end the party itself !! This is a side remark
My personal opinion about Noman Goma is that I find it very strange when the daughter of the head of El-Wafd party is a Nasseri "Eman Goma ",the Nasseri TV presenter on ART "They stopped her program lately ,the woman was crazy ,thinks that Saddam is a hero !!"
Please if you understand Arabic ,please visit the El-Wafd newspaper online

Sign this petition for God Sake

Please sign this petition if you are muslim

A Danish Newspaper announced a competition from few months ago ,as I remember in the holy month of Ramadan for comic artists and fans to send comics making fun of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" hurting the feelings of millions of muslims around the world !!

The Muslim community in Danmark and the Egyptian Embassy with the Egyptian foreign affars ministry in a remarkable move protested ,joined with the Saudia Arabia

The Muslim -Danish relations was and is affected by this racist offensive movemement against the Islam ,what is strange is that the second religion in Danmark and most spreading religion in Northen Kingdom is The Islam !!

The Danish Foreign affairs minister apologized yet the Magazine didn't apologize till now because of the presumed freedom of Press in Danmark "they don't know tha Freedom means the respect of other feelings and believes"

Now Some good muslim came up with this idea ,I guess some journalist from Weekly Egyptian EL-Osboo,to sign a petition to force the Newspaper in Danmark to apologize

Beside the letters and e-mails to the Danish Embassies in Islamic country ,come on people we can make this ,once for our life to stand to defend our belief and our prophet

Friday, January 27, 2006

Gamal Mubarak Interview for Rosa Elyoussef daily

First I don't think that Rosa El-Youssef herself wanted her publication to be a daily newspaper or even reach this down standard of being a big speaker to the regime and NDP, this is just a side remark I want to say from a long time .
Now to the big event the first interview with Gamal Mubarak ,the president's son and the NDP 's head of Policies committee "this title reminds me with communist party in ex-U.S.S.R.
It is rare thing to read an interview with GM with Egyptian journalists ,already in last elections for the parliament 2005 He used to give statements to foreign press not the national one which found a great secuirty barrier to reach for him
I guess that way wasn't a smart move from GM and those who surround him and they understand this now
and so it was n't surprise for me at least to find this interview ,he has to speak whether this talk is good or bad
Now he spoke with Abd Allah Kamal ,the chief-in editor of Rosa El-Youssef ,the anti-Muslim brother group member in very long interview
I didn't read it in daily Rosa ,in fact I read its parts in both online at Elaph.com and the other part in national newspapers Ahram and Akhbar "And I bet that El-Gomharya published it too "
It is all about the elections and here comes the change GM himself admitted that there are a huge problem in communicating the Egyptian street and the NDP ,and it comes from the NDP itself
To be honest I got bored from this long ineterview whether the first or second or the third part,yet the second part included very important statement that he "GM" doesn't want the presidency !! and that he didn't interfere in the choice of ministers in the current cabinet "the business men and american chamber cambinet " really !!
Regardles of what I think of him or his talk ,i noticed something why a three national newspaper published this interview for him in complete pages ,all the officail talk says that GM is a regular citizen that works as head of policies committee ,"Mustafa El-Faky words" so why he takes this attention from the trio gov't newspapers ?!
It reminds me with the interviews of president Mubarak to any publication or any channel whether radio or tv ,all the national publications publish it on full pages and even without ads with x-large bold font ,but the question here is "do really citizens read such interviews!?"
About GM I remember the Newsweek made an issue called "The future of Egypt " and on the cover was GM , this issue whether Arabic or English was evorapized from all the newspapers and magazines sellers ,I know because me and my family searched for as we wanted to know what the americans are saying about him and his ambition ,I remember a woker in Metro market asking me "do you want Newsweek's GM and the future of Egypt !?all sold ,but there are many requesting it "
I guess people want to know more about the may -be next president of Egypt

Hamas won the elections

sad little commando
Originally uploaded by Kodak Agfa.
Whether Bush likes this or not
Whether Israel wants this or not
Hamas won because of democracy
Hamas won because of the Palestinian will
and thus it must be respected regardless of the future resutlt
Already I believe Hamas is not that bad ,you know why ? Because they are from the Palestinian people who suffered a lot not like the other who stole the aid funds
Mr.G.W Bush you and your cabint are bluffing all the time with the democracy and will of the people ,why don't you just respect the will of the Palestinian people!?
"This photo I found it on the Arabic and Egyptian MSN spaces, It can't be described by just words, this little angel got one of the most saddest looks ever ,wearing a commando ,it is a child protest against a horrible past, a terrible present and unknown future!!"

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The end of Kuwaiti crisis again

At last the problem of the next prince is solved and El-Sabbah El-Ahmed won the title and the census of the Kuwaiti parliament and Cabinet ,not to mention the family census .
regardless of all the talk I am very impressed by the Kuwaiti example in Politics ,guys this is a home made not imported one.
The respect of constitution and acting according to it ,
Kuwait like the other Gulf countries ,the majority of its people don't care for the politics and democracy issue ,it is more tribal ,also many of them believe that as long as we have a good rich comfort life we don't need to brother ourselves with Politics or democracy "I swear I heard that in TV show in one of the gulf states",yet the minority which works in Politics in Kuwait proved that they really cared and they really want to improve their country.It also proved something else that the majority chose the best from the minority to represent them in the Parliament ,something we don't have it in Egypt now.
I just wish that other Gulf states Saudia Arabia first to learn from the Kuwaiti experience democracy.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

War of the Words between Iran and France

Check these links
Eupolitix.com and Iran News

I don't know and I don't have a clue about the meaning of Jaque Chirac's threat to use his nuclear weapons against any country that supports terrorism against his country !!
I don't know why Iran believed that he meant it from this talk ,I thought they are much wiser those persians, they will ignore this talk ,already the french president didn't mention what country and Iran doesn't support terrorism "at least from the iranis point of view " !!!!

The world seems getting crazy ! what nukes this french man is speaking about !? is n't enough the environment and the paradises of the Pacific that had been destroyed because of the french experiments to its nuclear projects and bombs
At least Iran makes its own experiement on its own lands ,not in far away colonies !!

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Egyptian presidential statement and the Irani nuke crisis

I don't understand why President Mubarak attacked Iran 's position from its nuclear project and supported the American cause !!
Well yes I understand he wants to gain some american support and acceptance from the White house ,especially the Egyptian-American affairs are in its worst times ever ,already they freezed the Free trade agreement with Egypt as long as Ayman Nour and others are being held in Egyptian prisons for political reasons .
But why criticize other's rights to have a nuclear power if our closet neighbours got a nuclear bomb in the Nakab desert !?
in fact I support the Iranis of having their nuclear power . It gives some balance in the region ,yes neither Iran nor Israel will use it as this will mean the end of the whole region included their lands ,but on the level power why always Israel must have the latest technologies in weapons and armies and the Arabic Islamic countries must n't have it !!
They aren't more intelligence or more special than us.
Iran is not going to attack any gulf country for sure , it is nonsense what is said in this talk , also it is not going to attack the United States except when The United States administration becomes more dumpier than it is now and decided to attack Iran ,than it will be a holy War and the all the region will pray for the God's holy Mercy ,It will be the Yankees against Korash armies.
It is not wise for Egypt and its president to say this foolish statement or at least not mentioning Israel in the same way ,for many reasons the first The regime needs friends in the region as the United States began to lose its patience and now American newspapers like New York Times and Washington Post are speaking of changing the regime "it won't be the syrian alone" ,yet I guess it will be our luck and our benefit if the current regime doesn't have any friends at all
Another thing ,Egyptian regime doesn't know or even ignore the fact whether it likes it or not ,it became with the Irani regime in direct way by defending Syrian regime ,already Hazb Allah Movement of Lebanon asked for Egypt interfere with Saudia Arabia to solve the problematic situation in Lebanon , a great massive change made by the Shiia movement and Iran's supporter .
In the statements and positions, I like Amr Mosa ,the secretary general of the Arab League ,the Ex-Minister of exterior "foreign affairs" when he said if Iran should stop its Nuclear program ,Israel should stop its first
This statement was made in the Gulf summit and caused alot of troubles between Gulf countries and Mosa ,as the first wanted their pseudo enemy to stop developing its program ,yes it is pseudo ,comparing to others in the region "You know whom I am speaking about "
It is not fair Israel got tons of nuclear and other Mass destruction prohibited weapons and no one dares to open his mouth as The heaver state needs to protect itself from those barbaric Arab countries surrounding it with Armies from the stone age technology
I admired the Egyptian position when it is used to be a clean Mid East from Mass destruction weapons Israel first then the other.
Already I think Israel won't do nothing if the Iranis continued their development for their nukes and already they are doing ,they won't hit and run the Nuclear plant like they did in Iraq ,as they know just like the americans whose ambition is to make the world buycott Iran for now as their boys are just couple of miles from Iran ,that if they hit and run ,they will be followed to destroy in the holy Armagadon


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The sudanese refugees are back again

I am not sure but I saw some sudanese at noon in Mustafa Mahmoud square ,then now Wael Abbas in FIG newsgroup says he was told that there are at least 100 sudanese and anti-riots forces
Anyone lives there please tell us what's going on?

The Kuwaiti prince crisis-Learn from the Kuwaitis

Kuwait got now unexpected problem ,there seems to be some conflict on who will be the next prince of Kuwait after Late Jabbar El-Sabbah . Already the late prince got a crown prince Shekih Saad El-Sabbah ,who is considered by Kuwaitis as a hero for what he did during the Iraqi invasion ,yet prince Saad is so sick ,in the funeral he came on wheeled chair just in the funeral prayer then he went away ,I saw him incapable to do the required job
Already the Kuwaiti royal family got two branches El-Salams and El-jabbars and when a prince is assigned, by family consensus, an heir apparent from the cousins branch " a dear visitor and great blogger Alif explained the whole thing "
In fact there was a talk ,a serious talk that he won't be able to say the Oath in Kuwaiti parliament as it is stated in the Kuwaiti constitution
For that the realistic royal family and the realistic government decided to go for the Crown prince now or the ex-prime minister EL-Sabbah El-Ahmed El-Sabbah
There is nothing wrong in his health and the two parts of El-Sabbah family were said to be agreed on the choice with the respect to Saad
Yet Saad made a great surprise and caused a huge problem in the country from couple of days when he sent a message to the head of the Kuwaiti parliament El-khorafi "is he relative to the business man who will buy Omar Fendi??" saying in it that he will come by himself to say the oath in the parliament !!
A surprise that no expected , and a division in the royal family between its two parts
I don't what will happen ,already I think the Kuwaiti political experience is unique a mix between the tribal system and modern democracy and I don't know how the one can mix them
The late prince did something wise when he delegated some of the prince "ruler" authorities to the prime -minister
The two good questions ,the questions which will answer all doubts the white house is on what side ? and the Kuwaiti people on what side?
Last updates : The parliament agreed on Saad's request and now Saad will become the official prince on next Tuesday inShallah
Well it is not a big deal ,if he or El-Sabbah El-Ahmed became the prince because already the later was doing the duties and responsibilities of the prince in the last couple of years as result of the illness of both late Jabber and Saad
Last words: There are a perception about the Kuwaitis in Egypt that they are unresponsible people yet this incident shows how mature their political life there, and it is more national-made then import ,we should learn from them the respect of parliament and the care from the country.
It is the first time in Gulf that happens a conflict between two shekihs about the throne and ends peacefully with no murder or exile and the example are many from Qatar to Oman to ........
Bravo Kuwait

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I noticed this

Look to this website ,it is a Kuwaiti 6arab.com ,one of the most famous Arabic songs downloading websites in the Arab World
It is closed because of the death Kuwait prince and ruler prince Jabar "May Allah bless his soul"
It is more than three days it has been closed
I wanted to mention it here to show something we don't have in the Egypt internet community except on few scale
Any disaster happens in Egypt ,there is nothing about in Egyptian entertainment sites like Mazika.com , as if it is not in Egypt
I noticed this when I visited a Jordanian songs site that turned in to black after the blasts in Akaba, I visited Mazika after the Taba blasts and there was nothing at all ,same thing in Mazikaty !!
As an Egyptian internet community we must show some respect towards what is happening in our country at least we learn from our Arab brothers

Friday, January 20, 2006

Can this affect our Egyptian-Libyan affairs?!

Of course you all watched the opening match between Egypt and Libya in the African Nations Cup 2006 ,and you enjoyed the Egyptian goals by Mideo,Abu Tarka and Ahmed Hassan
but did you watch Mubarak reaction after the Libyan goal keeper got the red card and went out !? Did you see this big childish innocent smile on his face !? He was happy that the goal keeper got a red card and he couldn't keep it down to protect our relations with Crazy Gadfi !!
Also did you see Susan Mubarak reaction after Ahmed Hassan got for Egypt another goal ? Clapping like a little girl even after all those sitting around her stopped clapping !?
Guys I am really scared from The Gadfi reaction ,he may do unpredictable thing on these high offenses against his national football team !!
I saw in TV all these sudden natural reactions
By the way the only thing I liked in the opening is Samira Said's Song ,it is better than Hisham Abbas' song

The french Carrier updates !?

anyone knows what happened to the french death carrier !?
Did it cross the canal or not ??
I read from few days that the parliament refused its crossing ,then today I read that the ecological experts finished their report about the ship and presented it to the prime minister Ahmed Nazif !!
Already there is nothing in The green peace site ,they turned to saving whales and whales day !!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bin Laden 's Truce

First I am not so sure that this is really Bin Laden
Second what truce is he talking about?
I don't understand this tape ,threat then a long truce !?
I think this tape and is just a boggy man to make the Americans fear and trust in G.W Bush
It is a change, a threat and truce at the same time,I am not an analyst in terrorism yet I believe in the experts ,our experts like Fouad Alam and Diaa Rashwan when they say there is nothing now called Al-Qaida, They are more like groups use the same techniques and intelligence secret services using the boggy man to get to their aims what so ever they are.
Truce means conservation and negotiations ,both parts must be in the same level of power ,yet here we are talking about the world's leading power and a terrorist group that no one real knows the myth or reality about it !!
Bin Laden said they are arranging for attacks in the U.S ,yet their is a long truce , if the American people stood against the war in Iraq .
I won't surprise if it was a fake one made by the agency itself to make American people do the opposite to support their forces existence in Iraq
imagine you see your worst enemy ever saying I am going bomb your house yet I can have a long conditional truce with you if your family support my cause !!

All The President's families "Mohamed Naguib"

Yesterday I wrote about Camilla El-Sadaat and her controversial interview and how a great insult to president El-Sadaat that we found out that Camilla had to sell her furniture in Auction and live in Governmental shelter in the United as no one helped her in her brain Surgery that costed a fortune.
my dear friend Egyptian-in-USA made a suggestion that that the government should made a pension of the president's kids after his death ,I didn't like the suggestion at first but when I thought deeply in it ,I found it is a reasonable.
I know many will say what pension you are taking about ?
Look to Nasser's kids ,El-Sadaat's kids and not to mention Mubarak's Sons
And I tell you you forgot to mention the first president of this Country General Mohamed Naguib's sons and his family.
This great man who suffered a lot and his family suffered with him too.
If you know his history ,you will know what I am talking.
A story of Egyptian tragedy ,full of agony
General Naguib wanted Democracy in 1954 and a liberal life to be established in Egypt , a strong government accountable by the parliament who is elected by the people ,the crisis of 1954 that till now we are suffering from its impact "imagine Egypt if Naguib won in 54, what we would have reached ?"
Nasser and company didn't want so , also the C.I.A didn't want ,also Nasser got sick from the old man that he used as a shelter in case if they were caught ,he would be the first one to be hanged ,he wants to be in the picture especially the popularity of Nagiub was increasing rapidly .
and with no further explanation in the Egyptian modern history ,they overthrow the man ,the free officers who turned to be the evil officers as Naguib called him in his autobiography, they put him in exile ,not that only but even fought his family who had nothing to do in that conflict except their last name was Naguib
The agony that makes me support Egyptian-in-USA so much
President Naguib 's son worked as a taxi driver ,yes I swear he was
The other travelled to Germany ,west Germany I guess where he was killed not by the Mossad but by Nasser's secret service
Naguib stayed in exile all the ruling period of Nasser from 1954 to 1970 :(
I remember from many year ago when I was kid ,I used to buy Alaadin ,the Ahram children Magazine ,yeah I know it was so dull just like the Ahram ,it only didn't have the dead page !! anyway I remember they showed the picture of the grandson of president Naguib ,a kid he was at that time ,they wrote how excellent painter he was in his early age,showing him in image with his grand father 's protait that was drawn by him "he was talented" ,I remember that I was surprise to see him like this , the president's grand son wearing a very simple cloth ,I didn't understand at that early age except noticing his cloth
It is mixed feeling , feeling ashamed that the family of the first Egyptian president suffered like this and at the same time feeling that this great leader and his family both belong to the rest of the Egyptian people , the simple Egyptian people who suffer from the regime and I feel that it is bless not a curse ,it is more honorable for President Naguib 's family to suffer than to live in polluted life with the people's stolen money and rights
Yet they need to live in more dignity ,more respect
and that 's why I consider the pension idea is a good one ,to preserved by the law , a specific pension and special care to help them in their problems ,not to make them especial over others but to protect the dignity of Egypt
Nasser ,El-Sadaat and Mubarak's kids and grand-sons and daughters ,all were graduated from the AUC , all are living in a good live more than any other Egyptian people , it is not a bless,it is a curse
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good Happy News

My blogger friend Eman is being engaged to another blogger
I am so happy and I wish all the happiness to them
one on our plateform Blogspot ,the other on Dropal
Yaay ,I am happy

Please Say it is rumor , Please say it is so ,as it will be another Yeman War swamp

I read this annoying news speculation in El-Masryon News Site ,They are saying that Chenny wants to convince Mubarak to send 15,000 of army troops to Iraq ,very distrubing ,isn't it . Another Yeman War and what fears me more that the Yeman war ended in 1967 where we had our great defeat if you understand what I am saying between the lines.........
I just wish that Chenny's agenda only contains the same nonsense of Democracy in Egypt, Syria-Lebanon thing ,Irani nuclear boggy man and the ever lasting Israeli-Palestinain conflict.
Because I know if the rumor is true there will be some kind of a deal ,some kind of a devil deal ,a comprise ,not in the sake of the Egyptian people or Egyptian army .A deal like this can be send your troops and it is okay for your son to be the next president ,yes believe me .
People if this is in Chenny's Agenda ,Mubarak must be wise with advisor to understand this is suicide , we all must be against sending our troops for two reasons
  1. It will be just like invading another country ,arabic blood against arabic blood

  2. It will be consuming our army forces in something like Yeman ,come on in Yeman 1960s we lost nearly half of our troops what about Iraq and its strong people !?

Let's hope this turn out to be newspaper talk
update :I wrote this post yesterday today there are excellent news in the front page in El-Masryon
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Camilla El-Sadaat

Yesterday they re-broadcasted the interview of Camiila El-Sadaat with Wael El-Abrashi in El-Hakika "The truth " program on Dream TV2
Already it is not the frist time they host one of the late president daughters from his first wife "Akbal"
I remember they re-showed again the interview of her elder sister Rokia with Mona El-Shazely ,yet the difference between the two interviews is the difference between Heaven and earth.
As I said they are whether Camilla or Rokia or Rowia who didn't appear in media at all till now are from El-sadaat first wife Akbal and as you know the media neglected them all the way that many thought that Gihan and her kids were his only family in a disgusting way.
Rokia El-sadaat already came back to the lights of the media and showed how a fine lady she is ,when she stood last year against El-Midan Tabloid when it showed on its front page the picture of the dead body of the former president ,her dad ,something Gihan El-sadaat and her kids didn't do , in fact they just joined Rokia ,since then Rokia decided to stop any offensive insult against her dad especailly concerning the accusation of Huda Abd El-Nasser that El-sadaat killed her daddy "I guess I wrote about it before"
Rokia when she appeared ,she showed that not only Gihan's daughters were elegant and smart.
Anyway I was shocked when I saw her sister Camilla
I was so shocked when I know that the former president daughter had to sell her furniture in auction in the united States and lived in a governemental shelter !! She said this proves El-Sadaat is not a thief , but where were her family ? where were the rest six sisters and brother ?
Sadaat 's daughters from Gihan are all married to weathly men ,couldn't they have stopped this insult to their dad's name?
This is number one , not to mention the tales and talk about those who harassed her and this who tried to rip her , to the kenesst crying and so on !!
The big surprise and the big shock to me was about her marriage at the age of 12 years old by the orders of her dad ,and guess what Nasser and Hakim testified the marriage !!
A terrible marriage with lots of agony ended with one girl and a divorce at the age of 21 years old
Another Surprise for me that it turned out that my mom used to know her for a very short period , Camilla was a friend of a girl whose younger sister was my mom's friend.
My mom told me that one she went to her friend in Agouza and found Camilla there and she didn't know who she was, yet her friend told her and my mom was so so so surprised ,it was already the 70s,anyway mom and her friend decided to go shopping for girly stuff in the Agail ever first shop in Agouza ,and they went and also the other my mom's friend sister and Camilla ,as older campny with them, when they went there ,already two sisters were customers for the Agail and so after seeing Camilla and her great resemblance to Sadaat ,Amir ,the eldest son of Radwan Agail standing over the counter said to one of the girls "WOW ,She looked like the Sadaat so much' in low voice ,that Camilla heard it and then
" His daughter ! I swear by God that I am his daughter , but what can you say ? it is time , Gihan's daughters get their stuff from Paris ,while I get my stuff from your little shop"
in a strong voice that Amir Radwan El-Agail 's face turned white and pale as the dead , his blood was dried as Mom described him
Gihan seemed to be not so fair with her husband's duaghter at all ,something Camilla hinted about .
Yes Camilla saw alot but it is not excuse for her to act like this .I wonder why she doesn't act like her elder sister.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Galal El-Sharkawy

Did you watch Galal El-Sharkawy 's interview with Tamer Amin in El-Bit Batik on national television yesterday ?
If you didn't , then you missed alot.
The famous theartical director and artist specalized in political theatre opened the fire of turth on Nasser's era, so honest and so true.
The people were decivied , were fooled , living in a big prison they don't know about it except it was too late, when the defeat happed.
The best part of it when Tamer expected El-Sharkawy to bless the current era of Mubarak when the later said we got a margin , a part of democracy ,yet we need more it is our rights
The change of chapter 76 is something good
but we need and we wait for :
  1. Defining the period of the presidency ,how many years.

  2. Limiting the periods of the presidency two times only.

  3. Fixing the political parties laws.

  4. Cancelling the emergency law ,making one of terriorism and another one for drug.

  5. Cancelling Cansorship.

and Tamer got sick of his guest "Go to hell ya Tamer with those who appointed you too "

Green Peace , the french carrier crisis and Khaddam !!

Of course you had the same feeling like me when you heard what happened in the Mediterranean sea and Suez Canal especially when you heard that the Egyptian government stopped the French carrier carrying toxic stuff going to the ship burial place in India where it could kill thousands of poor innocent people
check this link in Green Peace if you don't have a clue check the green Peace site
You were surprised that the government acted wisely in a respectful way towards the world ,we became a part of the real civilized world
stopping this swimming bomb is the best thing
and this is something we are not used from our government and regime to do so what happened?
Many of you don't know that govt.. Didn't do this and gave its orders to Suez Canal authorities to stop Clemenceau except to send a decoded message to France .
The Egyptian -French relations are not so good these days because of the Lebanese-Syrian Crisis simply as that "Guys it is Syria ,Egypt's Northern borders as Ramsis the 3rd said from many year B.C" .France is with Lebanon and Egypt is with Syria.
Khaddam is staying in France ,making statements here and there and decided to form an exile government ,and the man doesn't want to shut up.
Anyway because of France's attitude toward Syria ,Egypt decided to do this little naughty behavior and supported the Green Peace .
and so the Suez Canal authorities decided to stop the ship from crossing our water until it shows its documents what ever they are .
Today the dream that Egypt saved 30,000 innocent souls in the other side of the world was over and I woke up on a nightmare saying that the french showed the papers and the ship is crossing in the canal that was digged by the blood of our great parents to the indian coasts to die and force others to die.
Why this change? well France is clever ,it sent Khaddam away to make his shows far away from Paris
Now I feel sad because of some dirty political game 30,000 innocent people will die and I will hate history when it says Egypt had a hand in this crime as humanity !!
yet I am not surprised ,as our regimes in the middle East doesn't care from its people ,the millions to care for 30,000 poor indians !!
Wagdby :(
[Listening to: Private emotion - Ricky Martin - Livin'' la vida loca (04:04)]

New thing

Just trying something new
Already I tried the Blogger.com add on form MS Word and it works as charm
Now I am trying w.bloggar
it has much more feature especailly the "What I am listenning right now in WMP !"
Check it out
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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Farewell prince of Kuwait

Farewell prince of Kuwait

Today Prince "Emir" Jaber Al-Ahmed El-Sabah died today, the 15th of January in his country Kuwait after long struggle with unknown illness as I used to read.
The prince was 77 years old when he died today, despite he didn't look so because of the black color he used to cover all the white hair in his chain or his moustache.
He got no son yet his crown prince; I guess his cousin will rule Prince Saad, who is also said to be sick!!
The prince is the third to rule the Kuwait since its independence in the 60s and attended both the Iraqi invasion to his own country and the American invasion to Iraq.
He supported the women's rights in political life and already the Kuwaiti women took some of their rights that their sisters in other gulf countries already don't have.
Kuwait despite all what is said about it , got some democratic life ,rare one in the Gulf ,despite this democratic life doesn't cross the limits and reach to El-Sabah royal family.
They have an active parliament; in fact it was the first in Gulf
The funeral has n't started yet according to Cairo local time or Kuwait local time
The late prince has joined the late prince of Dubai who I read after his death conspiracy theory about his death similar to the one in "Syriana " Movie
New changes in the regions is happening, but as my grandmother said "well he is old after all, what do you expect to stay forever"
May God bless his soul.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Do not believe the government 's statement ! There are 100 Egyptian pilgrims died in Mana

Don't believe the governmental statement saying that only 20 Egyptian pilgrims died in Mana from two days
At first I was too confused ,most reports are saying the majority coming south East Asia ,while the National media owned by the government says they are only 20 Egyptian pilgrims according to minister Samah Fahmy "oh boy I got sick from him his false achievement and from twin kids appearing in every life style magazine!!"
Anyway the Saudi reports and the opposition newspapers mainly the Daily Wafad says They are 100 Egyptian pilgrims died
Believe the wafad ,not because it is the opposition but because it is the reality according to my mom's cousin's daughter who was there with her family and thank God her husband survived with their son in the terrible incident.
Her husband went to throw the stones with their young son and he would have lost his son if he didn't grab him with quickly and found some way out
He found his way out through the dead bodies of many Egyptian pilgrims ,he told his mother in law ,who spent the worst 48 hours in her life waiting for a call to calm her down
Thank God they are fine and will come back home safe.
Now the question why the Egyptian government lies about the numbers?
already it happened outside Egypt and there is no usual blame on them , the blame if there is one will be on the Saudi one despite I think they are doing their best
The people won't be angry from them ,now they will be angry
Guys already those 100 are up in heaven ,the one who dies in pilgrim goes to heaven directly so why lying?
I guess it is a habit after all
Lying for ever ,denying forever

Sharon's doctor

Look to this picture
Do you see this dashing guy?
He is israeli-Argentino Jose Cohin ,the head surgeon of the medical team of Ariel Sharon in Hadsa Hospital
He is only 39 yearr old
under his command there are three doctors older than him by decades ,when they began to practise medicine El niño Jose was n't born yet in Buenes Iris
despite all the accusation in Israel that this medical team is giving more false political medical reports about Sharon ,yet I can't calim that I am not impressed by this joven guapo mediço
come on the women in my family think that he is more handsome than Ahmed Ezz!!and more intelligent too from my point of view

Friday, January 13, 2006

Khaddam and the Nasseris claims

Mr.Khadam play and the Nasseris claims
As I said before and as I predicted in this tiny blog that Mr.Abd El-Halim Khadam intention was to rule Syria, he wants a big piece from the Syrian and also the Lebanese pie
Look to the chain reaction happened after his interview with the Arabia News channel:
  1. A meeting between King Abd Allah of K.S.A and our Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

  2. Two meeting between Mubarak and El-Assad in less than a week

  3. More interviews and more accusation from Khadam to Basher El-Assad.

  4. Meeting between King Abd Allah and Syrian president.

  5. Mubarak goes to Pairs to meet with Jacques Chirac and rumors said that either Mubarak or General Omar Soliman had met Khadam to see what his problem "In the official presidential program there was no such meeting, yet it is a rumor which Khadam denied and as the famous rule in Arab world says that when the official or V.I.P denies something, then it is true!!!"

  6. Khadam testified in front of the international committee of investigation appointed by the U.N

  7. Khadam is talking about overthrowing the regime he spent his life in serving it and benefiting from it.

  8. The remaining of the Syrian opposition inside and outside is skeptical from the sudden 180'degrees change of Khadam.

  9. The Arab world is watching in silent fear…

  10. The Syrian TV channel on Nile Sat became another version of the Iraqi TV Channel before the American invasion "did u see Ali El-Dik singing the glories of Sultan Basha El-Atrash?"

  11. Khadam accused Basher El-Assad directly of giving the orders to get rid of ex-lebanese prime minister Rafik El-Hariri
Now I will leave Khadam and his chronicles, sure I will return to this ungrateful servant..!!
I will talk about the disgusting opening article of Mr. Mustafa Bakery in the weekly "Olsboo", and this talk is not about him alone but about the Nasseris in Egypt who everyone of them claims his hate for the United States and Israel while he hates no one except his own people and that's why they are with every bloody dictator, cheer for him and consider him the nationalist no.1, the leader of the salvation army which will save the Arabism and El-Quds!!
First of all Mr. Mustafa El-Bakery I don't consider him so much honest ,he is another double agent for the regime , saying I am against the government yet I stand with the government attack on civilian refugees !!
He used to defend Sadam Hussein and he still does, okay everyone is free in his opinion despite the fact that Sadam killed millions, invaded another Arabic country and gave the U.S and Israel their chance to get rid a great and strong Arabic army and country.
Mr. Bakery was from the first to support the conspiracy theory that the late Rafik El-Hariri was murdered by Israeli Mussed, okay it is not bad talk El-Mussed got an honorable history from assassinations but all my Lebanese friends and all the Egyptians who I know and live in Lebanon told me it is the Syrian intelligence terrorist hand made ..
Now Bakery and all the Egyptian Nasseris rushed to join the defenders team of Syria, defending the Arabic dignity and Arabic blood and Arabic dictatorship, I wonder where were they when the Hamma Massacre happened and 20000 thousand Syrians were killed by the raids of the Syrian air forces!!
People I hate the Arabic dictatorship because it was the one which led to the defeat, loss of Arabic land and the invasion of foreign countries to our land: Iraq and the Moroccan Islands not to mention the glorious 1967 six days war defeat!!
Now I don't care what Bakery said in defense of his Syrian dictator hero or his lousy attack on Khadam
But why He attacks a respectable leader like Kamal Jonbolat, rude bakery described the socialist Nasserite Lebanese by the clown!!
Already I got a friend from the Lebanese Nasserites "Hany" and I hope he reads this to know why many hate the Egyptian Nasseris in Egypt, the Lebanese Nasserites who believe in the Nasser heritage and legacy from principals and symbols don't like The Syrian regime and want it out of the picture.
This is bad insult for someone who cares a lot for his country and his nation
Yet it is not an insult to Jonbolat more to Bakery and his creditability
By the way Mustafa Bakery's brother is the correspondent of El-Maner TV, owned by Hazb Allah of Lebanon

Monday, January 9, 2006

Surprise of the Eid

As I like to share my thoughts and feelings with you, I would like to share with you this, I became a Windows Live Mail ex: a.k.a: Hotmail
I received my invitation and began my testing and sending my feed back
First impression: Kiss good bye to old Hotmail UI and system
Second impression: It is just like Microsoft Outlook UI
Third impression: Still got many bugs
Fourth impression: The Anti-Phising feature added in the Mail, just like in IE 7 beta 1 sucks
Fifth impression: MS must return back the not junk mail option
Sixth impression: it is not as bad as you may think

Best and worst in 2005 -first part

Best and worst in 2005, my opinion in TV, Cinema, Music and Newspapers:
First the Razzies
In TV:
  1. Halat Hawar: Turned in to a government speaker.

  2. Worst Male presenter: Tamer Amin, for being rude and irritated with the guest.

  3. Worst Female presenter: Nirvana, she doesn't deserve 95000 Egyptian pounds per month.

  4. Worst TV series: Regular Dreams and agent 1001

  5. Worst TV actor : Mustafa Shabaan

  6. Worst TV actress: Youssera
In Cinema:
  1. Worst Movie: Booha

  2. Worst actor: Mohamed Saad

  3. Worst actress : Ghada Adel

  4. Special Razzi award to Adel Emam for using an important issue just like the relations with the Israelis and presented it in a comic way, also for making fun from Amal Donkol poem in a disgusting way.
In Music:
  1. Worst female singer Many deserved the award , but on the is that vulgar  woman called Bossy Samir, Haifa disgusting video clips are on the list too yet I confess that I liked some songs in her Album ,it is not bad .

  2. Worst Male singer : Mr. Aziz Abdou the former Mr. Lebanon, plus a singer that I don't his name whose song title is "I will teach you manners"

  3. Special Razzi for Sherif Sabri, Ruby and Gamal Ashraf Marwan for there contribution in destroying the Egyptian and Arabic taste in Music.
In Newspaper:
  1. The National newspapers all

  2. Most of the journalists and writers in these National Newspapers

Happy Adha :)

Kol Sana wanto Tayben, Happy Adha for you all
Today three million Muslims pilgrims stood on the mountain of Arafa in the holy lands in K.S.A; it is the greatest gathering for Muslims all around the world
Yesterday My aunt with her husband were moving to Mana were she called us on her mobile phone to let's hear the calling of the pilgrims, really I felt it is so close to my heart, strange feeling yet I want more and more, in fact I felt it more than if I heard and saw the calling of the pilgrims on T.V.
Anyway I wish you happy Adha holiday, it is long this time in Egypt, but don't eat too much meat.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

I felt nothing

I didn't the Athene Earthquake echo they are talking about right now , I live in the second floor so this mini-earthquake doesn't have an impact , yet big earthquake like the 12th of October in 1990s well untill now I remember it and I remember how I felt ..
Anyway my relatives who live in upper floors were terrified and untill now we are trying to reach my grandma's elder brother who live alone in the 18th floor ,yet thank God we found out that till now he is speaking on the phone with grandma's other sister
How about you guys did u feel anything?

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Merry Christmas ,the 7 of January

In Egypt yesterday the 6 of January the Egyptian orthodox of Alexandria celebrated the Christmas Eve
Today is off for all the Egyptians whether Muslims or Christians
I forgot to greet all the copets in Egypt yesterday as we were busy in buying a nice sheep for the Eid on Tuesday inShallah ,May God make all our days in feasts Amin

Merry Christmas to our other half of the nation
Merry Christmas to my dear friends Mary ,Dr.Ramy and Bent El-Nil
I just hope this year from my heart that our problems concerning the copts and muslims will be solved Amin

Friday, January 6, 2006

Year 2005 was good after all

I know many don't like year 2005 but despite on the personal level it was tough on me as I realized that death can reach to my family very easily yet on the general level it was excellent one
Well for the first time, this summer 2005 the Egyptian people woke up from very long sleep to take back their freedom, to be more accurate the majority of Egyptian people is still satisfied with the Silent Spectator role till now, yet the minority refused this role and began to turn their faith in to crusade example of this respectable minority who entered the book Of Egyptian history includes the Kafya Movement, Noha El-Zeny and Ayman Nour despite all the argument about the later 's personality ,yet these people and others from young men and women who went out in riots against the regime just like our mayor Alaa in Egyptian bloggers town. This minority is the spokesperson of the silent majority. People it is enough when in the presidential elections at the time of the campaign, people were calling in live program in Al-Jazeera and Dream TV attacking the NDP and the president, there is change and we must admit that it happened in 2005.
Yes there was a sorrowful event like the clashes between the Muslim and Christians and the Coptic convention and the Sudanese refugees and the peasants in Delta...Etc, but we shouldn't be pessimistic
In 2006 there is a big challenge for us as Egyptian People majority and minority, the winds of change are coming faster and faster to our Egyptian territories and if the Syrian regime falls down we will be next, yet I don't advice those are optimistic by the change not to be so happy as the Syrian regime won't fall down because of the world suddenly woke after 30 years of Syrian people agony, it will go down because it is danger on the Hebrew state, just like us. The Challenge is that we must liberate ourselves from our fear and make the change we need, an inside radical change to enforce our borders and make strong walls from any wind that wants to blows to protect the Hebrew state.
The Spectators should become actors in the play of their nation in 2006
By the way sometimes I feel I am half spectator and half actor ,by writing down in this blog ,in expressing my ideas about my country ,see somehow I am anonymous but it is better than nothing …..

It is insult to Islam

It is insult to Islam and crime against childhood in Egypt for sure.
I am talking about the 5 years old Islamic preacher kid who appeared in TV last Tuesday in El-Bit Batik, for the first time I respect the program for showing this kid and very thankful to Dr. Yahia Rakhawoy on his words.
It is a great insult against the Islam.
The dad claims that his kid got a gift from God that his kid can speak about religion Quran at this early age and that no one taught him so!!!
okay why this holy gift wasn't given to Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" grand sons El-Hassan and El-Hussein , already as I read in history book they had very normal happy childhood full of happiness and play!?
The kid is so cute and so innocent and he is just like a tape, in fact he is tape, his dad, the crook made him learn by heart all this big talk. The little child already has the sweet spelling problem of C/S in Arabic just like most children at his age in Egypt.
The crook is using his son as a show for trade and the problem there are some who believe in this nonsense!!
This child should play not preach people as the Islam ordered us this is one
Number Two I guess we are facing a huge problem in our religious culture when we take our information in religion from 5 years old kid.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Sharon may die !!

Strange and surprising news I received exactly 12 am today that Mr.Ariel Sharon was hospitalized tonight having a brain stroke and that he may not survive . I won't lie and pretend to be from his fan club ,but I hate this man so so much . Guys I am peace lover and because I love Peace I hate this man. This man who is suddenly turned from a War Criminal that murdered thousands in to a Peace Man according to presidents Bush and Mubarak!!
It is sin in Islam that a person becomes happy when another one his enemy or some one he hates becomes sick and will die but I am sorry I can't hide my feeling ,in fact I was sad earlier when I heard the news because I always wanted him to be killed in some sort of bombing ,some sort of military operation, yet my grand ma told me that I don't now if he suffers or not ,he may suffer now more than if he died in a bombing ,and that what I wish I won't deny it
I respect many of the Israeli generals who fought against my Country Egypt in the four wars since 1948 war to 1973 war like Moses Diaan but Ariel Sharon I hate him so much why ?
Tomorrow I will tell you inshallah as I am so so sleepy
Kadiem Sharon to the hell
The New party of Kadiem brought nice winds on Ariel Sharon ,is n't ?

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

C.S.I: Mania 2

My dear follow Egyptian Citizens it is over by the orders of the Egyptian police , they caught the dangerous cruel slayer who murdered 10 persons in Bani Mazr of Mania in the south of Egypt. It turned out this hideous murderer is just like what the first official statement described him as lunatic crazy unstable person!!!!
What the f*ck is that rubbish talk ?
come on , I made better analysis while setting in front of my PC blogging.
I saw the statement of the Police and I am not convinced with all this nonsense.
People How can one person kill those three families ,exactly 10 people in this short time alone ,without any noise at all that the people who live in the same and yet lucky enough to survive didn't hear anything !? and also got time to deform their bodies and cut off their sexual organs !? and I forgot not to wake the victims as there were more one than person in the bloody room !?
Ironically the official statement said the murderer showed them where he hided the men's sexual organs , OK here is a smart question probably Miss Marple would ask :" where are the women and the children's organ sir???"
From their description that the murderer who confessed is psycho person who is suffering from Schizopheranic disorder and double personality "Dr.Jykle and Mr.Hide example" !!! ,also the statement included a hilarious examples that doesn't prove the man is murderer for me but some sex manic !!
First of all those double personality people don't remember what they do in their other life.
Second till now he didn't say a reasonable motive of why he will do such terrible acts against those helpless people except that he is crazy !!!
Dr. Yahia El-Rakhawy is on TV right now on CH.2 and he doesn't buy this cheap talk ,listen to the specialist.
Here I would like advice the honorable people of interior ministry to do the following
WATCH C.S.I , it is already on TV Land Arabia ,the three cities ,if you can't pay the money you can watch it free on Dubai One
This is so sad , a terrible accident like this and the Interior with all its powers can't find the murderer
You know why ?
Because they don't want to look or think outside the box
Here the picture of Marple ,she is one we need now to solve the Mania crime investigation scene Mystery

Where is Ritizy ? Miss Mabrouk?

I didn't know her personally and she wasn't from my regular visitors who became my blogging friends ,but I like her blog and I like her style as news Jocky . She was absent from blogging since last november 2005 ,didn't update or post anything till now.
The Egyptian bloggers already spoke about her suddent absence in our email newsgroup ,already member but silent member as my custom in most newsgroup I participate in.
I just hope she is fine and okay
Miss Mabrouk of Egypt

Sunday, January 1, 2006

When Khadam turned against his master

First of all I am sorry for this title but the name of Abd Halim Khadam and his history inspired me to choose this one.
Khadam in Egyptian accent means the Servant.

And so if you read and saw the last interview of Abd Halim Khadam, the ex-vice president in Syria and one of the main Baath Regime players you will agree with me that the Khadam turned against his masters.
The Syrian politician is staying now in Paris writing down his memories for the coming generation, he made an interview last Thursday exclusively to Al-Arabia TV Channel, the Al-Jazeera rival .A shocking interview where the resigned ex-vice president opened fire and exposed all the dirty secrets.
In Brief the important points he said:

  1. Basher El-Assad is a dictator "indirectly ,as if we don't know this ,and as if he himself Khadam was n't a supporter to the dictator or his father"

  2. The Syrian regime threatened late Lebanese prime Rafik El-Hariri several times in a terrible way, once from El-Assad junior himself and once from Ghazi Kannan, do you remember him? the man who was said to commit suicide from few months, the head of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon,

  3. The international investigation is excellent and fair

  4. LaHood and the Lebanese intelligence are the beneficiaries from this murder and he believes, hints to their direct involvement.

  5. The United States can't attack or repeat the Iraq Scenario, it is difficult in Syria.
And many more, you can check it here.
Now before I go on, this is a little profile for Khadam
Khadam was the vice-president of Syria ,since El-Assad, the father in 1970s after the failed attempt of Rafaat El-Assad to overthrow his brother, Khadam served also under the El-Assad junior till this 2005 in the same position , then he resigned suddenly for claimed health reasons while it appeared to me it is old guard-new guard issue ,just like the one in Egypt happening right now, by his departure from the official regime cast ,he joined Mustafa El-Talas leaving behind Farouk El-Sharaa as Foreign minister ,the only one remained from the father Era.
Khadam and his family just like in any Arabic regime were controlling the economic and business life in Syria along with El-Assad and other regime-families. His daughter Rima El-Khadam was from the main business women in Syria, I used to see her pictures in Lebanese magazines frequently until Asama El-Assad took over the role of Syria First Lady. I once heard a Syrian human right specialist called Hyatham something, I guess he is jail there now, he accused Khadam by name to facilitate the import and burring nuclear wastes in Syria, also that he, El-Assad and the rest stole the money of Syrian petroleum "first time to know that they got Oil in Syria may be that why Bush wants it". This is a small short profile besides being a member for decades in one of the Middle East direst regimes ever, his hands are not cleared from the blood of thousand not if they weren't millions of innocent Syrians before Lebanese.
Now Khadam is not content with the millions or even billions of dollars he stole from the Syrian people, he wants a piece of the big pie, already he waited a lot in the Vice-president position that he saw it turned to republic monarchy, well it is not bad thing as long as he is from the real cast behind the curtains, yet the man is out of the game and out of the cadre in what-so-called Change "are n't Egypt and Syria so similar?!" so what he will do?
Already He sees that the U.S doesn't want the Syrian Baath regime on the map and of course they need substitute so why not showing himself as the patriot man who chose his country over the regime, already it is clever thinking.
See this why a man with this history suddenly exposes everything and attacks his best friend's son like that? Not for the Lebanese beautiful eyes or for the love of justice and freedom or liberation
For God Sake for more than 30 he was part of that regime that killed freedom, justice and liberation in the Sham countries "Syria in our Egyptian accent, I will probably install the Babylon dictionary here to make easier for non –Arab visitor to understand my Egyptian concepts and vocabulary "
The Man's intentions are crystal clear, and days will tell that this old short man will play some role despite his claim that he quitted the political Circus; sorry but the magician Khadam has more to offer.
If this man Khadam had cared for Syria or Lebanon, he would n't have become the vice president for 30 years!!
Now he joined Rafaat El-Assad for his quest to the Syrian throne!!
Surely this interview will condemn the Syrian regime more as for the involvement in the Hariri's murder but Khadam is using a just case to get to dirty intention.

New year 2006

It is new year 2006 now in Egypt
It is third time I celebrate it here
So I wish all happiness and welfare all those who came,come and will come to this hobbit hole ,May God bless you all
So I wish all the maddness in world stop just for one day
one day in this year with blasts, murder and death
I wish and this my real wish more than anything ,even this wish I wished sometimes more than my perosnal wishes ,sometime I don't know to wish for what except this

I wish that Egypt return back its golden age in the world , we can make it and Egypt deserve it



كل سنة و أنتم طيبين
Es neuve año en el Cairo ,2006 ahora
Deseo a vuelta de Egipto detrás su gloria y edad de oro
Mi quierro Felicidad y paz a todo el mondo

CSI : Mania

I am Just wondering why the security forces are so good in killing people whether Egyptian or Sudanese while they are so confused to find the lunatic slayer who did the terrible massacre in Mania Governorate at the Bani Mazr town.
Terrible crime you can only see in American TV series like crossing Jordan or the C.S.I franchise series from New York to Miami
From two days ago in this distant village in the upper Egyptian city of Mania, in Bani Mazr, "I think this town or village is famous for the ancient Egyptian monuments there", anyway people there found three families killed in disgusting way ;brutally you can't imagine it.
The crime itself is strange and people are shocked
Already it looks like some novel by Stephen King "not Agatha Christie as she was classy lady that didn’t like violent or crazy manic murderers like King"
The bodies of three families were found there.
Three families got no connection to each other except they lived in the same street, no revenge or what so ever was there between any family of them and any other family as it is the custom in the upper Egypt, As I read the crime in the newspaper I found out that they represented the society with all its types adults and babies, teacher, lawyer and farmer, strange thing. What is more awful that the slayer who did this, also deformed the bodies and took of their sexual organs even from baby, it is hard to believe that they found the baby cut to two piece ,one on the father's body and the second on the mother's body !!!!!
For addicted one to crime novels and TV series this one makes me think a lot.
Till now the interior ministry says that it will find the Murderer who is believed by their profilers to be Crazy manic but it is just matter of hours, this was from two days and the hours are not finished yet!!!
People at Bani Mazr believe it is either Jinn work "demons" or a black wizard who will use the sexual organs to get the pharaoh treasures!!!
Now it is my turn to play the detective role:

  1. It is not one person work, there are at least two in this horrible act, come on calculate the time to kill three whole families, deform their bodies and cut their organs! no one can do all this in only four hours
  2. The victims may god bless their souls, were all drugged somehow, okay imagine this scene, the man was killed before his wife and she didn't move stillñ she was sleeping with all what is happening beside her, also the kids where are they?
  3. The motive , the myth factor got possible probability guys whether we ,the educated ones, liked or not the Egyptian people believe in Magic , don't forget we are Africans and we are the pharaohs descendants , the legend my dear visitors says to open the doors of some treasure in some ancient Egyptian tomb , you must get some sexual organs ,also you have to kill pigeons and get their blood, already I know that Pigeons is used in what people believe in as black magic as they symbolized purity, this is the only clue and motive and I bet despite the Interior ministry's claims of psycho man ,they put this as a primary motive, as already Bani Mazr is known for the Egyptian monuments and so on ,also we are in Upper Egypt ,where Magic ,myth and folklore believes and customs are sometime if not all the time stronger then religions whether the Islam or Christianity .
  4. The murderer ,again beside it is not one but many as I said before ,I believe that the master mind is not ignorant or fool or crazy as Interior ministry wishes ,it is the opposite ,I think this horrible crime was planned from long time ,also the choice of the victims is not random ,come on you don't go to any house and did this bloody massacre and you don't anything about the people inside the house.
  5. who did it knows the customs of the village where the three families live ,if he hasn't some sort of associate inside it, and that's why I believe they are more then just one person , you need some on to watch the way , you need a car and driver , you need some one to help you in the murder , don't forget People and pigeons were killed
  6. This can be a series of crimes and I think that the police is just waiting for another crime to happen to give them clues , the same ol' reactive behavior the Egyptian regime acts accordingly

I feel so sad for this crime , and I can't believe that it happened in Egypt such act even Raya and Sakina Egypt's bloody murderers of the last century didn't do all this to their victims.
Where is this crime Laboratory which the Minister of Interior was proud of? Is not that laboratory the one that reached as they said in news to the bad people who made blasts in Egypt, in Cairo or Sharm Sheikh through the D.N.A?
I read that they examined the bodies in their homes, not even in the laboratory in Mania!!!
Today in Dream TV 2 celebration of New Year Eve, in the report of the crime, one of the victims' brothers, an old man said some words I share with you, the man from his dress, way of talk is just a simple farmer
He said

"It is shame and awful what happened, Haram "prohibited" to do
this to some one, it is prohibited to do this even to a Jew!!!"