Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bashar El-Assad 's speech

The tall thin man is back again with a long speech full of direct and decoded messages . From Damascus and the opening of some sort of an Arabic convention , President Bashar El-Assad, the president of Syria said a very long speech , almost all the Lebanese and News TV channels aired live . First I will tell something , despite being a dictator son of dictator yet I must admit that this very tall man is talented in speeches, the best speeches in the Arab summit and the longest were and are always his .In most of his speeches , he improvises , but of course not foolishly like El-Qaddafi or Ali Abd Allah Salah , nope , he improvises not a president but as an Arab Syrian intellectual .

Anyway today was our date after Hassan Nasrallah's speech . The first speech for him since the Lebanese war . with out further introductions that is a summary for what he said:

  1. He praised the Lebanese resistance and Lebanese People .

  2. He praised Hassan Nasrallah especially in the last part in his speech.

  3. He attacked the 14th of March coalition in Lebanon so much saying

    "Once they call themselves the 14th of March , the 14th of February or the 14th of April........etch " .

    The man accused them with dangerous accusation of treason .

  4. He attacked those who called Hezbollah adventurous especially notre grand homme indirectly after all he is ol' buddy of his daddy well I knew he meant our companeiro because he said

    "If Hezbollah is adventurous then Sultan Basha El Atrash , "Some names of great men in the Syrian history "were adventurous then he said "then Saad Zaglol was an adventurous , Soliman El Halbi was an adventurous and he was a Syrian by the way , and Joel Gamal was an adventurous then , and he was a Syrian too , the first commando in the war of 1956 "

    He attacked Israel and America and kept speaking about Peace and so

about the 4 point ,well i guess it was clever from Bashar to mention 3 important names in the Egyptian history

Saad Zaglol doesn't need any definition, the man who led the Egyptian Legitimation in Paris convention after WWI in 1999 and the leader of Revolution 1919 and resulted by our independence in 1921 , he was also the first elected prime minister in the history of Egypt

The other two were Syrian , great men who gave their lives to Egypt , Soliman El Halbi was a student in the holy Azhar when he joined the Egyptian Resistance in the 19th century to fight back the French occupation then better known as the French expedition , I believe in 1801 he killed the French ruler then Klippar and for that he got executed and his body was sent to France ,till now Syria wants to get back his body, well good for them , shame for us.

Joel Gamal was a Syrian naval officer studying in the Egyptian Navy , he was in the last year when he took his speed boat during the war of 1956 and attacked the middle of a very big French or English "I can't remember" warship causing its complete destruction and his own death

By the way for those who categorise people according to race and religion , Sultan Basha El Atrash who led the revolution against the French occupation in Syria was from the Dorooz , Soliman El Halbi was a Muslim and Joel Gamal was a Christian :)

Back to Bashar , well as usual he spoke very well , but he should n't have interfere in the Lebanese internal issue and attack the 14th of March by name , I understand that they attacked him and his country so badly that Gombalt described Syria not Israel as a real enemy of Lebanon , for a whole month the attack on Syria and Iran from this group was disgusting but at least he could have refereed to them indirectly like Nasrallah's in his last speech yesterday , the master of resistance attacked them silently without embarrassment , this is something , another thing he is a president , he should n't speak about a group of opposition in another country , he is overestimating them by this way , they should be neglected

Other then this well I wish that Bashar can rule as good as he talks

By the way I wish when I see any public convention in the Arab, the cheering for the president sacrificing him with blood and soul will be stopped , I swear that I thought after clapping and cheering in the hall that the audience "mostly from El-Baath party" were going to do the Mexican wave move, you know like in football matches "

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