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Did the regime in Syria sold Golan hights to Israel in 1967??

It is shocking , really shocking but it doesn't surprise me , I always had these doubts especially when I read from sometimes some article written by some Syrian opponent for the current regime accusing it with the same accusations , in fact I believe I read it after the escape of Abd El-Halim Khaddam

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If you don't to leave the page here and read what is said OK especially Google Translation is terrible

in Summary El-Arabya, the Saudi New channel TV news website is highlighting an interview that was published in Daily Wafed newspaper in Egypt with Dr. Mahmoud El-Gama'a , the personal doctor of Late President Anwar El-Sadaat where he revealed a secret he hinted to in his controversial book " I knew El-Sadaat" . The secret was on the form of a sentence that wasn't completed

"El-Sadaat revealed to me a dangerous secret concerning El-Golan heights in Syria "

Doctor Mahmoud

And that's it , Journalists tried to know what that dangerous Secret yet they failed as the man who claims to know alot about El-Sadaat refused to reveal it until only this in El-Wafad interview

and the sentence is completed to be the following

"El-Sadaat revealed to me a dangerous secret concerning El-Golan heights in Syria that those heights were sold to Israel for Millions by the regime then !!??"

Dangerous Revelation by an interesting personality in an interesting timing

The story goes like this in 1969 El-Gama'a traveled to Damascus with an Egyptian delegation headed with Anwar El-Sadaat by the orders of President Nasser then, there he knew the shocking reality from El-Sadaat, who told him that President Nasser was the one who told him about the deal between the IDF and the Syrian regime.

It was more than tell,told ,had told source, El-Gama'a completes what he says that

President El-Sadaat was going to cry when he told me the secret because he considered that taking Golan wasn't easy process , the Syrian army was powerful yet it received orders of withdrawal immediately and the strange thing that those orders of withdrawal were aired in the Syrian radio too and thus the Syrian army with drew without a single fight with the IDF !!

According to this tale , the man who made the deal was Refaat El-Assad ,who was the Defence minister then, who is also the brother of late President Hafiz El-Assad and thus the uncle of the current president of Syria Bashar El-Assad , Refaat took the price as a big account in a swiss bank !! The one who contacted the Mossad with Refaat with an agreement with his brother Hafiz whom I can't remember if he was the Air force commander or the commander of the Golan area

The Syrian president was Dr. Noor El-Din Atasi ,I don't know if he was involved in the deal or not but it is worth mentioning that Hafiz El-Assad overthrow him with his brother after one year

Goma'a completes the story saying that El-Sadaat hated the Baathis so much like The El-Assad brothers and he was afraid from being killed in Damascus for knowing this secret in 1969 that he used a different aviation route to reach Damascus without telling it to the Syrian authority for fear that they could inform the Israelis and the Israelis would target the plan

in Answering the question of Why El-Sadaat trusted the Syrians with the date of war in 1973 , he said that he didn't know but he knew that Golda Meir and Moses Dian knew about the date of the war just hours before the attack !!

Many questions as usual El-Gama'a 's statements raised , just like his book

I won't say he is a liar because there is may be something correct in that late confession, it is my turn to analysis all what he said

First it is correct historically that El-Assad brothers , Abd El-Halim Khadam and Mustafa Talas were all responsible about the Syrian army in El-Golan heights. It is also a mystery what happened to the Syrian army up there from a sudden withdrawal , with a single blood drop except for those who stayed and resisted against the military order

It must also mentioned the following both El-Assad brothers were dictators and it is enough to say that in 1971 to suppress a revolution in the city of Hama with a majority of Sunni Muslims , Refit El-Assad and of course his brother ordered the Air forces to bomb the city causing the death of more than 10 thousand civilians , ironically the Syrian Air forces were not used in the war of 1973 that much. Anyway later the two brothers fought each other and Refit tired to overthrow Hafiz but the later won the fight and Refit till now lives in exile . He used to live between the UK and Spain and now he moved permanently to Spain where he lives in a very big palace , he also used to own the News channel "ANN" which was used to be aired from the UK but it was stooped after some certain events. Raft's financial wealth is still an enigma , all those years he still is very rich in a strange way , yes he may stole bunch of millions during his rule but it doesn't justify living till now in this luxurious level with his kids and opening a TV channel that used to compete with Al-jazeera one day.

This is concerning Refaat El-Assad

From couple of months I wrote about Abd Halim Khadam , the ex-vice President who suddenly turned against Bashar and the regime he served over 40 years. I once read an accusation by a Syrian person saying that Khadam sold El-Golan to the Israeli army in the six days war.

This can be logic if we take in consideration that El-Golan front wasn't opened for over than 30 years , the sudden withdrawal and the small victory of 1973 on the Syrian front where the Syrian army took only a tiny village of El-Konitara . For more than 30 years the El-Golan heights issue is remained as it is status quo , no war no Peace .People forget El-Golan totally and remember it occasionally and same question is always asked why they don't liberate it. In books they speak about the difficulty of the El-Golan heights as higher mountainous land bla , bla ,bla , well if the IDF took then surely there is away ,use a heavy cover up Air raids and you got it back , already the international law gives them the right to do so .

By the way the real opponents of this regime , the El-Assad regime accused it of being a servant to Israel for not liberating the El-Golan till now

But on the other hand this story creditability can be questioned

first It is well known who informed Israel with the time of war in 1973 ,it was King Hussein himself with the confession of many Israeli officials including Shimon Perez and Issac Rabin , before few hours he informed Israel yet both Meir and Dian didn't believe him.

Second El-Sadaat informed the Syrians with the date of war only fours days before the attack.

Third , did n't the Syrians made negotiations with Americans about El-Golan and failed I guess in Clinton's administration

Fourth, why Now Dr. El-Gama'a decided to reveal the horrible secret about this devil deal now !!?? is this some sort of Egyptian official indirect revenge from Bashar El-Assad for his rudeness about his uncle in Egypt from couple of days!!

You want my real opinion , I don't think it is impossible , in fact it is the most logic explanation , dictators never love their countries , El-Assad killed more people in Syria , his own people than Israel did

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  1. very strange. my perconal opinion is that it is far fetched to claim that Assad sold the goalan. By the way i disrepect all the Assads for several reasons. First and foremost for the the assad senior treaterous participation in the universal war against iraq in 1990. Secondly because of what he is doing to Syria. the syrians are very subtle and talented people. However that rotten regime has turned it into a sink of corruption and murderous opresion. If it hadnt been for the highly talented syrians they might have been more advanced than Israel.

    Still am big fan of the baathist principals. Unfortunately i have to admit that the good Dictator is essentialy hard to find. Saddam hussein al Tikrity was the last noble great Arab since saladin (arabised kurd). he is the pride of the Arabs. And the only man capable of uniting the ASrab world nd bringin the Arabs into light. May god dam us all. We deserve the life of humilation, poverty and subordinatio for letting down a great man like that.

  2. @Anonymous, you said "Saddam hussein al Tikrity was the last noble great Arab since saladin (arabised kurd)", you must be kidding, huh !?

  3. @anonyomous ,howcome you hate Assad regime and don't hate Saddam's regime both did the same thing in their peoplE!!
    about the strange thing you said after that well I share Tarek the question he asked
    and please let me add that it will be a disgrace from Salahdin to be compared with this criminal


  5. @Tarek am going to use two lines of argument to answer to your points about sadam hussien.

    One of the biigest mistakes in the Arabic history is wasting the oil... Oil is Energy and Energy means industrlisation, power and development. The Arabs wasted their oil money in buying aeroplanes and prostituting in London and Paris, as well as turning their countries into service based economies for intercontinental trade. In the mean time our oil that is being exported to the west creates their fortune, power and weapons that are keeping us underneath.

    Kuwait made use of the economic difficulties iraq was going through due to to its ambitious industrlisation and HI Tec military complexes projects.And pumped more tha its share to bring the oil prices down. their pimp sheikhs was asking the Americans to do somethin about the pan Arab Sadam. Iraq asked Egypt and syria to join him and sieze the Arabic oil, to tilt the international strategic balance in favour ogf the Arabs. Unfortunately, both countries didnt sieze the chance, due to lack of vision and cowardice. By the way, Egypt had a very potent military industries and the sixties after the 1973 war we asked the oil states for big money in order to create a strong military industrial base for all the Arabs. they hesitated and eventually backed out of the Arab industrliation organistion on the execuse of making a peace treaty with israel.

    About the Kurds. During the that time militant kurds took refugee in the mountains and braught in dirty iranian commandos into the iraqi soil. Now to make the point clear, i will make use of a hypothetical scenario. in 1973 thee nubians rebel and ask for an independent state. Moreover, they collaborate with israelians and facilitate the infiltration of israeli commandoas behind the Egyptian lines!!!!!! . Another scenario is a war between the us and mexico and American mexicans collaborating with the mexicans.

    Also remeeber Tarek what happened to the japanese Americans during world war 2 despite of their sworn loyality to the us flag. German Americans during world war 1.

    About the mass graves. Politics in the fertile crescent is cruel. that how it is carried out. We have lawys had the same sort of dictators in Egypt . However, due to the peaceful non violent nature of the Egyptians, our Dicatotrs never had to resort to those measures.

    remeber Tarek that it took Europe 5oo hundred years to transform into modern, balanced rational societies. it happened after colonising the orient, weakening the danger of the Ottomanian Empire, and undergoing succesive scientific industrial and social revolutions that changed the structure of their society.

    About what iraq did to the Arabs.

    In 1973 according to SAAD EL- SHAZLY, Saddam sent two fighter air craft sqaudron to the canal front. that was working very efficiently in bombing the israelis and were called for by name by our infantry units.

    Saddam sent n armoured division that stopped the israeli advance toards Demascus and counter attacked, despite of the israeli superiorty in the air.

    in 1982 Iraq gave Egypt millions of dollars for old scrap soviet armamment. Egyptian experts worked with iraqis in their young chemical weapons industries. After the end of the war due to the plitical will and cash abundance in iraq , the military industries in iraq started to reach dangerous and alrming levels in very short periods . Th iraqis didnt forget the egyptians despite of having a better technical base (due to competent leadership) and and big funds. They didnt forget Egypt they included the Egyptians in A PROJECT CALLED CONDOR 2 WHICH THEY WERE IMPLEMENTING WITH aRGENTINA TO MANUFATURE A LONG RANFGE MISSILE UNDETECTED BY RADRS. The Americans pressures Egypt and froced her to pull out of the project. Besides, after having developed a highly sophisticated chemical and biological arsenal(with Egyptian help in the begining), they shared their knowledge with the Egyptians.

    About palestinians Sadam gave millions of paletinian refugees iraqi passports, annual funds, free helath care and education. by the way,the iranians are killing the palestinian in iraq at the moment.

    in 1988 according to the U.N development report the rate of progress in iraq was tremendous they were expected to to reach the living standarsds of western europe in 15 years. the military industry was growing, middle class evolving and the quality of life improving. women and christians in iraq had the best ights in the Arab world. the health cre system was similar to scandnavia

    iraq was expected to go Nuclear in 3 years. saddam threatened to burn down half of israel with chemicals if they dare to attack the iraqi nuclear isntallments, like what they did in 1981.

    for the first time since the 5th of june 1967. the arabs wer having the upper hand in the middle east . an Egyptian syrian, iraqqi alliance was keeping israel terrified and marginalised.

    The Arabs defeated and humilated iran in an 8 years brutal war that brought khomini down to his knees.

    The arab moral was boosted. it was the first Arabic military victory since the Arabs stopped waring in the year 1000 A.D and the armis of the calicjh was made up of turkomanic mercanries , soon later the slejuke turks ( cousins of the mongols. the truks are originally tartars. invaded the bghdad turned the caliph into a puppet and used the title. sultan.

    i was 6 or seven years during that iran iraq war i remeber howsaddam hussien was portrayed in the egyptian media as nice desent man who are fighting the horrible khomioni. my grand mother who took part in the 1919 revolution was asking allah to victorise iraq against the persians.

    tomorrow another line

  6. you know I felt that you are Amr ,I don't know why but I had this feeling man I wished that I were wrong !!

  7. @Amr, I am really confused now, we started the debate here, then you decided to reply there, than after that you continued there.
    Are you playing some kind of "Hide and Seek" game here or what!?

  8. Dear Amr I don't how to answer you but you justify the murder of million innocent souls that simple and that easy way
    second I will stop here in one thing "you mentioned the Nubians in disgusting way I won't accept it , they are great egyptains "
    thirdthere is no difference an arab and foreign except by faith which is judged by mighty God , so stop this racist claims of the bloody Saddam
    look I won't answer because I respect all those died because of Saddam you won't make him a hero for me
    I respect your opinion but please give me a break


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