Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some wants to get the rule in Palestine , some not from Fatah nor from Hamas.

This is a very ancient technique in politics and art of war to conquer divide and to use the conflict of your enemies to rule peacefully , you know you just want to have the arena empty for you

It seems the Egyptian intelligence general Hamed Borhan who is responsible for the Palestinian file beside his boss has got new information that some people in Palestine working in Palestinian intelligence are behind the continuing fight between Hamas and Fatah and that they were recruited by others in return to rule ..

wow this sounds like a familiar middle eastern political plot

With my all respect those guys should be named and exposed to everyone especially in Palestine in order to know who is the really traitor

Link to مصر: أفراد في جهاز الاستخبارات الفلسطيني يسعون للاستيلاء على السلطة...

Windows Live 2 beta

Microsoft at last released the beta version of its windows live 2 products like Windows Live messenger,Windows live Mail and windows live writer

The most important of that bundle to is windows live writer because this is what I use to post to my blogs ,and guess what it is great whether for the GUI or new features that were added to it , really it was worth to be waited ,it is improved with new capabilities of course better with windows live spaces,wordpress ,Movable type and typepad

It is highly recommended if you are windows user like along with the other windows live 2 as they will make your windows experience better :)

Already I am using the windows live Mail desktop client and it is great , working with my two Hotmail accounts and AOL account , you can add gmail and yahoo too

P.S I forgot to tell you I was a beta tester for several for the windows Live product , the last one was Window Live Hotmail ;) 

Please Check it ,I highly recommend it Microsoft is not that evil for God sake

U.N. approves Hariri assassination tribunal -

Personal updates : I may be going to stuck here in blogger till I find a reasonable webhosting with a good price in Egyptian pound ,I mean 6.5 /mo x 2 yrs price is great in American dollar but in Egyptian pound  you will have to x in 5.7 and this will be a big sum of money my design can wait for sometime "tell me what do you think about it ,who knows may be one day I will have Zeinobia design just like Moxie design :)"

Now to the news of the hour the expected thing happened despite all the attempt to make it not happen

The Hariri assassination tribunal

I won't talk about except what do the pro-American ,the anti-Syrian team in Lebanon expect from this tribunal ??

I am sorry Bashar El-Assad won't go to jail nor the Baath will fall and surely it won't make for Lebanon heaven on earth ,on the contrary

Look after the Hariri assassination I was from the supporters of this tribunal especially after the bloody year that followed his terrible murder and you can check the archive but after the July Lebanese war everything is changed upside down and I think I understood what is going on

This tribunal believe me is the backdoor to enter Syria and get rid from Hezbollah , remember the mass destruction weapons in Iraq ,it is the same thing

What will be the next move ?? oh let me see imposing economic sanctions on Syria , well the Syrian people are living in a centralized economy for a very long so I don't think they will suffer a lot especially their money was and is being stolen by the El-Assad dynasty and surely it is in a secert accounts,For god sake even banks are being stolen by the the president's cousin in the day light and no speaks about it

look seriously do you think that with the size of the blast and the assassination of El-Hariri the real people behind it will be presented to justice ?? this is an assassination that was prepared in a high intelligence secert service for a quiet sometime ,it is a strategic and the following events prove that , the accused ones in it and they are the Syrian regime I am afraid are not the real ones who did it  ,yes they did other things even more horrible than the assassination of a former prime-minister in a neighbour country , strangely when they made the masscare of Hama no one cared at all !!

Link to U.N. approves Hariri assassination tribunal -


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Desperate Iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria - New York Times

I am afraid it is not in Syria only , it is in the Gulf and in Egypt too 

Last week an Iraqi belly dancer was killed by her family members in an honor crime !!

Thank you Saddam ,your daughters are living in Luxury and the daughters of Iraq are selling their bodies !! 

Thanks President Bush for bringing democracy to Iraq !!

Thanks you Iraqi leaders from different sects for unity that forced those ladies to humiliate themselves like this !!

Strangely I don't recall any Arabic newspaper except may be Elaph to speak about the agony of the Iraqi women in Syria

Link to Desperate Iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria - New York Times


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It is a difficult decision

I didn't know before that to take a decision to transfer your blog is so difficult ,I mean I won't close this one for sure , and it is not the first time that I have different blogs ,already I own one in almost every famous blogging platform except may be expression engine but ..........

By the way by doing some researches I found that bloggers with big number of posts are always facing this terrible decision

Oh boy

Nahr el Bared Relief Campaign

I don't need to speak about it , there is a human tragedy there and we all must do something in the possible way we can

Monday, May 28, 2007

Need your help

People I need your help I am thinking of and moving to self hosting blog based upon wordpress platform

already now as usually I can not take my decision easily except after long study ,I am careful

Beside I don't know which hosting company should I use seriously bluehost or hostgator or what

and the Ultimate question should I leave to wordpress ??


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Guess who is blogging now ??

It came after his birthday ,the newest star in the space of the Egyptian Blogging

Ahmed Fouad Nagam

Yes the Fagomi himself , the idiot has joined us ,but not as a blogger but as vlogger check it out here

By the way his daughter Nawara is also a blogger so it runs in the family


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thank Godness we don't have an Egyptian version oh wait may be we will !!

I found this strange ,very strange Syrian blog today while browsing ,usually the Syrian blogs I found are always against Bashar El-Assad.

Ironically I don't understand the Syrian accent that good so when I read the title of that blog in Arabic ,I thought it was "We don't love you and we don't want for another period !!"

We don't have a pro-Mubarak blog in the Egyptian blogsphere thank Godness but I expect that we will have a pro-gamal Mubarak blog soon just like that pro-Bashar as we are following the Syrians as a role model

The first people who had a coup in the Arab world were the Syrians , lots and lots of coups , we did like them and  when they turn in to a monarchy republic we are turning like them

sometimes I wonder if Egypt was still the leader in the Arab world and a role model!!

I am not forunate teller but I can tell you that the tall man will win for another period by 99.999999999999999999999999999999%

Link to منحبك ….. ومنريدك لولاية ثانية


U.N. peacekeeper in Darfur fatally shot - Yahoo! News

Ok this is bad but all what can I say that he is a martyr may Allah bless him and give patience all those who love him

Seriously I was scared when I read the news at because they didn't mention the name of the officers and already we have got two members in the family woking as Peacekeepers in Sudan ,one in the police and one in the army but thank God , I don't know if they are in Darfur but I know they are in Sudan along with the African union forces

By the way I don't know why some like to blame president Mubarak about this ,I mean it could happen to anyone from any country

Also I want to say that those peacekeepers are not living in luxury as some are claiming 

Link to U.N. peacekeeper in Darfur fatally shot - Yahoo! News


Help Our Fight for Real Democracy -

 Wael Abbas for the Washingtonpost

Must read till the end you will have a better image of what is going really in Egypt

Bravo Wael and May Allah bless you and protect you

I am very proud and jealous at the same time ,I can't deny but who I am to speak ,the man deserves it ,I mean I am sitting on my butt where as he is risking his life for the truth

Link to Help Our Fight for Real Democracy -


Saturday, May 26, 2007


The famous Egyptian singer Shabaan Abd El-Rahim, the man who sang the smash hit “I hate Israel” which was the cause of the dismissal of Amr Moses from his position as a foreign minister is a very simple ignorant person. He is not shy of his poor knowledge nor the fact that he can’t read or write, on the contrary after all he made a fortune men with PHDs don’t have. Despite his ignorance he likes to sing songs about the current issues thanks to his lyricist Islam Khalil. From time to time TV and newspapers like to interview “Shabola”-nickname- and ask him about the current political and economic issues not to know his opinion but to make laugh from him and his ignorance, give the viewers and readers something to laugh and talk about

“Did you see or read what Shabola had said?? “

Shabaan in several interviews was asked over and over if he were sad because he wasn’t invited to sing in Gamal Mubarak’s wedding of course to mock the prince of Egypt by the answer of Shabola that he is sad but at the same time happy for the young groom as he loves him and his father.I noticed this in several newspapers of course all from the opposition in the weeks that preceded and followed the Mubarak’s junior wedding in a very silly way. For me I don’t suspect that Shabola loves President Mubarak and his son in the same way he goes and sings for the infamous princess Hind El-Fasi because her husband is a Saudi royalty from Saudi Arabia , the holy land !!

To be honest it is only regarded as some kind of a funny show to many people in Egypt specially the educated middle and high class.

In another interview Shabola was asked about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and that’s his answer

I fear no one but they are holy people, if I sing or attack them, they may curse or something that can bring me down

I will not stop at this answer now because it is very important, I will come to it soon

No one thought for a single time to stop and read the answers of “Shabola” carefully, very carefully because if you read his answers you will realize that “Shabola” is not speaking about himself only but is speaking on behalf of a class segment from the society can’t be described as small at all, can’t be described as marginal like some writers always describe

Shabola” is from the low working class that has none or little education and education here is associated with reading and writing not with knowledge and culture, they are not interested enough to buy newspapers or books because each penny they save or have can be used for something better to buy food or cloth, they watch only TV and listen to the radio to enjoy some moments, to forget the hard life they are living.

This segment or social class regards religion as the most important thing in life, you shouldn’t cross that line despite may do all sorts of sins still religion is an important factor, already their code of ethics may differ than us totally, it is not wrong that you are taking drugs, it is nothing especially the hash and its kinds, it is not wrong to drink Beer, hot beer in their wedding is usual thing , yes they may live in double standards we don’t understand as educated class , for example infamous “Saad El-Soghair” was attacked by the religious men in Egypt because he had built a small mosque in the village he lives in , it wasn’t acceptable for many people that the man who sings explicit sexual lyrics to build a house of God ,they didn’t understand that despite all what “Saad” sings and dances he is Muslim in his own way , in his own understand that when he had had the chance to travel to the United States to perform some concerts for the Arabic communities there ,he returned immediately to the holy land to thank God

Now go back to “Shabola’s” answer regarding the MB and you can understand what the religion presents to this class to those people despite, this is very serious because here “Shabaan” refuses to judge the MB because he considers them holy men for their association with Islam, for their looks with their breads and their slogans, I am not from the anti-MB but anyone can deceive them in this way by the name of religion , already many crooks took several millions of pounds and fled away by pretending to be holy religious men , again I don’t attack the Muslim Brotherhood nor I am with them Simply because I judge the MB not from the same perspective like “Shabola” , because I know that “Shabola” doesn’t know the meaning of “political program”

I am not here to analysis this important class in Egypt but I want to say that in the history of the world this class is the mover of the revolution from the French revolution to the Russian revolution and it is interesting and strange in a country like Egypt with the terrible economic conditions that class is living in very hard conditions“I won’t speak about the social or the political because the economic conditions are usually the motive to make them rebel”, they don’t do anything

Some may say it may go to the Egyptian peaceful personality but I will say that ignorance and fear not the Egyptian Peaceful personality now in these days are playing very important roles. The fear factor is presented in the police and the interior ministry not the army but the police, the closet formal existence they interact with and let’s say this interaction usually creates in them a mix of hate and fear from the regime, the infamous police torture clips are the best proof “The best documentary about this specific relation between the police and this class is {Beyond the sun} produced by Al-Jazeera , already I have it and I will talk about it , must talk about insh Allah very soon”

The ignorance factor plays here a dangerous role because ignorance makes them unaware of the rights they have, the rights are being stolen from them night and day for a very long time, and they are unaware that they are being used by the regime, they are unaware that they can really change their lives by their own hands instead of waiting another Gamal Abd El-Nasr or even worst the regime to improve their lives.

This class is not stupid , in fact it can’t be described by stupidity at all , its people are very intelligent , so intelligent but no one is using this real intelligence , it is like a fertile land but with no seeds or irrigation what so ever .

No one cares about this class despite all are speaking on behalf of them, defending their cause whether from the regime to the opposition; whether from the left or the right but no one really understands them or wants to understand them because they are too high and sophisticated to do so .

This class is the same class that had produced the terrorist groups, this class is the same class that produced the thugs who are used in the elections, and this class is the same class whose children are dying from cancer , this class is the same class whose sons are trying to with all possible ways legal or illegal to earn some money , this class is the same class that is increasing more and more according to the economic definition , this class is the same class that is the base of Egypt ,the real Base you can not ignore for long time because you won’t have a strong building which can be there for long time except when you have a strong base, very strong one ,

Sign this for Azmi Bashara

Ok it has been a long time since I posted a petition , well it is not really a petition , it is not asking the Israelis to stop their war against Azmi Bashara but it is more of rejection to this disgusting war against this honorable man  

Link to Arabs48 Guestbook


Friday, May 25, 2007

Lebanese army gets foreign military aid - Yahoo! News

It just came now ,it is so so fresh

Oh boy I just wish this aid is only equipment and amunition nothing more nothing less

oh I forgot to say that I wish that this aid goes to fight against the "Fatah El-Islam" not anyone else 

Link to Lebanese army gets foreign military aid - Yahoo! News


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ok the game is clear now

Yesterday the american administration announced that the Lebanese government had asked for the american administration for its aid in its war in the fight against the "Fatah El-Islam" militia !!

Again I will repeat the news more boldly it was published yesterday on the front pages of the Egyptian newspapers

the american administration announced that the Lebanese government had asked for the american administration for its aid in its war in the fight against the "Fatah El-Islam" militia !!

As far as i understand this american aid mean an american secuirty military aid and this means that the american forces may enter Lebanon and I don't know if that is a news fiberaction or 14th of March ultimate wish to get rid from Hezbollah or America's wish to invade Syria yet it doesn't make sense and I know that if the American administration has still any brain left ,it will decline the request , already because it has no time in the office and it is already stuck in the Iraqi swamp plus it doesn't need anymore hate in the region

But of course I won't say that I didn't read somewhere that "Fatah El-Islam" is pushed by Saad El-Hariri himself on the advice of some Arabic country intelligence "Saudi Arabia" in order to call for some external military aid to get rid from Hezbollah

Now everything is crystal clear

Isn't politics a very dirty game !!??


Yesterday Blast in Lebanon : The Druze area

It seems that everynight Lebanon must sleep on the fires and sounds of a blast that targets one of the main areas of one of the main sects in Lebanon.

Yesterday was the share of the resort town Aley which overlocks Beirut and only 90 minutes away from "El-Nahr El-Bared" camp

The Aley resort town is known to be from the centers of the Druz and their leader Walid Janbolt

This is after targetting the Christian and the Sunni populated areas

"Fatah El-Islam" denied any responsbility for the three attacks already.

There are three certain remarks

  • Those blasts on the contrary of the former blasts in the past always take place at night.
  • They are taking place in the pro-government areas from Sunni,Christian and Druz
  • If it is "Fatah El-Islam" really behind it ,the next target can be a Shiite area but this may not happen because of the high security measures in the south by Hezbollah.

Anyhow I am waiting for today's blast I am afraid as it became a daily process , I don't know if it will be a Shiite area or not

don't forget some wanted to look like that the Shiite and Syria behind it !!


Where is Soliman from what is going in Lebanon ??

It was a surprise to me ,another shocking surprise to me to find that Egypt was absent from what is going in Lebanon and the conflict between the Lebanese army and the "Fatah El-Islam".

I don't understand you see there are calls and talk between the Lebanese government and Fatah from one side and other Palestinian groups from another side but the Peace maker and all Palestinian group best friend General Omar Soliman is not in the picture at least in public to bring hope to the Egyptian people that Egyptian still the leader of the Arab world.

General Soliman and his men in the intelligence responsible for the Palestinian file seemed to hold all the keys but where are they ??

Ok may be they are busy in what 's going on in the Palestinian territories but if they can't handle two the files in the same time then there is a problem

there is other assumption that the "Fatah El-Islam" group is beyond the Egyptian influence and here I mean there is no direct or indirect channel between them but that is a faraway assumption

seriously where is Egypt from what 's going in Lebanon?? Where is Omar Soliman ??

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The real victims

Anyone of us is real blessed despite all the hard times in his or her life, we are blessed and we must thank God thousand times every morning that we don’t live in a refugee camp especially like the Palestinian camp

The agony of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and other Arab countries an agony many is ignoring and forgetting

We are all forgetting that the real victims of the on going war between the Lebanese army and militia of “Fatah El-Islam” are not the Lebanese people with my all respect and love to them, the real victims I am afraid are the Palestinian refugees who have no place to go for except another refugee camps, there is no direction home I am afraid.

To know the size of the disaster, you must know couple of quick information about the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

·         The estimation of the UN to the number of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon now is 350,000.

·         Most of them came after the 1948 war and the rest came after the six days war in Lebanon.

·         According to The Levant map in 1999 about the places of the refugees camps in Lebanon there are 25 refugee camps

·         Only 12 camps are having aids from the UNRWA

·         Most of the refugee camps in Lebanon like “El-Nahr El-Bard” have no facilities from like hospitals, only one health center with an average of 494 patients per DAY!! Just imagine this huge number not in hospital but in health center

“El-Nahr El-Bared” refugee camp was established in 1949 and according to the estimation of the UNRWA in 2003 there are 31,023 refugees registered in it , the camp is overcrowded and its infrastructure is so poor, the water sources in it are all pumped from a ground source and thus wasn’t surprise to read, hear and see on TV the refugees complaining since the start of the shelling of the Lebanese army on the camp ,the water, electricity and food supplies were cut , already there were few in the Peace time so you can imagine it now !! Yet if you read the page of the camp in UNRWA  you find that its conditions from education are much better than other refugee camps.

What makes it worst that the militia is not concentrating in one place in the camp; they are moving all the time with no respect or consideration to the People in the camp, already I don’t know how those people think when they claim that they defend the camp!! What defense and already the majority of the people injured and died in the camp from the fight and the shelling were from the refugees’ non members of the militia

I really understand the dilemma the Lebanese army is facing whether to enter or not enter the camp, already according the international treaties the Lebanese army can’t enter the camps, and the real authority in the refugee camps doesn’t follow the Lebanese government but the PLO and the Palestinian authority. Ironically Fatah gave the green light to the Lebanese army to enter and storm the camp on “Fatah Islam”, I am not amazed after all they don’t care much for those in camps, Fatah already doesn’t care much about the Palestinians in Gaza itself!!

At night yesterday when there was news about a truce between the militia and the army, declared from the militia side the refugees in thousands began to leave the camp mainly from the children and women on foot and in cars moving to the “Beddawi camp” which is about 11 KM from the “Nahr El-Bared”

According the “UNRWA” in 2003 there are 16,198 refugees in it yet despite the number is less than other refugees’ number in other camps yet the camp main problem is the poverty and unemployment the common factor between the Palestinian refugees camps in Lebanon not to mention treating them as third citizen class

I don’t know when the misery of those refugees will end, the misery from greedy politicians who steal their money and use their name or the misery from groups that claim to defend their rights where in reality they are causing in their ultimate death and humiliation.

Already the UNRWA made a relief call after one of its conveys was hit yesterday not to mention the UN request from the Lebanese government to let it pass aid to the refugees

Damn the one who behind “Fatah El-Islam” and his agenda what so ever!!

Fatah El-Islam

I am sorry that I am re-publishing this post again but I just found new information that I think it would be great to share with you to give you more insight

Sure Islam is innocent from them but Fatah, the PLO may not be innocent for them, after all some say that the radical Islamic fundamentalist "and Islamic fundamentals are innocent from them too" militia follows the mother Fatah and it is from its remaining in Lebanon

Of course Fatah the pro-American who denounce those techniques denies any connection what so ever, may be it lost connection after the ideologies differed with the change of time.

"Fatah El-Islam" as I referred is an Islamic Sunni fundamentalist militia , of course again I say again to confirm as a Muslim that Islam , the Sunni and fundamentals of Islam are innocent from just like the wolf from the son of Jacob, in my vocabulary when I hear the words "Islamic Sunni fundamentalist group" immediately I process them as a "Wahabi" group as simple and fast as this , a
"Wahabi" group that doesn't respect or even recognize other sects in Islam to live and by other sects I mean "Shiite" sects and groups like Hezbollah

So logically this group is not a follower to Hezbollah or any Shiite group in Lebanon and thus the accusations of some pro-governments anti-Hezbollah is not real after all the leader of group “El-Abasi” has said that he was inspired by Osama Bin Laden, and didn't say he was inspired by Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

The group is said already to be linked to Al-Qaida in Iraq and that they were training fighters to send them to Iraq and carry on operations outside Lebanon and the camp.

The interesting and amazing fact that can make eyes brows to rise is that the majority of that group is not from the Palestinians but rather from the Lebanese and other nationalities ,yesterday some of the members who were arrested turned to be Saudi and Pakistani !!

Already many believe that its Palestinian fighters are from the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria who are no longer welcome in the country and thus left it to Lebanon and that’s why many believe that they are related to the Syrian regime which is hard to believe despite its possibility in the arena of politics and dirty games for the nature of the group as a fundamental Sunni group and the Syrian regime as Secular with Alluaite majority.

The leader of the militia is called “Shaker El-Abasi” who left the mother group “Fatah El-intifada” which is headed by “Abu Mosa”, to form this militia “Fatah El-Islam”, ”El-Abasi” is a Jordanian from a Palestinian origin and in last November 2006, he and his followers occupied the offices of “Fatah El-intifada” in the “El-Badowy” refugee camp which caused some tension in the camp causing them to withdraw to the “El-Nahr El-Bard” in north Lebanon taking it as a headquarter

Some are saying the number of the militia members reached between 200 and 300, a number that I don’t believe because from the clashes that happened in the last three days it appears that they are more than 300 for sure!!

“El-Abasi” claims that he came from Syria to Lebanon to fight the Security Council resolution 1559 which calls for fight the disarm of the non Lebanese militias in Lebanon but from what I see from his militia acts they must not be disarmed but also put in jails I mean look what they had done in Lebanon Since February 2007 and this is what is only announced till now who knows what else they had done and wasn’t declared publicly:

·         On the 12th of February 2007, the militia held 3 members from the Lebanese internal security as a hostage in “El-Nahr El-Bard” camp

·         On the 13th of February 2007 , two buses were bombed in Christian populated areas ,kill 3 persons and injuring more than 20

·         On the 13th of March 2007, the Lebanese authorities 6 persons who belong to the militia admitting that they were involved in the two blasts mentioned above

Another interesting fact that this group is used to rob banks, already the clashes started when the army received a call to catch that group who robbed a bank and conquered the internal security forces in the worst type, already I don't know what kind of country the army interferes!!

By the way some reports coming from Lebanon that already the army accused both the intelligence and the internal security to provide them with false reports regarding the size of the group , already anyone followed what happened to the Lebanese army will be amazed by the early the losses the army had lost and would realize that there was an underestimation from the Lebanese army side to the militia which turned to be robbing bands and has got many locations and centers outside the refugee camp in the north

who behind this group is an important question, of course the government and the famous anti-Syrian leaders like Walid Bek Kamal Jonbalt didn't waste anytime in accusing Syria of supporting the militia and being behind those three bloody days, the rest of the gang followed him from the first hour from the announcement of the clashes between the militia and the army, with statements to here and there to CNN and BBC, come on it is the best season.

Seriously it is another joke ,another silly joke no one laughs on it because the one who really follows the news of Lebanon carefully will know that "Saad El-Hariri" from couple of months ago was accused of funding the militia by the help of Saudi Arabia in order to hit Hezbollah ,strangely it is not only me the Egyptian nobody who remembers that because Robert Fisk himself remembered the short news who raised the eye brows

What will be the best enemy to conquer the Shiite Hezbollah except A Sunni radical group that considers Hezbollah worst than Israel??

Already I remember that Hezbollah accused the militia by name to plan for the murder of its top leaders including Hassan Nasrallah himself, and if I am not mistaken and my memory didn’t betray me, the Lebanese security forces during the time of the war caught some of its members planning for Nasrallah’s assassination yet suddenly their news disappeared from the headlines with no further explanation, despite the claims of El-Abasi himself saying that he came to Lebanon from Syria to

To kill the Jews and those who support them from the Zionist westerns

Well for sure Hassan Nasrallah is not a profile described!!

So it doesn’t make sense to accuse Syria of supporting this militia as how they support Hassan Nasrallah and on the same way they want to get rid of him!!?? It doesn’t make sense at all especially when you know that in November 2006 the Syrian authority had arrested one of the top members “Abu Khalid El-Amalah” in “Fatah El-intifada”, the mother movement of the militia who got released after that, “El-Amalah” in the investigation turned to give facilities and funding to the militia as some sort of creating an ally to him in the Palestinian camps,  an act that made the head of “Fatah El-intifada” to dismiss him from his position and to accuse to support radical terrorist group not to mention the theft of the money of Palestinian families

On the first day of the clashes I read some where I guess in the comments of some news website that all what happened is based upon an advice to Saad El-Hariri from an Arab country intelligence "in other circumstances I will say Egypt but I think it is Saudi Arabia" to up-raise things in Lebanon in order to call from western help and military aid to get rid from Hezbollah ,I won't say that this is impossible because from reading the events seriously specially the calls of the 14th of March to the army to enter the refugee camps "till now the army is shelling the camp " to storm down the Palestinians which I other more realistic words to push Lebanon again in to another war from hell, anyone who really cares about Lebanon won't accept this suicidal option and till now despite all the attempts the Lebanese army and its leadership refused to go for it thankfully the militia called for a truce for three days which permits more calls and negotiation between the Palestinian Leadership in Gaza and the militia in Lebanon

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The IDF anthrax experiments for vaccination or developing news strains !!

This sounds interesting ,seriously

of course it doesn't make sense that they would inject their troops to anthrax but the logic explanation due to the fact they are mad about the biological weapons they were trying to find vaccany to protect their troops from entered areas that are infected by anthrax  

Link to israelinsider: security: Channel 2: IDF subjected troops to anthrax experiments; many seriously ill

This is just some crazy thought from my conspiracy theory Egyptian mind

About Al-Ashrafieh and Al-Fardan blast "updated"

I will start talking about it first because it is much easy to talk about , it is not as deep as talking about the clashes in the north between the Lebanese army and the "Fatah El-Islam" militia as in less 48 hours I began to find more and more and more about the clashes and who could behind it

Anyhow about Al-Ashrafieh blast

Al-Ashrafieh neighborhood in Beirut is a Christian populated area for the high and middle high class , full of bars ,cinemas and malls , yesterday the 20th of May as you know was Sunday , the holiday for the Christians , and it doesn't need time to think to know that in these spring days people usually stay late at night in their holiday to enjoy some time in cinema or a bar or a cafe and so Al-Ashrafieh will be a perfect hot spot.

The bomb was placed in the southern entrance to a famous luxury mall "ABC" which is a couple of blocks away from the Church "Mar Matr"

Governmental sources told CNN that the kind of the explosives used in the blast is the same kind used in the previous blasts that killed several of the moderate Christian leaders from couple of years like Ghasan Twaini and Samir Kosair

This blast as I said before came after the threat of the Palestinian militia to turn Lebanon in to fire and volcanoes as a revenge

Today the 21 of May 2007 the first thing Samir Geagea said was a suggestion to attack all the Palestinian refugee camps

Some one wants to push the Christians again to fight with the Palestinian militias , to turn the Sunnis against the Shiites didn't work so the old enemies should wake up.

The clashes in the North wasn't enough after all it happened in a Sunni area

Of course I think it is not for only to make the Christians angry enough in Lebanon to engage in a fight but I think it is a start for a series of moves that can end with the a call of international help by the Saniora cabinet as some sort of war on terrorism

I think Lebanon will lose another summer tourist season if things continue like this

updates: this was written yesterday the 21th ,I apologize that I couldn't publish because I am sick

anyhow it turned out at the same time I went to sleep another blast had took place in Beirut last night in the "El-Fardan" neighborhood

"El-Fardan" bomb was just like its sister put in a  car this time near the Russian culture center , it didn't kill anybody but it injured what between 10 and 7 ,its size was less than the "Al-Ashrafieh"

The interesting thing you must know that "El-Fardan" is a Sunni populated neighborhood

It just came after targeting the "Al-Ashrafieh" Christian neighborhood , the Christians then the Sunnis , the anti-Syrian the pro-American, of course some one wants the anger to exceed more and more some one wants to blame Syria and Hezbollah , but it doesn't make any sense at all because the one who really understand the ideologies of the "Fatah El-Islam" will know that it can't be working for Hezbollah 

please stay tuned for more coverage

man seriously Lebanon will lose another tourist season

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Shadow of the civil war in Lebanon

Some wanted to happen from both sides , no one can deny this fact , it is clear as the sun

The tension between the different religious sects didn't achieve the required result as the people in Lebanon now understood the game and they are tired from fighting each other and so there was a need to move to another trick in the book "The Palestinian refugee camps"

If you are familiar with the history of the civil war in Lebanon ,you will know for sure that the first early start of the war was between the Christian phalanges and the PLO militias in other words between the Lebanese and the Palestinians from the refugees camp,the famous early start with the Bus incident which I talked about before. To be honest the PLO wanted to repeated the Black September scenario but that time in Lebanon not in Jordan "as if Jordan went so successful !!

They went too far and that's what Israel wanted to push its old allies from the phalanges to do the dirty job and the rest is history you and I know very well

Since yesterday there is war between the Lebanese army and the Palestinian Militia "Fatah El-Islam" in north Lebanon in the city of Tripoli and as far as I am following the clashes are still there across the city and the Palestinian refugees camp "El-Nahr El-Ba'rd" {The Cold river"} which is about 9 miles "16 kilometers" from the second largest city in Lebanon

News report are coming from the North of Lebanon describing a huge chaos case with no arrangement what so ever between the security forces , the police and the intelligence that led the army to find the militia of "Fatah El-Islam" more powerful than expected which led by its turn in to the fall of victims between dead and injured from the both parties "Lebanese army and Fatah El-Islam" and Civilians

The numbers of casualties as reported APF from Lebanese Military service in yesterday are :

  • 40 were killed
  • More than 90 were injured
  • Exactly yesterday 23 militaries were killed "Some of their pictures I will post it below"
  • 15 members were killed from the militia
  • More than 30 militaries were injured from the Lebanese army
  • 16 members from the internal security forces were injured ' follows the interior ministry"
  • 7 Lebanese civilians were injured
  • 40 Palestinians were injured "the statement didn't mention whether if they are from the militia but I think they are"

May God bless their souls and give patience to their families , they were all young

The Lebanese red cross transferred all the casualties to 5 hospitals in the north and in one of the hospitals "El-Rahal" some source said that there are militaries who are suffering from nervous  breakdown from fear !!

Big numbers for sure ,I think this is the hugest number since the Lebanon July 2006 war ,already from the primary reading to the numbers I found those who were killed from the Lebanese army are more than the militia

 Before I would go in a deep discussion and loud thinking process with you I must mention that the day didn't end well in Lebanon as we all expected as after the theatrical statement from the "Fatah El-Islam" that

Lebanon would turn in to fire and volcanoes!!

"Volcanoes" is a new word for sure to be used in threats

anyhow the 20th of May 2007 ended with a bomb in the Christian neighborhood of "Al-Ashrafieh" killing one woman "63 years old" and leaving behind 10 injured not to mention the panic in the area which led many to leave at night with night gowns ,I feel too sad for this lady just like those young men , I am very sorry for her family , may God bless her soul and bring patience to her family who lost her in such terrible terrorist coward act like that

The blast went off beneath a car at the southern entrance of the "ABC" shopping  mall "some said that it was in the parking lot" in the neighborhood at about 23:45/11 PM Beirut Local time, of course because it came after the worst clashes between the Palestinians and the Lebanese forces since the civil war from two decades people were in great panic and fear.

Its weight was about 40 Kilograms and it made a gap with 1.5 meter as depth and 3 meter as diameter ,this is one hell of a bomb ,big one no wonder the people in the area were panic , for God Sake I always get freaked out in the feast when the kids play with fireworks all of the sudden ,seriously it is scary thing ,again I will come back to the bombing of last night

 Sources :

At least he is serving

The 22 years old prince Harry ,the third heir to the British Throne will serve his military service either in west Africa in Sierra Leone or in Afghanistan of course the later is more dangerous than west Africa but less dangerous from Iraq where he was supposed to head in the first place 

As if you may heard or read Prince Harry won't go to Iraq because of the intelligence reports coming from there saying that his life may be in danger and he could be the second Moore House "1956 Suez resistance anyway"

The irony is that back in 1956 the Egyptians didn't know who Moore House was ,even after his kidnap it just came like charm of luck but Prince Harry was being waited by several Shiite-Sunni-Kurdish ,you just name it from the militant groups in Iraq to be received the reception of a royalty , they all wanted to kidnap the naughty prince , some of them wanted to make his Uncle Andrew the third heir and let him join his mother princess Di and some wanted to make the Queen pay some big sum of money

Anyhow the British are having enough from losses in Iraq and they don't need another disappointment and thus Harry Potty is re-located to another area because he is not better than any other British lad serving in the army

He didn't say "okay I will stay in my palace , no need to go to serve anymore "

The real third Heir will serve in Sierra Leone or in Afghanistan just like any other British because it is from his duties as royalty to serve in the army , his grandmother for God sake had her share in the WWII !!

where as the fake heir here in Egypt Gamal Mubarak didn't serve his military service for some unknown reason , I mean he and his brother Alaa didn't spend one week in the military service , and no one knows why

As far as I know their military service periods were in the time of Peace not war

of course there is another difference GM and Harry as GM is a civilian who studied in the AUC where as Harry is a Military but the idea here the military service and one didn't do it for some reason I can't figure it out may be he had a flat foot and the other despite all the threats didn't sleep in his palace and decided to respect his country and his army

It is not only Gamal Mubarak , it is all those from the high class who refuse to let their sons to be men for sometime , they don't want their sons to have dirty hands instead of the soft silk hands

well real men hands are not soft for sure their tough

Link to With Iraq out of the picture Harry could serve in West Africa

You got to be Kidding me "2"

I only bought yesterday "Akhabr El-Youm" to see the ad after reading the news online that the supporters of the Animal rights in Egypt published a half page ad in colors speaking and attacking officials for the ill treatment to the street dogs after the letter of B.B and the international scandal of the pregnant dog photo "you will find it below,quite shocking in fact but not that shocking compared to the police torture clips"


The ad contains verses of the Holy Quran and Prophetic quotes of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" concerning the treatment of other creatures especially animals ,no one can deny it and argue about it ,Islam is from the early Religions that respect other creatures but I don't know ...I think this ad now to appear in the newspaper in the conditions we are facing now is kind of luxury !!

of course this came after the orders of President Mubarak to investigate the matter as it turned out it threatens Egyptian tourism fortune,

I don't know really which is bad or can affect the repetition of Egypt abroad photos of a dead pregnant street dog or video clips from humans sexually and physically abused in the police stations.

When the humans take their right first we can speak about other creatures' right because don't expect an oppressed human will treat others which are weaker from him or her fairly

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Free Haleh!

Seriously I don't know why I have the feeling that that lady may be innocent and she may die ,I know I sound strange I defend Iran most of the time "the country" but the regime there is not that angelic or easy as our beloved regime.

As far as I read that lady helped lot to correct the image of the Muslim world in America after 9/11 , she had even hosted in the institute an Iranian thinker the American administration didn't want to receive in the States

If she is really a spy , the Iranian regime is obliged to the public to present all the evidence that proves so , just like in Egypt at least we learn something if she is turned to be a spy

69 years old is not an easy age

this is not a good publicity for Iran certainty

I received this link through my email thank God and I really wish that Shirin Ebadi defends her ,despite the regime denial already this is the simplest right for anyone who is charged with any crime whether it was big or simple

Link to Free Haleh!

By the way I don't know if it is a similarity between names ,but I guess Dr.  Haleh could be related to late Empress beautiful Soroya Esfandairi ,already I know that the Esfandairis in Iran are very famous and big family

this is just a side note ,Soraya reminds with Shuwiikar in the 1960s , she was pretty of course not like the queen beauty Fawzia but she was so pretty than Farah Diva whom I hate so so so so much


Mubarak again in Mark Fiore's cartoon

 highly recommended

very funny

from the axis of evil to the aix of Uh oh

Link to Uh Oh - Thursday, May 17, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

You got to be kidding me

You got to be kidding me

President Mubarak demands a report about the street dogs from the minister of Agriculture !!??

Did B.B strong letter have a great effect on him ??

I mean he received a lot and lot of criticism concerning the human rights in Egypt with lots of letters from here and there and nothing happens at all but when B.B attacks him he demands a report !!

Sorry I know the video and photos of the street dogs which were killed were horrible but the torture in police stations are even more horrible

There is one single explanation

He loves B.B and may be he was like John Lennon in his youth having a crash on her

Link to FilBalad.News | مبارك يطلب من وزير الزراعة تقرير عن "الكلاب الضالة"