Saturday, September 27, 2008

When Gamila meets Sarah

Gamila Ismail ,the wife of Ayman Nour is currently in the States meeting with important politicians in order to have more support and pressure to release her husband from Jail. I can’t blame her ,the woman has nothing to do except this. But the problem whom she is going to meet.

I will not speak about Bush because he has no time but I will speak about Sarah Palin.

Gamila is going to meet with Sarah Palin to explain for the newcomer from Alaska the problem of her husband. I think she should not waste her time with Palin with my all due respect and try to meet Obama.Already I feel that the Republicans let Sarah meets Gamila so she would meet someone from the Middle East !!

Already Obama currently is being attacked by the regime media because some statement I doubt that Obama had ever said regarding Nour.

I know that Gamila is trying to get help from both parties in case any of them wins , this is a real desperate act.

Still we must understand something, Mubarak regime won’t let Ayman Nour die like She thinks , it will let him suffer in jail but it will not let him die because it means that the West will be very very Angry with capital A from the Mubarak and son.


  1. كم هى عظيمة هذة السيدة التى تؤمن بالمبادئ التى سجن زوجها من أجلها و ياليت زوجات المصريين مثلها ماكان عندنا حسنى مو - باراك

  2. @anonymous, True Egyptian Women are like Gamila
    هذه السيدة مثل نساء مصر الاصليات تقف مع زوجها و لا تتخلى عنه


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