Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is the measure of success here ??

The American administration at last admitted that the American army launched an operation in Syria. It turned out that they launched this operation in order to get rid from an Iraqi so-called terrorist.It was The Red blood :( successful according to the American army measures ; Mission was accomplished and the man was killed.

Of course the Iraqi wasn’t killed alone , there were 8 people who were killed in the attack of the American troops in Syria.

This is very dangerous escalation , I mean this is another country whose sovereignty was hacked with no respect what so ever to international laws at all. Killing innocent people with no respect what so ever , it won’t be a new thing for the American army in Iraq or in its history.

Syria had all the right to launch a counter attack against those American troopers with my all respect , it makes me sad to know that The funeral of the locals there are no enough Syrian troops  on the borders.I will not lie and say that I was not happy when I heard the threat of the Syrian FM that his country would answer back the next time something like this to happen, hopefully they will be men of their word.I respect the Syrian decision to escalate the matter to the UN and the security Council.

The Arab league and Egypt issued official statements of rejection to this attack,I am happy that my country at last issued that statement slamming the U.S raid.But on the other hand I am totally sad for the Iraqi official opposition for justifying the raid yesterday then wishing that that would not affect the Iraqi-Syrian relations !! Of course the Iraqi officials had to change the tune today with the majority if not all the Arab countries with Syria.

May be I do not have to speak about Iraq now because after all it is not an independent country ,it is a country ruled by invasion forces regardless of what is said.

I don’t understand why America launches this attack at the time The American school when its relations with the Syrians began to mend , but after this attack I think the Syrians decided to close the American school and cultural center in Damascus , it is their right.

Does Bush and Neocons want to leave for the new president “hopefully Obama” heavy burden more than the one that it exists ?? Opening new fronts or what ?? Why does this man insist on making the people hate America more and more ??

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