Sunday, June 14, 2009

Exclusive Photos: The Princess' Visit

Here are somehow exclusive photos from Princess Farial’s visit last week to Egypt where she met the fantastic 19 years old Omar Ahmed whom I envy. Omar is from the active Royalists in Egypt and here I speak about the Royalists who are keen to keep and restore that lost part of history.
4417_209924160385_859950385_7189818_2504736_nOmar and Princess Farial
n859950385_7189675_2031057 Yasmine Sharawy ,the daughter of Princess Farial along with Omar. Yasmine is married to feminist Huda Sharawy’s grandson Ali Sharawy

Omar met Farial Farouk at her daughter’s farm , I think it is horses farm
Omar could not forget his experience with the former princess who is a real down to earth princess , she is very kind and she still remembers her childhood in Egypt.
I asked Omar to ask her about Haikal and she Kindly answered back that she did not know him and have never met him , she knows very well that he insults her father.
The former princess defended her father saying that if he were not patriotic as some claim "like Haikal" he would have continued in ruling in Egypt. "I agree with her"
She likes Obama speech and thinks that it is a new page with Muslims.
She did not forget that her mother former Queen Farida suffered from neglect in Egypt during her treatment. " This is unfortunately true, Queen Farida if I may say is the most famous personality to be infected with HCV during her treatment in a hospital owned by the State ; it was not unlike any hospital,it was the Maadi hospital too !!"
Princess Farial to my surprise still knows Arabic and she wrote a small message to “Do Not pass in Silence”
The message says :
I thank “Do No Pass in Silence” group for the beautiful and loving feelings towards my family and our beloved country Egypt and I hope that they continue to serve our great nation
Princess Farial Farouk
Thanks to the facebook group “Do Not Pass in silence” and dear friend Omar Ahmed


  1. thank you Zeinobia for putting this up. am happy the Princess having a good time here.

  2. You sound so nostalgic for the past. Egypt may have been in the position it is today even if Royalty ruled. Look at Jordan, Saudi, UAE, Qatar and now Syria etc. etc. Same crappy, shitty standard of living you all have in Egypt. Long Live Imperialism huh?

  3. @anonymous,you welcome I am happy too for her

    @anonymous#2 My dear in the time of that imperialistic Egypt we had a real constitution,a real parliament and a real political life.

  4. FYI she spells her name Ferial and not Farial. Google it.

  5. I dont understand why Egyptians are trying to get her back as a queen.
    1. She was not Egyptian
    2. Her family was the reason for the british to conquer us. Her family even supported british miliatary

    Seriously Ferial is not a princess. She is a woman living in Italy. Nothing more and nothing less!

  6. I agree with Anonymous above. And she needs some Serious new teeth this citizen Ferial. The only everlasting Royal or King is Allah. Smarten up with your obsession with this finish family. it and the persian crooked shah's family

  7. Thanks so much Zeinobia, our 'Egyptian-Blogger-Reuters'; if you don't mind :)

    This interesting post and the comments makes me wonder why do many people don't understand that this family -since 1805 till 1952- was an intergral part of 'Egyptian History'. C'mon, their contribution for 147 years -either being postive or negative- can not be just wipped-out as history since all people leave but history and this is our history and our country regardless politics.

    As for Princess Farida, I don't know here personally or anyone of the family yet I can imagine how she was keen to visit the country of her family even if she's wasn't born in Egypt.

  8. @anonymous#1,thanks for correction.

    @anonymous#2 First she does not live in Italy. Second of all she is more Egyptian than those NDP thieves like Mamdouh Ismail who killed thousands of Egyptians and left the country for good,at least she loves this country and still visits it !!
    Regarding her family it astonishes me how some people ignore the fact that the great grandfather of this lady is the founder of Mohamed Ali and how some people forget the fact that Ibrahim Pasha was the greatest commander in the history of modern Egypt despite he was not Egyptian !!
    Dear anonymous#2 not all the Mohamed Ali family members were traitors villains, I do no blame you as much I blame our history books !!

    @Hicham , thanks I do not think that I have reached this degree yet :)
    Princess Ferial was born in Egypt dear Hicham and I agree some people do not understand that the Mohamed Ali Family was made of humans after all !! Strangely those people feel offended when someone criticizes Nasser despite he himself was human too with his cons and pros

  9. it's sad,alot of egyptians don't know the true history of their country.mohamed ali's family built modern egypt.

  10. Omar Ahmed:
    Thanks Zeinobia so much for publishing my story with late princess Ferial God bless her soul & im sorry that i read it too late
    Her Royal Highness Princess Ferail Farouk which the born title on 1939 first Daughter of King Farouk .
    Royal titles dont canceled even if their monarchy abolished like Royals of Greece , Russia , France, Germany ,Iran & Romania still have their titles and also their children inherited these titles.
    Princess Ferail loved Egypt more than anyone imagine before i leave her i asked if we can anything for her to be happy as apology after what happened in 1952 she smiled & said "Please take care of Egypt and study well to make our country better place "


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