Monday, September 21, 2009

She Needs Your Prayers

Former Princess Ferial Farouk is currently in a critical condition in Switzerland , she needs our prayers now so much more than any time.

I know for sometime now that she fought cancer for a while in her life where she conquered it with a very high price : part of her digestive system was removed :( . For some reason it was not declared ; may be because she considered something personal and I respected this decision from her side .

Yet unfortunately it seems that in the past few weeks the cancer has returned back in vengeance.

She has returned back to her simple home in Switzerland after being in the hospital , she is currently 24/7 medical surveillance.

The former princess had visited Egypt earlier this year and made an interview with Ahmed El-Muslamany which I am currently looking for to post here.

Ferial Farouk needs your prayers now , this woman had seen a lot and remember she went and other Republican princesses came and enjoyed the wealth of this country more than any Mohamed Ali Royal Family princesses had enjoyed and you know whom I am speaking about !!


  1. My prayers go out to her and her family members, I loved her interview with Adib, she's smart, honest and witty and I loved how she spoke about how they were raised to feel the responsibility of being the face of Egypt and how their life even while still in Egypt wasnt all parties and pinky with glitters, she indirectly testified that the way her family was featured in movies and tv shows was part of the propaganda against any thing royal to brain wash the ppl.

  2. Thanks anonymous for feelings, she needs them now

  3. Zeinobia, I am very sorry to read this! You ca not imagine how sad I felt! even if I do not know here personally, from what I read and watched she deserves our siencre prayers! My Prayers for her, her family [la hawla wala qouatta illa b-Allah] :(

  4. May God give her enough time to see the Monarchy back in Egypt, and to know how much we love her
    our dearest Royal Princess.

    Nabil GOHARY


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