Friday, November 13, 2009

Why Not On Daily Basis !!??

The Egyptian ministry of health has decided not to publish daily reports about the rates of H1N1 infections in Egypt and the number of H1N1 patients in the country , their ages and their geographical distribution , instead it will  announce its H1N1 report every week starting from next 25 November !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I understand why ??

Announcing the H1N1 reports on a daily basis was important to people especially parents in Egypt , parents want to know the names of schools which are closed because of H1N1 and they can’t wait till the end of the week to know which school was unlucky and which is lucky. Egyptian parents are so worried on their children and rumors are spreading like fire about this school and that school here and there forcing them to keep the children in home for God knows how long !!??

I believe the ministry of health should be more transparent , there is no need to publish a press release and for a daily meeting with the journalists to announce the daily infection record , the ministry can publish it on daily basis online in an interactive way 24/7 in its official website.

People in Egypt especially parents are extremely angry and do not trust both the  ministry of education and ministry of health and they have to be so because of the fact that the government always lies on us.

Speaking about the infection rate in Egypt , our total infection record has reached on Thursday to “2379” patients across the country. Yesterday the ministry announced the infection of “ 149” patients  in its daily update , most of them are students in schools “ 104 cases”. Youm did a good thing and published the complete of list of schools which had infected cases and are closed for a week.

I have just one question , up till now most of the cases are in Cairo, Giza , Alexandria and other big governorates ; what about other governorates in Upper Egypt and Nile Delta !!?? I am asking because some people are wondering if there is a disaster in the oven and the government refuses to share it with us except when it is catastrophe. Honestly I believe the immunity of children in country side whether in Upper Egypt or Nile Delta is stronger than in Cairo or major big governorates and this is why may the virus has not spread yet among them thank God.

There is a lot of confusion regarding the death toll , as I expect the confusion starting from counting the death of the 9 years old kid as H1N1 death  , there were other fatal cases after it but it was followed by a confusion case that does not happen in any other place in the world !!??

The ministry of health allowed privates labs especially those owned by big NDPians to include H1N1 analytical tests along with public hospitals to provide much quicker service and also to take off this heavy load on the public hospitals. You must know that test is available for LE 1200 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “I will check again”


  1. it is strange in other countries, the Government are providing free for all its people the test and vaccine but in Egypt it is all come down to 'MONEY'!!! dont forget the Egyptians people they are paying taxes everyday of the year when they bought anything which includes taxes on it and they pay taxes on their salaries too, so the Government is responsible to protect the Egyptians population as part of their responsibilities! The regime are working for the people not the people working for them!!!!

  2. L.E. 1200?!! For what?! This is insane!

  3. I guess the 1200 is just a rumor!
    btw Z, check this:

  4. sorry the correct link is:


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