Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not For The Love Of Egypt

I can't believe this fascination of Algerian press with our political life and its scandals in Egypt . We have forgotten all this for the past 2 months but now after our victory over Algeria in CAN 2010 ,the Algerian press has returned back to speak about us day and night trying to expose how low Egyptians are in all fields and levels. " I feel that they are going to say that Ahmed Zowail took his Nobel prize by cheating !!"

Now since last week the Algerian newspapers have began to speak about the corruption of Mubarak and his family. Algerian newspaper "Al-Khabar" reportedly spoke about the alleged multi-billion dollar fortunes of the Mubaraks "The father , the mother and the two sons" with their business associates by name. Already this report is no surprise to anyone in Egypt because if you did a quick search online in Egyptian opposition websites and forums especially abroad ,you will find these information regardless of its validity  so easily.

Then we got this week our favorite Algerian Al-Chorouk claims that Gamal Mubarak and Saudi VIP is behind the murder of Suzanne Tamim trying to frame Hisham Mustafa !! I am amazed that this theory has reached to Al-Chorouk well connected sources only now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bravely the newspaper mentioned the name of Gamal Mubarak and was scared to mention the name of Al-Walid !! They do not want to lose the Saudis I suppose !! The big smart pants in this newspapers are speaking about GM's testimony in favor of El-Sokary as he was his bodyguard. I think we have been through this before not to mention Gamal Mubarak did not testify for El-Sokary , he testified as the close friend of Hisham Talaat Mustafa where as Habib El-Adly testified as  the head of State security when El-Sokary was there. The Chorouk well connected sources forget to tell them about the other theories of Emaar , Alaa Mubarak and Ahmed Ezz too.

Regardless of the Mubaraks fortune and the Suzanne Tamim murder I believe all these reports attacking the Mubarak clan are not published for the love of Egypt but rather for the hate of Egypt. Al-Chorouk and sisters do not defend the Egyptians as attack us day and night . In fact I will not be surprised if I find a report saying Egypt supports Al-Qaida elements in Egypt to launch operations in Algeria thanks to a football game.

The Algerian regime is using the old trick of creating a pseudo enemy to the Algerian people unfortunately through its media in a very low way , it is not about Doha's hate Egypt club more about diverting the Algerian people's attention from what is going on in their country.

I would be more than happy to find them exposing the fortunes of the Mubaraks if they dare to speak about the fortunes of Boutaflikas and the rest of army generals. It is amazing how Algeria is from the main oil exporters in the world and yet its people are not living like the people in the Gulf just like us with all the huge sources we have ; the only difference is we speak and shout about it.

I would be more than happy to find the Algerian media exposing the crimes of our regime if they speak openly exposing the war crimes of their army generals in the same way we speak about police officers crimes in Egypt.

The Algerian regime has many reasons to keep its people fighting emotionally a pseudo enemy just like our regime ; they got the same debate on who is going to rule Algeria after Boutaflika not to mention high level of corruption , they got an economic situation and corruption just like us.This is an old policy for dictatorship that we should really be aware of.

I do not have anything against the Algerian people because they are just like us manipulated even in worse way as far as I could see. Now it is their media that creates this gap between the two people who once fought for each other.

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  1. Permettez moi de vous dire que la presse algérienne ne fait que repondre aux chaines satelitaires egyptiennes.soyons Logique et que vous l objectif.admeteriez On vous insulte par tous les mots "ventes et vulgaires».
    Moi, algerienne citoyenne, je refuse categoriquement que notre presse se mélent des affaires intérieures de egyptes L et d eclabousser des scandales.Mais, egyptiens chers, de votre cote, essayer aussi de faire taire vos chaines et surtout eviter d insulteur Un peuple, UNE , Mémoire des chouhadas.regarder votre monsieur HIDJAZZI, AMR ADIB etc ..... les propos qu ILS ONT bien tenu avant l Eclatement de la crise etaient des propos de haine et d incitation.
    avons une réponse à tous tisser des liens de fraternité Qui nous sommes au Menent voiture Progres Nous Tous Les Deux (Algérie et Egypte) des payes du Tier-problemes monde.nos et preocupations Sont plus profonds qu un match de football.
    Arrêtons d etre des debiles s il vous plait.


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