Monday, June 14, 2010

Follow Up : The Other Khalid

The people are very angry in Alex especially in Sidi Gaber with the false reports about Khalid that led his friend and journalist Bahaa El-Tawil to write an Op-ed about late Khalid , the other Khalid the MOI did not know who refused to leave this county because he loves this country !! The other Khalid who did not escape from his military service as the MOI has claimed , the other Khalid who did not smoke a cigarette.
The other Khalid

A protest in Alexandria
Khalid's neighbors have defended him and as far as I could say the MOI looks so bad.
Khalid's neighbors and friends speak
Here is the internet café owner speaking again , he saw the agents taking Khalid from the café not from the street as they claimed.

The owner's of the internet café testimony
Now there is a huge surprise or rather shock regardless of whether Khalid was junkie or not , Khalid did not escape his military mandatory service like the MOI has claimed in its disgraceful statement and here is our proof from the official records :
  1. His military mandatory service certificate from the Egyptian army , an official certificate not a false one
  2. His passport , he could not get his passport if he did not bought his military service certificate !!!! 
Khalid's military service
Khalid's passport
    With my all due respect the MOI statement claimed that Khalid escaped the military service in 2008 and there was a lawsuit he completely ignored for 3 years escaping the military service , the serial number of that imaginary lawsuit was mentioned in the statement , is not that a forgery !!?? an official forgery !!??
    Baby Khalid
    In any respectable country that false statement or to be particular that false paragraph regarding the military service status of late Khalid can bring the MOI down , at least the public relations department in the ministry. I do not know how the MOI will do after this scandal , it is a scandal with all measures.
    The MOI has revealed new info about that video which is thought to be the reason behind the attack on Khalid that led to his death , surprisingly the MOI does not find anything suspicious in it !! The agents and the officers are heroes because what we have seen was after the arrest of a famous drug dealer.  I will not debate in this , may be it is true but I am not convinced with Khalid's death story ,I am not convinced at all and the military service issue proves my point.
    The MOI should be much wiser for once in its life , the people can't stand them anymore and their creditability is now sub zero in the street , I fear , all what I fear when the MOI needs our trust in hard times for the sake of our country not for the sake of our regime , it won't find it.
    What makes me angry is not the usual MOI's denial or even the torture itself , we saw it before in the Shaha boy incident but what makes me angry is the lies the MOI and its media are spreading about Khalid with no consideration to him or to his family.
    What makes me angry too is how the people kept watching this brutal attack taking place in silence till the death of Khalid !! May be this is why people are angry in Alexandria and want to restore his rights.
    Khalid Died here


    1. You can get a passport with out doing military service, be it, doing it in an illegal way. As my ex husband did it 10 years ago.

    2. the truth will set us all free! subhanallah the late Kahled's birthdate also co-insides will the days when the revolution stared. justice has been served, may you rest in peace


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