Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Diplomat Told The World Tribune that The Egyptian president 'is a walking corpse While the Presidency Denies

American World tribune has published this report with that shocking headline : Diplomat: Egyptian president 'is a walking corpse' . It is a powerful headline for sure for a rumor that has been roaming the internet the past two weeks and is still finding its way across the world that can't believe how persistent Mubarak is going to complete his presidential term till death.

The presidency in Egypt know how dangerous that rumor is and that is why it has denied this rumor indirectly through close diplomatic source in Cairo. That diplomatic claimed that he was not going to travel to Germany in the coming 48 hours like what As-Safir daily has claimed.

There is no smoke without fire though , he has not attended the graduation of the war school and air forces school yet and he cancelled his meeting with Netanyahu ; one must wonder what is happening.

Of course our national media will consider it an Israeli-Iranian conspiracy against Mubarak and the national security of Egypt , Israel spreads the rumors in its websites and then the Lebanese pro-Iranian press took these rumors and enlarged it.

Again there is no smoke without fire and the man is old and survived a dangerous surgery from couple of months ago , it is miraculous that he can do all that effort from travelling and meeting all those people in this age.


  1. Hi Zeinobia, "walking corpse" and "just fine" can't both be true. Does the President these days make speeches, appear on television, etc? If he has esophageal cancer his voice would surely be affected.

  2. I have been thinking about this point last night , he will not be able to talk if he suffers from esophageal cancer
    He is suffering from them and they are scared to tell us

  3. For some reason I think this news are rumors and may be signaling that Western regimes are taking some distance from Mubarak.

    I think the man is well, as well as a man at his age can be and we all know if he was unwell these rumors wouldve appeared among Egyptians at the same time and that didnt happen here.

    I dnt wish him to die, I still have some hope that the man will decide that he loves his country enough to take the step and become the first former president and have proper elections. I see the position of the US seemingly moving towards not objecting El Baradie and I hope Mubarak realizes we need an interim gov and constitutional amendments otherwise, the civil unrest that seems to be the other option to sooner or later materialize, will be mainly thanks to his short-sight and selfishness.

  4. News and circumstances do not look good for Mubarak, I do not think he will last long.


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