Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Follow Up : Threats To Facebook Khaled Said Group Activists in Egypt

Very few may consider it a silly prank but the majority may take it seriously , Khaled Said Facebook groups have been receiving on online threats targeting its activists.
We all know who can be behind these threats and honestly one must wonder if the MOI has reached to that pathetic level !!

 Here are screen caps showing the threats the Khaled Said Facebook groups activists and members have received.

A threat by someone called Amr Mohamed El-Khouly

A threat to a girl called Nermeen Mustafa inbox


  1. I am so proud of Nermeen Mustafa courage!

  2. Yegarabo yebala3'o 3ano fel neyaba directly, mesh haye3melo 7aga bas bardo aho shewayet dawshaa leehom bardo, we kaman they need to report him to Facebook

  3. I would be grateful if anyone would translate the worst threats.

  4. Well Jason the worst threat was the one that Nermeen has received :
    Listen doll , I see you at Khaled Said page , you can't do anything to us , you and others will be hit with the shoes

  5. Threatening to stomp a girl. What a creep.


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