Monday, July 12, 2010

Natural Ugly Reflection

Last Saturday Al Ahram newspaper , the most popular newspaper in Egypt and also in the Arab world too has shocked its readers across the globe when we found a full page written by Tamer Hosni its cultural  supplement !!

Tamer Hosni , the multi-talented singer has become an op-ed writer in Al Ahram too !!

Hosni wrote in a full colored page in Al Ahram supplement about his songs and how they reflect the different kinds of relations and situations …etc.

Many can't believe that Al Ahram which was a forum for the greatest writers and novelists in the country  and the Arab world for more than 100 years would give a space to a singer like Tamer Hosni. Of course those people forgot that Al Ahram itself include some members of the staff that should not work as journalists in the first place but rather detectives like for instance Ahmed Moussa.

Many including the writer of these lines do not think only Hosni is full of hot air but also we believe that this is a dangerous false idol for young generations who do not understand yet the gravity of what this gentleman has done.

Tamer Hosni has been found guilty of escaping the mandatory military service and faking official documents in order to escape the military service. He served a year in the military prison. There is a lot of debate about the mandatory military service for years now in Egypt but there is no debate that forgery is a dangerous serious crime.

Yes there are always second chances but the fact that the state has forgiven to Tamer Hosni so fast to the level of singing at the 6th October war army celebration attended by Mubarak in 2006 shows that there is something wrong in the message this regime wants to send the people , may be there is nothing wrong in the message or the regime or even in Tamer himself but it is in the people. This regime does not think that Tamer Hosni did something huge against this country because it does on a daily basis what it is even worse. The regime does not believe Tamer Hosni did anything wrong because its men's sons also escape from the military mandatory services too ; of course if we move to forgery , well what is more worse than having fake elections with fake results in the past 28 years !!??

Tamer Hosni is the natural child of the Mubarak regime as arts are the mirror of the society , an ugly reflection for an ugly era for sure.


  1. I was just about to write something about it but you always read my thoughts....!!!! I think it is not the guy's fault to write an is the fault of the newspaper the deteriorated to the extent of seeking articles from singers after losing the majority of its respectable writers.

  2. By the way I love Tamer's voice despite I do not like most of his songs

  3. This is no more than a cheap advertisement to a paper that lost most of its loyal readers and a free ad to that guy and his songs (as if he needs it!).

    It's just funny -and so stupid!- to list that ad under "Culture"!

  4. The only culture in that article, is the same culture Ahmed Rizk presented in "Film Sakafy"

  5. At WhoPopular, it's 1. Mohamed El Maghraby 2. Tamer Hosni 3. Amr Diab among musicians. Go vote for your favorite. (Mine is Amr Diab because he starred in Ice Cream in Gleem with Jihan Fadel.) The lovely and talented Ms. Fadel is number 9 in the actress category. Among scientists and academicians, Mohamed El Naschie ranks number 6.

  6. @Akher Ayam , Taha Hussein used to write there , Abbas Al-Akad and others , now they let him write nonsense ,seriously did you read Al shorouk criticism to the report !!?? He deserves it

    @Hina wa Hink , I just wonder how much he paid to Al Ahram

    @Eisa , the immortal words in the end of that film summarized it :
    There is nothing wrong you idiots , there is something wrong in system

    @Jason,who is Mohamed El Maghraby !!?? man I have been away from mainstrream music for a long time
    Jihan Fadel is good but no there are others to be more popular like late Soad Hosni


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