Sunday, January 23, 2011

That’s lot of gold leaving the country

There was strange news published on the 21 January 2011 in Al Ahram news website in the local news section : emergency status in Cairo international airport for checking 59 gold and foreign currencies parcels

The news says that on that day the Cairo international airport administration announced an emergency status to recheck 59 gold and foreign currencies parcels because some parcels were torn before their shipment to Holland. The airport summoned some representative from the bank that issued that shipment to recheck it. That shipment was heading to Amsterdam through some Dutch airlines “most probably KLM”

The news has created a lot of reaction online as people began to connect it and what happened to the gold reserve in Tunisia. The big number of parcels gives the impression that someone is packing his bags and leaving as soon as possible and that this gold is from our reserve not privately owned gold.

According to my knowledge Egyptian banks do not keep gold , it is only the central bank of Egypt. Banks deposit their gold in the CBE and something is not right in this news at least now. Of course we should not forget that foreign investors were pulling their investments as fast as they could in the past week

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  1. حسنى مبارك ياعميل-بكره تروح على اسرائيل
    جمال مبارك يامستفز -بعتوا البلد انت و عز
    علاء مبارك يا عبيط- ماما عملت قرنبيط
    مش حجدد مش حجدد-كداب ياخيشه من اول عهدك
    بابا بابا ابقى ريس - عشم ابليس يبن المتيس
    جيمى بوي غاوي مايوهات-مش فى الصنف بتاع الستات


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