Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Will 25th of January 2011be a remarkable Day in our history ??

25th of January is the national day of Police Egypt where we remember how our police force in Ismailia stood besides the people and the resistance against the British occupation in a very rare patriotic incident in 1952.
Now in 2011 there is a big event organized by “We are all Khaled Said” group and supported by other opposition political parties and groups on that day and there are huge hopes that this event will change Egypt forever especially after what happened in Tunisia.
The group is calling the people to go to the street in order to achieve certain demands :
  • To raise the minimum wage limit to LE 1200 and to get an unemployment aid.
  • To cancel the emergency status in the country , to dismiss Habib El-Adly and to release all detainees without court orders.
  • Disbanding the current parliament , to have a new free election and to amend the constitution in order to have two presidential limits only.
Up till now up to 48,000 Egyptian Facebookers promised that they will attend the event aka to go to the street and demands these demands. It is noticeable that the “We are all Khaled Said movement” has turned in to a real political group with these demands. The Muslim brotherhood said that it will not participate in the event unlike Hamdeen Sabhi who said that he will go to the street along Ayman Nour.
I  notice that in some Egyptian news websites we find comments saying that our date is next 25th of January which means that the invitation has reached to many Egyptians especially the youth.
Anyhow after a week we shall see what is going on the 25th of January 2011 and whether it will be remarkable like the 25th of January 1952. “It is a national holiday now !!”
p.s there is a new online rumor that the MOI will release its thugs to destroy private properties from cars and shops and accuse the protesters of igniting violence.


  1. I only have one demand and that is a palace in Jeddah next to Ben Ali's for Hosni Mubarak. Nothing more and nothing lesss!

  2. If anything like that happens, Mubarak won't need the Saudis.. he will just go to Arlington,VA where he will always have a home with old friends.

  3. Former rulers need to be brought to justice if proper independent reviews revealed they have not been actin properly and such reviews must cover those who were in power during the presidents ruling terms and their families.

  4. I wish the best of luck to the Egyptian people

  5. عمر عفيفي وأرشادات عامه للتظاهر السلمي جزء1

    عمر عفيفي وأرشادات عامه للتظاهر السلمي جزء2

  6. I dont think a democracy uprize will happen in Egypt nor Algeria for that matter, the structure is different, the Army has a steak in preventing it, a bit like Pakistan where the Army is a state within a state with commercial assets etc.. So it will not just take a step back like the Tunisian Army did, Beside, unlike Tunisia where extreemists were not a feature of the revolution keeping the Army at bay, in Egypt the extreemists will spoil everything and come out in force which is exactly what Mubarak and the Army would like to see justifying using tanks and heavy tactics in the street.

  7. we need to make it here also in germany behind the german embassy

  8. i deeply wish that all egyptians (and everyone cares about egypt) will participate, but most of all, i hope it will be peacefully without even one single drop of blood!!! you must not start throwing stones, destroying properties, plunder shops! let´s show them, that egyptian people are civilized and able to lead themselves! for the sake of their rights!

  9. Achtung Hasbara in house1/23/2011 12:26:00 AM

    What extremists are you talking about? what freaking delusional planet are you from.. what is the percentage of those extremists among Egyptians?less than 1%? with almost all of them behind bars or maybe you mean the Muslim Brotherhood? they are not extremists by any means unless you regard Alazhar as an extremist institution..perhaps the Salafists? ohh those are scary ones especially that they have no interest in politics or Government and confine their ideas to their homes and small communities.

    Stop with the zionist propaganda, bugger off.. it's not working anywhere, it's over..wake up and smell the Arabic coffee

  10. Time has come for Egyptian to take down this regime. It is killing, torturing, arresting innocent people. Furthermore it is stealing the wealth of the people and putting it on secret bank accounts in Europe.

  11. A successful uprizing in Egypt depends on what the Army will do, the Generals will look at what the security forces are doing, examine the political landscape internally and externally, then just as in a battle field situation, make a decision as to either step aside and opt to assist by being neutral short of allowing violence escalation or take sides and smash the protestors. So far the security forces appear to have the situation under control with their ruthless tactics, but for a big country like Egypt we ought to see a much larger popular uprize, certainly much larger than the Tunisian uprize if if was to stand half a chance of being taken seriously by the Army.

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  13. I am now proud of Egypt, I am not from Egypt but Egypt is where my heart is, if any Arab state can make a difference to all Arabs and bring back their dignity after the desasters of the 70's and 80's, it is Egypt. I hope a new educated generation makes it to power and start to work for the young and future generations improving the econmoy of Egypt and building on its capital resources mainly the people of Egypt and their intelligence. God bless Tunisia, god bless Egypt.

  14. I think smart people around the world are proud of you. At least, here from Argentina, I am. Come on and fight for your rights!

  15. Everyone Must Fight For Their Rights!!! That is what Islam says! That is what Humanity says =D! Go ''WE-ARE-ALL-KHALED-SAID-MOVEMENT''!!!!!!!

  16. Well, well, well, the Egyptian pro-democracy revolutionaries are silenced.

  17. Mexico says hello!

    Go! Go! Go!

    Choose wisely the next president. Democracy, your rights,human rights, freedom of speech, opportunities for everybody...You deserve it, the whole people of the world deserve it.

    Our toughts and hearts are with all you.

  18. Mexico says CONGRATULATIONS!

    We say here: Si se pudo! It could be done!



  20. people i loove egypt and wish it all the happieness in the world but forgive me for the bad word but egypt fucked itself by itself !


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