Friday, May 20, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Forget the strike , there will always be another bloody Friday “graphic”

The strike held last Wednesday in Syria did not go as the Syrian activists hope last week. Some cities joined while other cities could not as shops and offices were opened by the orders of the security to make this strike fail.

Anyhow there will always be Friday for the people of Syria and the Arab world to protest. Protests today again are all over the country , there are big protests in Homs , Hama , Hassaka , Suwaida , Reef Dimshaq , Daraa , Hauran ,Idlib, Aleppo and parts of Damascus. There is unconfirmed news that the people in Daraa were allowed to pray in mosques this Friday after weeks of banning them to do so.

Here is a protest in Homs

Homs : A protest

Here is a protest in Idlib

Idlib : A protest on Friday

As usual the security forces are cracking down the protests violently as there reports of tear gas grenades and injured coming from Homs in the morning after the prayers.

Here is video showing clearly the security forces opening their fire against the protesters in Hama.

Hama : Using live ammunition against protesters

Here is a video showing the security forces cracking down the protests allegedly on May 20th somewhere in Syria. You can see the security forces used live ammunition based on riffles used in the footage while the protesters were just hurling rocks at them.

Opening fire vs. hurling stones

Here is a video showing security forces and their thugs destroying the citizens’ cars allegedly in Damascus.

Damascus : The army and the security destroy cars

At 3 PM Cairo local time while I was in Tahrir , I read tweets that not less 6 were killed across Syria and now it is 7:12 PM we find the human rights organizations speaking about 30 martyrs fallen in these few hours according to early estimations !! Here are videos showing victims of the brutal and inhuman crackdown in Syria in this Friday.
The video blow shows the dead body of 11 years boy in Homs allegedly killed by the security forces. The boy’s name is Iham El Ahmed. “Extremely graphic”

Homs : Martyr Iham El-Ahmed

This video from Hama shows a protester killed allegedly by the the security forces. He was shot in his head and was being transferred in a pick up. His name was Mosaad El-Rashony.

Hama : Mayrter Mosaad el-Rashony

This video below does not show a martyr but rather badly injured protester in Hama “Graphic”

Hama : An injured protester

Here is another injured in Adlib.

Idlib : An injured

Idlib : The injured of Ma`arat al-Nu`man

There are tons and tons of videos showing horrible scenes from Friday May 20th. It seems that Idlib had the highest score in casualties today unfortunately.

Dorothy Parvaz has returned back to Doha from Tehran at last after Damascus and Tehran’s denials “how both countries feel now in front of the world as they turned to be liars !!". Dorothy Parvaz shared horrific account of what she experienced in Syria , she was not tortured but she was kept in place where Syrians are tortured.

There are lots of rumors about El Assads that remind me with the Mubaraks prior February 11,2011. The strongest rumor is the one about Maher El Assad slapping and pulling the hair of Asama El Assad , the first lady of Syria and that Asama El Assad fled the country to London with her kids with the help of the British Ambassador !?

There is another fresh rumor that Ramy Makhlouf is withdrawing billions of dollars from Lebanese banks , of course if this rumor is true and billions of dollars are being withdrawn from banks like that in Lebanon can bring down the Lebanese economy.

Did not I tell that it is a déjà vu from what we saw in Egypt with the Mubaraks !?

Now our dear Syrian brothers and sisters have a request from the people of Egypt , they want to kick out the current Syrian ambassador from Cairo. The current Syrian ambassador in Cairo already is the husband of Bashar El-Assad’s cousin and if you were following the progress of the protests at the embassy. Today I saw some Syrian activist at Tahrir square speaking at the podium attacking El Assad regime and calling the protesters in Egypt to support the Syrian revolution. We do support the Syrian revolution.


  1. Good, detailed reporting, Zenobia. Very few news outlets have much information regarding events in Syria. It seems the Syrian presidents
    wife could not bring herself to agree with the repression.Not many normal, sane people could.

  2. Be glad that it's not done to you in Tahrir ....

  3. In your opinion, if people throw stones, the army must leave their arms and zakidyavt crowd stones the same? crowd with stones, it is no longer a peaceful demonstratsiya.A why did you drag the children to such gatherings? This fault parents who brought with them a baby! House should sit with children! you concealed in children, as schitom.A then crying about it.
    ListenRead phonetically

  4. @2nd anonymous/troll, they did, remember January 28th? or you think those 800+ died from heart attacks?

    @3rd anonymous/troll. people don't resort to violence unless they are fired upon and killed. They throw stones to defend their lives just like Palestinian children throw stones at pigs with machine guns in occupied Palestine. Libyans dided in the thousands before they decided to get armed and protect their families or do you prefer if people just stay passive and accept getting killed moron?

  5. Throughout the world, children separated by war, and you are a child teaches them to hate, and you carry in a place where dangerous! "This is a problem of parents that their child is in school or at home and runs with kamnyami.A then will weep and the whole world screaming kill innocent! "Children need to read fairy tales instead of listening to sermons and calls for war!" Yes, children should not die and is taking care of their parents and adults, I will not need to take to demonstrations and rallies, children, or you do not know what the crowd is it dangerous? Or do you not know that violence creates violence? So think about your children and expose them to danger!


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