Monday, June 6, 2011

Why did we lose Egypt Vs. South Africa !? “ A pro Mubarak perspective”

Ok we lost yesterday in the football match between Egypt and South Africa , we will not qualify to some important championship I do not know what its name is and I do not care to know because we had enough for the football opium.
We lost in football and it was not the end of the world because we have important issues to discuss like for instance the public budget , the biggest public budget in our history.
We lost in football and the Mubarak orphans in “I am sorry Mr. President” know why we lost : Mubarak is not the president anymore , his support to the national football team made it victorious all those years and that the ungrateful footballers for not standing with Mubarak and his sons !! Here is a screen cap for the reasons why we lost from the group taken by “Cairo today Fans” FB page .

"Cairo today Fans"
I know I should not waste your time with these nonsenses but I am too angry to let this pass like that !? I should respect other’s people opinion but this is too much to handle !!
Anyhow this shows how football was used an opium by the previous regime to deceive people to the level that it considers the only national achievement !!
The Saint patrons of Egyptian football in Tora 
Our national football team coach Hassan Shehata has resigned , well we thank him for what he had done all those years. I do not care if we lose our ranking in FIFA list now we because we have a country to rebuild , there is no time for football.
I will leave you with that jam


  1. the players are getting too old

  2. What if Mubarak had died which was bound to happen? we will no longer have a football team?

  3. LOL, tweets are hilarious from illegitimate sons of Mubarak :D

  4. Ya, this type of people make me crazy.
    They are unique type of humans who don't care about the amount of corruption Mubarak was involved in or their banned rights or any of the old regime crimes against Egypt. But they do care about other things usually stupid things, like in this case Soccer! I had hard time in trying to understand these type of humans. And I think came up with an idea of why, It's simply because they got used to that, since they were born and they saw corruption everywhere some became part of it, some stood against it and most go used to it. So they just got used to it, but since they were born or as far as I recall, I am not a soccer fan, our national soccer team was good our media had no other achievements to talk about since the Toshka project except of our national team which turned them into heroes. So when change happened they felt more about what they lost not what they won, because they didn't feel the change yet. Not because there is not change, there is a change and it's a BIG one. But because when you lose something you lose it at once but the gains in our case comes step by step.

    Maybe some of them get paid to do what they are doing, but most of them are just simple minded. I'm trying not to get angry from such people but to sympathize with them because they are victims of the previous regime, they're ignorant and naive. And to fight them back isn't by getting into discussions, however I still do that and will keep on doing it :D, because they wont understand what you're talking about. So fight them by educating them. Enlightenment is the solution whether we are fighting the old regime, the radicals, AlQaeda or even Israel. Enlightenment is the solution.

  5. am asking myself the same thing why Egypt lost yesterday when these professional players getting paid millions to play football all their lives everyday!!! the players should blame themselves for losing yesterday match. they were going against the weaker teams before South Africa but they just take it easy and the same for Shehata he too make mistake in placing wrong players to be starter of the game in so many matches before!!! and Egyptians players suppose to be professionals but they still make the same mistakes and they didnt learn from their mistakes. South Africa team has improved their game very much! Egyptian deserves to loose because they way they play yesterday was terrible and some of the players dont even know how to pass the ball to the right players and they dont run to the ball but expect the ball to run to them and they dont have team work, they let one of his buddy to go against two or three SA players which by right they should assist him when he is in that situation! when the SA player run with the ball to Egyptian side, instead of making them nervous by going against them instead they back up and give spaces for SA player to kick the ball! If it is not because of Hidary yesterday Egypt already have 4 goals from SA players! Yes they played hard yesterday but its too late, they should play like this at the beginning of the tournament not the last minute when they are in deep shit!

    Anyway hope this will teach them a lesson and hope in future they will be more prepared to play hard at every game! and I am happy that Shehata is leaving coz he is not doing well as a coach! Egypt need a new coach that can discipline the team and have new ideas and tactics!

    the only thing mubarak and his co. did with the team is pampered them and give them favours whenever they needed and they in return give the Egyptian people football drug so that people stay away from politics!

    Football is not everything at the moment Egypt is more important and people should start building Egypt. enough 30 years of football drugs! by the way I have nothing against football coz it is one of my favourite sport!!

  6. Dear Zeinobia, you obviously do not care about football if you do not even know the name of the tournament (which is CAF) :)

    We did not lose - it was a draw 0:0

    We dropped out of the tournament, however, and so we say we lost.

    Well, we lost because of Hassan Shehata, who is Mubarak's man and who - as I see it - purposefully directed our team in a number of losses and draws. This is like those thugs who are policemen of the Mubarak regime who want to make us believe that the old ways were better.

    It is good that Shehata resigned. We don't like him anymore. An out of date (expired) symbol of the past.

    We won our country back. That is all what counts. We will play other football matches and we will win and lose, but we will never lose our freedom.


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