Thursday, August 25, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The massacres go on “Graphic 18+”

So there are the death toll in Syria reached to 2200 and 30,000 detainees in Syria since the start of the revolution in last March, El Assad Junior is competing with Qaddafi. Not less than 153 child and 115 woman have been killed so far in the country according to the latest recorded numbers.
Famous Syrian Cartoonist Ali Ferzat was beaten by the thugs of the Syrian regime today early morning at Damascus after he was abducted from his car while he was heading to his home from his office passing by the Umayyad Square. Ali Ferzat was badly beaten , they broke his arms and left him at airport highway where citizens rescued him and transferred him to the hospital. The Shabiha broke his arms so he can’t draw anymore than those bastards. Here is a photo for Mr. Ferzat at the hospital , I wish him a speedy recovery.
Ali Ferzat in the hospital "3aayef"
Ali Ferzat is an Arab famous cartoonist and has been outspoken against dictatorships for long time. Here is his official Website.Here is his official Fan club in Facebook and below some of his beautiful work.

Strangely the Ali Ferzat official website has been suspended today !! Hopefully it is related to the bandwidth and the fact many are visiting it now !! 
From three days ago the UN delegation visited Hama and Homs in Syria only to witness firsthand how protests were violently cracked. Already after the departure of the UN delegation the massacre continued in Homs and other areas in the country.
It was not surprise that the UN Human rights council in Geneva issues a strong condemnation to El Assad regime for the crimes it commits on hourly basis in dear Syria. The countries that voted against the resolution were Russia, Cuba, Ecuador and China unsurprisingly while 9 countries were absent : Djibouti, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Malaysia, Mauritania, Philippines, India,Angola and Uganda
Egypt’s representative in UN Human rights council Ambassador Hisham Badr supported the decision saying that it supported an immediate cease of fire and is currently having talks with neighbor countries about Syria due to its historical obligations to the region especially after the January 25th Revolution.Oh Yes our Egypt’s representative in HRC said “January 25th”
Here is the statement of the United nations High commissioner for Human rightsNavi Pillay” about Syria. Here is also another statement from HRC about Syria. The HRC’s Fact finding report about Syria is a must read report.
Any human rights committee would have condemned any country like Syria with all these massacres taking place , it is natural thing more than political thing.
Next Saturday the Arab ministers of foreign affairs will have a meeting in Cairo to discuss Libya and Syria’s updates.
Here are the names of detainees from Hama in Arabic in an Excel document.
Now from couple of days ago a video appeared on YouTube showing a detainee beaten and forced to say by security forces “ There is no God except Bashar”.
Place unknown : Forcing a detainee to say that Bashar is a god !!
This is a typical El Assad Baathist regime , I am not surprised or shocked because like Father like son exactly. The detainees during his father’s era especially from the Sunni were forced to say the same thing. I remember among the photos I saw from the original Hama’s massacre in 1982 a photo on the remains of some mosque shelled by tanks where some Baathist bastard wrote on a pillar “There is no God except Baath and his messenger is El Assad !!”
Disrespecting the Quranic verses and using
them in disgusting political campaigns for Baath
I will leave you with that wonderful animation from WikiSham “Subscribe to this channel my dear friends”
WikiSham : Nescafe theory
Anonymous Syria has posted a petition on twitter to security council especially to China and Russia to stand with the Syrian people instead of the Syrian regime.
Russia would lose billion of dollars by the way if there is a boycott for arms sales imposed on Syrian regime.  Already I wonder if the Russian press is bold enough to show that 6 months baby Maged Alaa who was killed in Homs last August 22,2011.
Baby Maged
Here is a video showing the doctors trying to save that little baby angel , despite there is no blood despite he was hit in his head but it is graphic knowing in its horrible way , here is a baby who was trying to breathe hardly.
Homs : Baby Maged “Graphic”
Maged and his father Alaa were killed on that day. "Extremely Graphic +18"
Homs : A baby martyr and his father

Homs : A baby and his dad ready to their last trip
We believe in Egypt that babies buried with adults are good sign because babies are considered as angels. I am so moved and confused when I am writing this. 

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