Sunday, December 4, 2011

#Polls : Winning back the revolution

Dear Dalia Mogahed of Abu Dhabi Gallup has published a survey in Foreign Policy about our own Egyptian revolution and winning it back. It is very interesting poll and promising one.

That survey or rather surveys conducted over 8 months from March to September.

The top concerns are still the economic concerns in the country. Of course the lack of tangible improvements or achievements especially in the past months and what followed it had a negative on some expectations. 

Still the survey was wrong and its sample was not that representative it comes to Muslim brotherhood !! 

The Egyptians are the most likely population in the world to unconditionally reject individual as well military attacks on civilians.

Egyptians support peaceful means of change in 2011 than 2010 

Yes the majority Egyptian people ,the honorable members of the Kanaba party aka the couch party aka the silent majority are with the revolution and support it , they want to end the 60 years of military but in a peaceful way.


  1. This looks like the birth of a new nation and as we all know birth is a painful thing.

  2. Check out this Video!

  3. This is rebirth of Egyptian culture and civilization.

    Sample Survey


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