Thursday, December 6, 2012

#Dec5: After the first battle in #MB war in #Egypt "Graphic" !!

And the ministry of health announced today that more than 650 were injured and 7 were reportedly killed in yesterday's clashes !!
Oh yes 7 were killed , they were from both sides and some of them were shot by live ammunition ,oh yes there are live ammunition now seemed to be used from both sides. This is how the civil war starts in countries !!
Of course according to the footage , testimonies and photos , there is more violence from the MB's supporters side against the protesters.
The MB and Islamist supporters are still surrounding the presidential palace in order to protect the legitimacy of Morsi and stop any attempts to storm the Palace !!!!!!!!!!
Nevertheless after absence , the Republican guards units appeared outside Palace with tanks and armored vehicles. Here is a photo from El Korba showing the Republican guards' tanks at 10.30 AM by Sarah Ebeid.
The tanks in Korba by Sarah Ebeid on twitter
Now after we got leaks that Republican Guards gained control and that they ordered Morsi's supporters to leave , we find news now @12:22 PM speaking about renewed clashes in Al Marghinay street between the supporters and protesters that are hurling rocks at each other in this stage.
Despite they got casualties in that night battle and people were killed from their sides , Morsi's supporters mainly from Muslim brotherhood members seem to feel that they won the war. At least this impression is enforced by that morning march at the Presidential Palace !!

This video makes you believe the claim about their trained armed militias. Already they seemed to be happy for a group that lost casualties including martyrs
Of course the MB media machine did not stop. We got wild accusation to ElBaradei, Sabbahi and Moses of heading militias that seek a coup and that ElBaradei and Sabbahi got $ 40 million from the States and Iran while Moses is receiving aid from Israel !! The MB Media is also accusing the Egyptian Church of standing behind this violence.
The MB media machine also accused Ahmed Maher , the founder of April 6 Youth Movement , who was one of the strongest supporters and allies of Morsi of heading the thugs in last night's clashes !!!
As the videos and photos emerging from the clashes show horrifying a truth. I do not know or understand what kind of brainwash the members of brotherhood is subjected to honestly based on the testimonies I heard !!
Here is Ola Shahba , a socialist activist and a member in the socialist popular alliance Party. Ola elected Morsi by the way
Ola Shahba after she was freed in the morning

Ola and her Comrade Ramy Sabry were detained by the Muslim brotherhood for hours and have been tortured. They were accused of being thugs.
Ramy Sabry was not released for hours kept with other MB's captives at the Presidential Palace before he was handed over to the Police !!
Sabry detained at the gate
I am getting more horrifying testimonies from my friends who witnessed protesters being dragged semi naked by MB protesters in the streets.
The men were kept all day in captivity and I wish that they were treated in the way Islam ordered us to treat POWs !!
From Al Masry Al Youm
This is horrifying video below includes horrible scenes for the captives the MB detained and beaten while the police and CSF were watching despite it was against the law.

You can Mina Philip and another poor citizen who works as a janitor in some nearby building so there is also a young boy among the detainee.Already I do not understand who is that man in a suit that orders the other MB members to search the poor man and curses Mina !!! 
These citizens are in the eyes of President are convicted thugs !!
Mr. Mina Philip holds a managerial level in Orange Telecom in Egypt refused to reveal his identity for fear they would know that he is a Christian !! Here is the original video showing dragged and beaten saying "I forgot my name"

Already it seems that being a Christian in Heliopolis on that night was a reason enough for the MB members and supporters to detain people and hand them over to the police !! President Morsi tonight spoke about a nation for everybody and so in his threatening speech , these are his supporters

 Back to Philip who has not returned back home yet,well in a sad coincidence Mohamed El Houssainy , the MB member who was killed in the clashes also work in 
Already this is against the law , they do not have the right to detain and interrogate a person let alone to beat him like that !! And before you jump in to the wagon I refused these actions when it happened in Tahrir square too.
Currently there are 90 detainees who are facing interrogations and attempted murder charges including that young boy you saw. 49 of these detainees need to be transferred to hospital ASAP !! Already the prosecution should arrest the MB members and charge them with illegal detention and torture but what you know the new Public prosecutor is appointed directly by the president !!
Now here is a glimpse of that thuggery minority Morsi spoke about
Mohamed Said Ramdan 37 years old
 Mohamed Said Ramadan , 37 years old computer engineer and a graduate of Dar El Tarbia school. "A high middle class language school in Egypt" . His photo appeared hours ago but he could not be found among the detainees at the prosecution offices
Ex-ambassador Yahia Negm
Yes this is Ex-Ambassador Yahia Negm , our former acting ambassador in Venezuela. This man already suffered under Mubarak's regime . Here is ex-ambassador Negm speaking to Venezuelan TV about Egyptian Revolution in Spanish.
Here is him again at Prosecution office late night today
BY Nadim X
This video is from Mosireen who did an amazing work yesterday. It is extremely graphic showing the victims injured with live and shrapnel bullets. These are the protesters against MB.

This video is being spread by Morsi's supporters claiming that these are the protesters shooting at the MB supporters who did not have arms or anything and were peaceful.In this point , I will copy what my friend , a resident of Heliopolis told me "After hours of being attacked by the birdshot and gunfire of Muslim brotherhood , we began to ask if someone has got a gun to protect us".
This is how the civil war starts.

Oh here is another video before the battle showing the MB supporters attacking the women´s march from Heliopolis club led by famous icon Shahenda Maklad , yes Shahenda Maklad whom Morsi´s supporter was trying to shut her up !!


  1. actually most of the dead were MB. This is now accepted fact. And 36 mb offices burned. we know who was more violent. It's obvious.

    1. yes facts seem to be of no consequence these days in blogs and media!

    2. What do You mean by this, Mister? The Bad, the Ugly and the Beast? For me it is clearly obvious, that all these male people, who run around with these little beeds between their fingers and all the time tell of Allah and Schariah, and cut away the little lips of young girls, and want to marry them away, as soon as they have their first menstruation, they only have in mind to rule the population with their male chauvinistic phantasies like e.g. in Iran, but - I am very sorry - with religion and religious feelings and respect in front of the creator of this world and the whole universe, and as well in deep respect to his creations, these chauvinistic ideas have NOTHING in common. But You will learn it as well. In christianity, we had this nonsense centuries long, that all the kings and kaisers were in true harmony with god on their sides, when they depressed their population and went to war with their sword in their hands to fight down the unbelievers. But God bless it, this period is over now, although I have to confess, that there are still some ultras in christianity as well - but I know for sure, they will burn in the deep fire of hell. Give peace a chance, humanity as well and tolerance to all religions! Just live in peace - no racism, no sexual discrimination, no theocracy! God bless You all!

  2. لك اللة يامصر

  3. What kind of traction would a general strike have? Is my guess true that defenders of the Revolution (the opposition of course), either in the form of organised Labour or of the educated middle class, create most of the wealth in Egypt? Anyone know the demographics? This kind of rout may keep the peace.I have written to my MP in the UK to ask for the proposed EBRD and IMF loans to be put on hold until Egypt stabilises in a way that benefits its people and not foreign investors. Other foreigners who back the Revolution might do the same. This is one thing we can do. Economics is the Achilles heel of Morsi's government as this Blog has made clear in the past.

    1. Don't be misled in thinking all Egyptians are opposition. A general strike has not been called because it would be a failure and they know it.

    2. I do know all Egyptians are not the opposition, but Morsi only got 51% of the vote and many of the opposition voted for him to exclude Shafik and the old regime. There is no way he has a mandate to push through an Islamist constitution. I fear the man is a criminal who will rather see a civil war in Egypt than loose dictatorial power. Like Assad. Until the ruling class in Egypt get hold of the idea of genuine pluralism and multiculturism the intelligent and moral citizens have a right as well as a duty to rise up and keep rising up. I suspect, in any case, it is the intelligent and moral faction (the opposition) who pay the bills. Hanging onto your beard and ranting bigoted nonsense to idiots just doesn't hack it in the real world. How much of Egypt's population is under 25 and without a job? They will soon get tired of the MB when the economy tanks, which it will, because Morsi is a fool.

    3. Hollande of France won with same majority but you dont see the French out calling for his ouster because they don't like the result!

      Most of these protesting are felool. It's obvious now surely!

      I think you'll find also it is the MB and the kanaba party who are paying the bills! That's why these so called revolutionaries can spend all day in Tahrir ! We are the ones keeping the economy ticking over!

    4. Hollande of France is not trying to impose a Constitution that more than half of the French people oppose. THAT IS THE POINT. No, it is not obvious they are Felool. It is quite obvious to the world that this is MB spin. Some supporters of the previous regime, the MB, the Revolutionary activists and the Opposition need to come to a compromise over an acceptable Constitution drafted by a broad consensus. For God's sake get a grip! Winning an election gives no one dictatorial power to shape a Country for all time. Morsi is ridiculous and is going to lose this argument.

  4. Not only do these reports bring me to tears, they also make my blood boil .. WHO ARE THEY to treat fellow Egyptians like that ... WHAT KIND OF ruthless, idiotic, disgusting person who calls himself the leader of all Egyptians, would allow this to happen to them. SHAME ON YOU MORSI ... SHAME ON YOU ...

  5. rony is when Morsi is threatening to punish the same protesters who fought for democracy using which he got elected. I hope Egypt is not heading for Civil war just like Syria, where people are fighting for and against a dictator

    1. Very soon we will all have the 23 names revealed who are the 5th Column behind all this. Just wait and see! Don't assume Egypt is opposition.

  6. أهم ما كشفته مجزرة الاتحادية يوم الاربعاء 5 ديسمبر 2012 ان الاخوان لهم أجهزة أمنية موازية لاجهزة الدولة وملشياتهم ذات تدريب عسكرى كما يتضح من الفيديو الخاص بمسيرتهم بجوار الاتحادية، يبقى دور النخبة المخيبة لآمال شباب الثورة وسيفرزهم موقفهم مما يسمى حوار السبت و كأن دماء المصريين لم تخضب اسوار الاتحادية و شوارعها، ونفس اسلوب مبارك سفر الحداد و العريان الى واشنطون ليغسلوا ايدى جماعتهم من دماء المصريين.

  7. Your post is factually wrong,

    You say the dead were from both sides.
    The dead were all MB actually.

    You also said "Of course according to the footage , testimonies and photos , there is more violence from the MB's supporters side against the protesters."

    Since the dead were all MB how about explaining how no opposition were killed by these guns?

    In fact you will see that clearly it was the opposition shooting the guns, and if you watch to the end of this video you will see them draining the tank of a car to make their molotovs too!

    This is exactly why bloggers and activists are getting less and less support. You are making up facts on the ground because your opposition is weak and low in numbers. While the bloggers and activist 1% are busy burning down schools and buildings and shooting people we the 90 million Egyptians are out at work keeping the country from total collapse.

    1. Did the opposition attack the MB rally at the University? Or am I missing something?

    2. Read

    3. Yes you missed something. The opposition were in Tahrir miles away.The MB went home at sunset before the thugs moved from Tahrir knowing that's the time they like to attack. Wise decision.

    4. Nonsense, and you know it. Someone killed MB supporters in the middle of a riot. That is outrageous and criminal. Supporters of the old regime should be automatic? They would certainly gain from division and violence, yes? The MB trashed the sit in at the Presidential Palace and that kicked all this off, as you know. No one in the real world believes that the liberal secular opposition to the imposition of an Islamic state are thugs. You are making fools of yourselves who claim it.

  8. My heart bleeds for egypt ... I am French, I lived 10 years in Egypt and my daughter is an egyptian girl...
    I wish you courage and strength that God protects you in your fight against MB Allah w akbar...


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