Monday, February 25, 2013

Egyptian X-Files : The Curious Case of #Morsi’s interview

Yesterday millions of Egyptians glued in front of their TVs waiting for president Morsi’s recorded interview on Mehwer TV channel at 8 PM that actually started at nearly 2 AM !!! According to Presidency the interview was going to be aired on National TV as well other channels.
Morsi in the interview "Presidency FB Page"
There were some official excuses said and claimed for this delay as I will list :
  • There was a technical problem in the Nile Sat !! “ I am sorry but the Nile Sat was working fine then and it is not live interview in the first place  !!”
  • The Presidency failed to broadcast the interview from the Presidential Palace “ WHY TO BROADCAST THE INTERVIEW FROM THE PALACE !!” as there was a problem in the fiber optics there and so they had to transfer the recorded interview to the National TV building in Maspero but there was another technical problem !! TECHNICAL PROBLEM IN NATIONAL TV BUILDING !?? Yes and that problem forced Amr El Lithy to take the recorded interview and head directly to the Media City in October !!! !!?
  • The MB members claim that Mehwer channel delayed the interview to air commercials !! First the TV channel was airing from 8 PM to 2 AM patriotic songs , second CAN ANY TV IN THE WORLD DELAY THE PRESIDENT’S INTERVIEW FOR NEARLY 6 HOURS TO SHOW ADS AND PRESIDENCY IS OK WITH IT ??
What really happened for and caused this delay ?? Why was not there a singly apology to the millions of the viewers waiting for that delay with a realistic excuse ??
People are speculating that the true reason of delay was in fact the editing of that interview especially there parts that seemed to be missing like a question about America who answer was still there. Some say that the interview was edited by Muslim brotherhood presidency team to avoid any mockery while others say that parts related to Iranian Egyptian relations were removed from interview.
Interestingly people like Dr. Bassem Khafagy paid attention closely to Morsi’s watch and found the following :
  • The beginning of the interview , it was 2.15 PM according to Morsi’s watch.
  • Then in the end it was 4.30 PM according to Morsi’s watch.
  • When Amr El Lithy asked him about Port Said it was 11.50 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow editing does not take all that time when the summary of the President’s interview was distributed all those newspapers , channels and websites by Presidency by 5 PM !!!!!??
Another riddle , another enigma we will know its truth hopefully soon.
By the way did Amr El Lithy explain to Morsi why he resigned from his position as his media advisor after the December 5,2013 Presidential Palace clashes !!?
Here is the long interview
Mohamed Morsi’s interview , yes it is two hours interview !!

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