Sunday, March 24, 2013

After the Mount Battle , We Got the Media Battle !!

After few hours from now Islamists from Muslim brotherhood youth members and Salafists are planning for another battle. The Muslim brotherhood youth and Islamists are planning a million man protest to besiege the media city in October 6 once again. They are calling actually for the storming of the city and to block the transmission of the following channels “CBC,ONTV, MBC Misr , El Kahara Wal Nas !!

This battle is led by none other than the king of talk shows who appeared on TV more than ElBaradei since the start of Egyptian revolution Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail.

The campaign or the battle does not stop in the infidel media city as some tweep told me on Saturday. The battle goes on personally targeting political and figures by names at their home like for instance Khaled Ali who was injured while protecting a MB member during the Clashes.

Now the following part will depend on storify leaving with no comment from me at all after the break with no comment what so ever.

The secretary general of MB Mahmoud Ezzat announced in the press conference held on Saturday claimed that the brotherhood was not participating officially in that protest planned at the media city  and that “the brotherhood’s members that are going to participate in this protest only represent themselves !!”

Last time I heard that the brotherhood’s members were going to represent themselves only and not the MB was on 24 January 2011.

The big shots and MB spokespersons swear that they respect the media and so on, no one of them spoke on why Misr 25 TV channel has accused the Egyptian Christians of standing behind the attack against the MB members in Mokattam.

Misr 25 TV : Christian protesters

To be accurate the MB’s official TV channel said that Half of the protesters are Christians and the other half are Pro-Mubarak regime supporters !!

BY the way blaming and accusing the Christians were a main theme on Friday among the MB members and Islamists in a sick way. Today we found them sharing a photo of some protester doing a victory sign in front of a torched bus during the Mokattam’s clashes claiming that he was a Christian based on what they thin a cross tattoo on his wrist !!

The MB and FJP officials are completely silent on this unbelievable incitement.


  1. you have lost all perspective here. If you ever aspired to being a journalist that dream is over. Had the boot been on the other foot and had the MB been behaving as the thug 'revolutionaries' behaved yesterday then no doubt you would have called it for what it is. Such actions have no place in a civilised society. Admittedly Egypt is going through problems and is far from a 'civilised society'. We can therefore understand and try to forgive such acts. But to condone them and even encourage them is sick.

  2. واضح ان الواحد محتاج يأخذ كورس انجليزي من الأول . طلع الكلام بالعربي له معاني اخري و كلام لا يترجم المصداقية يا هانم

  3. Latifa you are absolutely unfair. This site is 90% reporting and rarely opinion post.This particular article is all factual reporting, unless one of us did not read it. Her choice of topics reflect a bias towards the values of freedom and justice. I do not think its her job to condemn, or encourage one side or the other. But our job is, and I agree such actions should not be tolerated.

  4. Speaking truth to power, thank you. Oh yeah, and btw, "power" here refers to the MB. The translations are accurate -- they are idiomatic, not literal, though of course a point like that would be lost to some.


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