Monday, April 1, 2013

The PM of Smurfs Village !!

Some people may think that this is April's Fool but it seems that it is not. Today we found our PM Hisham Qandil tweeting in his official twitter account "@KandilHesham" about the Smurfs village iOS app and how Doctor Smurf Prescribes cakes, pies and smurfberries as part of a healthy diet.
Here is a screenshot taken by dear friend Rami Mohsen, '@Ramiii"

Here is another screenshot by @SuzanHanem

This is not April's fool , I saw it on his twitter account before it was removed
Now there are four logic explanation for this tweet :
  • The PM himself plays Smurfs village and decided to promote it on twitter to earn points. 
  • One of Qandil's kids is playing the Smurfs village and decided to promote it on twitter to earn points. 
  • The admin of his twitter account plays Smurfs village on his ipad 
  • The admin's kids are playing Smurfs village on his ipad !!
Anyhow today the Smurfs village is the most talked game app now in Egypt online and Egyptians are comparing the situation now in Egypt to Smurfs universe !!

Now I can imagine our PM singing the Smurfs theme while wearing cotton and sitting with his family in one room enjoying the air condition in his home !!

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  1. That would be hard to be one of the admins, the tweet from any app will have to use twitter accounts linked with the iOS for full integration, and I doubt an admin would do that...why would he want to get contacts (people that the PM follows on twitter) on his iDevice?
    It's a weak probability that the person who did that is an admin or an admin's child.
    That's either him or one his kids (the PM I mean)


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