Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#30June Apocalypse Egypt : Media Updates And #Egyarmy is Back to Streets

It is not long 30 June palooza , it is 30 June apocalypse now in Egypt with the on going hysteria about not only upcoming June 30th but about tomorrow and what Morsi will say or announce in his awaited speech.
Tonight popular TV host Mahmoud Saad was ordered by Al Nahar TV channel owner to stop his daily night talk show till the end of the month because Egypt is heading towards to strife !!!
Saad resigned tonight on air in another TV channel during a confrontation with Alaa El Kakhaky.

Ironically Saad was banned from National TV during the early days of 25 January revolution when Mubarak was still in power.Saad appeared on air after 11 February 2011. Many people consider it a sign.
It is worth to mention that Saad was supporting Morsi in the elections and yet was the first to be reported by presidency itself “in historical thing” to the prosecutor general for insulting the President when he criticized Morsi last year. Of course the presidency later withdrew its complaint.
State owned newspaper's editor in chief Mohamed Hassan El Banna "who was appointed by Islamist dominated Shura Council" has resigned after a strong Op-ed in the newspaper criticizing Morsi adding that the MB was intervening in the editorial policies of the famous newspaper.   
There are rumors spreading like fire through former and current police officers as well journalists like Mostafa Bakry "Pro-Military" claim that tomorrow the prosecutor general will issue an arrest warrant against a number of activists,journalists and political figures. 
Now in another important development the army forces have been assigned to protect the media city in October city. 

 The commander of the central zone went to the city that hosts Egypt's private owned TV channels and radio stations today along hundreds of soldiers. The National TV and radio building is still under the Republican guards' control. The Republican guards officially follow Presidency. This is the first step for the army when it comes to street control.
I donot know how to see this move. In old coup schools the winner is the one who controls the media aka TV and radio broadcast. The media city now is the new heart of media of Egypt instead of Maspero. Egyptians follow the private channels more than official TV channels. 
Some are saying that Minister of defense El Sisi is taking his precaution if Morsi announces something shocking and surprising tomorrow aka if Morsi fires him. 
The Morale department in the armed forces published in its Facebook Page that short documentary about the armed forces and its achievements. It also sent it to TV channels “Both National TV and private channels” and in no time the short documentary was aired in almost all TV channels even Sports TV channels.

Now I could not ignore also  how the leaning to Mubarak regime channel Al Kahera Wal Nas has been broadcasting all day long the speech of General El Sisi as if he is the official ruler of Egypt.
I also noticed that the Islamists , at least some Islamists working in the media like Khaled Abdullah and Rashid Abdel Latif began to turn against Morsi and kiss the army’s ass.
Khaled Abdullah who kissed SCAF's ass all the way is now telling Morsi if he can not control the country than he has to hand it over to SCAF !!

Abdel Latif , the owner of Hafiz channel is praising how the army is securing the freedom of media at the media city !!
Big mouth and cult leader Hazem Salah Abu Ismail is doing what he is best at. After attacking the army and El Sisi madly he is claiming that he will not speak about politics anymore. I hardly believe it when he claims that he and his wife are preparing their death will and asking his followers to do the same !!
I will not comment on that stupid press conference of the man behind Omar Sulieman because it is a waste of time still I will summarize what General Hussein Kamal said or wanted to say in that black comedy presser. "All of you should be the street so the army will go down the street to oust Morsi otherwise you all should shut up and respect President Morsi" This is what he said.
He also revealed extremely important secret as an aide to Egypt's ex-spy chief knew from long time : Muslim brotherhood , Freedom and justice party and Presidency are the same !!!!
We are waiting for Morsi's speech because we believe the clash will start as soon as he finishes his speech on TV.You must know that opposition forces are preparing to watch the speech to at Tahrir square.
Well we were the first country to have a Facebook event for a revolution , may we will be the first country to have another Facebook even for protests/Civil War/Military coup at the same time.


  1. Egyptian have the right to protest against the government, any government. But a crackdown is always possible prior to the event.

  2. I wish ElBaradei makes an unequivocal statement against any violence against the Ekhwan to set the path for peaceful change, otherwise some of the blood shed will be his responsibility for not having a clear stance.

  3. I pray there is no violence. Egypt does not need more violence.


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