Monday, June 3, 2013

The Trilateral Commission Report's Summary is Here

The Egyptian presidency published a summary of the trilateral commission report about the Ethiopian dam aka Renaissance.
It is in Arabic and you can read it after the break. Here I will summarize the important points.
  • Ethiopia did not present all the detailed and extensive studies about the Renaissance dam especially about its negative environmental and social impact on the downstream countries. They are not sufficient
  • The Ethiopian government did not present extensive studies about a very alarming scenario : The collapse of the dam. It is a study that has to be presented.
  • In flood season this dam will make it hard for the High Dam to generate electricity While in drought season will reduce our water share especially in irrigation.
The original report got an index of more than 600 pages and it is full of technical details. It is not that good according to the experts. The Trilateral commission is made of experts from UK, France and German and 3 delegations representing Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

ملخص تقرير أعمال اللجنة الدولية للخبراء المعنية بدراسة وتقييم سد أثيوبيا by Egyptian Presidency

Amazingly this report is totally contradicting what the ministry of foreign affairs in Ethiopia claimed on Sunday. Yesterday the MOFA in Ethiopia claimed that the Trilateral commission supports the dam and that the dam has not got any negative impact on Egypt or Sudan.
According to international laws expert Egypt has a legal right to reject the construction of the dam as long as Ethiopia does not present the required studies. 


  1. I don't know why on earth no one talks about 1902 treaty between independent Ethiopia represented by Emperor Menelik II & Great Britain - article III , stating CLEARLY that Ethiopia WONT build or ALLOW to build any constructions on Nile riparians without Great Britain ( Occupying Sudan & Egypt ) consent.
    Forget now about 1929 treaty about water shares.

  2. It is known Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy received a message sent from Eritrean President Issaiass Afeweqi via Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh & Presidential Advisor Yemane Gebreab.
    Eritrea fully supports Egypt's right over nile river water share. That is Eritrea supports the controversial colonial era treaty with all of the rights that the treaty gave to Egypt.

    Finally, Eritrean deligates after meeting Egyptian president & other higher officials, the Nile Issue File is "Tackled". That is onwards no need to talk about Nile river related issue since it is tackled & closed with the help of Eritrea.

    So who opened the Nile river water issue that is closed by Egypt & Eritrea ?


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