Thursday, August 22, 2013

The #Friday After the arrests in #Egypt

Tomorrow Friday Islamist National coalition to support legitimacy or rather the Muslim brotherhood is organizing mass protests and rallies all over Egypt hoping that these protests will break the curfew and end it.

It is worth to mention that Egyptians respect the orders and do not break the curfews now unlike January and February 2011.

The coalition called the Friday of Martyrs.

There will be 28 rallies alone in Giza and Cairo besides the governorates.

I am somehow surprised that the Muslim brotherhood and the Islamists are organizing these rallies when there is a massive crackdown following the first and middle leaders of the brotherhood not only in Cairo but other governorates. The campaign also included those members responsible for mobilization and  protests.

We will be in front of a huge change tomorrow as the members are no longer waiting for the directives of their leaders according to the hierarchy of the brotherhood. The leaders are in detention now. Of course things now can go beyond the leaders who care less for the blood of the members. Now there is blood and blood always changes matters.

The MB members insist that they will stick to peacefulness but not most of them considering the anger of the young members especially from the Ultra-Qutbists who reject the idea of democracy altogether.We know our security forces too .. very well.

AFP journalist Haitham El Tabei was told by a Muslim brotherhood member that he did not receive new any new directives this week.

There is a strong rumor circulating online that the MB protesters may try to take over Tahrir square. “As rumor says Al Jazeera will transfer on air from there”

By the way not only the Muslim brotherhood supporters and their allies are going to protest alone tomorrow.

There are revolutionary youth who are going to protest against the release of Mubarak decided to protest at the Supreme court , downtown Cairo. Yesterday April 6 Youth Movement “Ahmed Maher’s movement” announced that they were going to protest at Supreme court but today things changed. 

The event was cancelled today as the movement that has been constantly accused of being a subsidiary of Muslim brotherhood wanted to distance itself from the brotherhood. Officially the movement does not want its protest to be used by the brotherhood.

From what I see online despite the April 6 youth movement’s decision to cancel the protest , it seems that there will be revolutionary youth who are going to protest either ways. They are accusing April 6 Youth of being coward and so on. Revolutionary Socialists announced that they will go on with the protest regardless of the attacks against them.

You must know there are some revolutionary youth who are extremely angry , really angry and they want to express it. They are fed up with everybody and Mubarak’s release was like the last straw. The revolutionary youth do not want Muslim brotherhood or military and I am afraid with all political powers and parties in Egypt ignoring them , they will find no other way except returning to the streets.

Returning to the streets now is a suicide when the public is not interested in anything except unfortunately in the so-called war on terrorism. It is like a deadlock.

Let’s pray that no one gets killed tomorrow.


  1. Great analysis. However, I think the turnout tomorrow will be much less than last week
    Unfortunately, we have lost the two main positive outcomes of the Jan25 uprising: public interest in voting and the disappearance of fear from government security apparatus

  2. better days coming enshaa Allah

  3. I see that some of those so called Islamists are calling again for demo's after Friday prayers. I hope they would be peaceful, and keep their guns, knives, swords, m. cocktails, and even their heavy sticks and rods at home. Otherwise, they would be asking for trouble. More important, they should finish these demos well in advance of the curfew. If not, they are really committing suicide, because if even the police let them go on, there will be a time when they begin to go home, and meet other security personnel who would arrest them, and when resist or injure or kill any of these personnel, they may kill them too, and in mass.

    I also see that a few of these demos are said to be going out at night. If this happens, it would be the ultimate in stupidity. Some idiotic women did that in Minia two days ago, and the police let it go. But I wouldn't count on that being repeated, even with crazy women placing their children in the line of fire. Elh.

  4. The current administration, many in high places, judges, police men, army personnel, and certainly in the media, are behaving in a most stupid way. They are convincing themselves that January 25 is gone, and that we had a new beginning on June 30. They dilute themselves in believing that we forgot what happened in the "not very bad" old days of Mubarak, and his gangs, and that we should just focus on those lousy days of Mursi, and his thugs. The first were so peaceful. They destroyed the country but left after nominal resistance when they were let go. The second are still living in the clouds, and they are determined on burning Egypt, and themselves, and not let go.

    But many of us who supported those currently at the helm, temporarily, and may be reluctantly, see that a significant few of them came from that old, and extremely hated, regime. And that they should be very careful that their actions does not recreate that old thuggish regime. I am sure that, if these idiots in administration and justice want to keep Mubarak in prison, they would have done that without any difficulty. They did it to others in the past, and they are still doing it today with little evidence and sometimes with no evidence at all. But for Mubarak they didn't, and I hope that this is not just the beginning of their demise too.

    Revolutionaries, young and old, should demonstrate and tell these people to behave. And they should do it in strong and organized way. I am with those who don't want to mix, at this time, with those so called Islamists and their desire to return to that lousy past. Selecting different dates, or different locations to begin and finish, will hopefully do. These, too, should respect the curfew. Their lives are too good to waste. Elh.

  5. These are not only MB and islamists, these are EGYPTIANS. They are from all walks of life. Please name them by their names and stop this broken record.

  6. I don't see much of Egyptian TV, but from what is cited in the printed media, I am sure it is full of garbage, that should never be there if those in government are truly heading in the right direction. Day in, and day out, we are seeing offensive material by the likes of Okasha, Mansour, and others, that speaks to the lowest of the lows, and that shows we are heading back to the days of Mubarak and his thugs. Certain idiotic writers and some so called actors, actresses, singers, and dancers are also out of their hiding, and are even too happy to propagate that January 25 revolution was an imported affair, and that it was a mistake worth an apology to those Mubarak's and their cronies.

    I am hoping that the current Egyptian government, its current information minster, Doria Sharaf Eldin, and others responsible for these TV stations would wise up and do something to reduce, and if possible eliminate, this garbage. They did more than that to those religious stations that was also full of nonsense, threats, and incites for violence. Egypt cannot and should not build its future on the lies and filth propagated by the Okasha's and the Mansour's. Elh

  7. The west want the rest of the world to believe in democracy but they themselves dont practice democracy when their interests are being jeorpadize.. now nobody believe in democracy anymore.. we would rather go our own way.. every single drop of our brother will be paid accordingly.. and the west and their cronies must be prepared for the consequences of their action.. an eye for an eye..

  8. Glad to see they didn't shut you down yet. Be careful.

  9. Yes, be careful!
    And it is not good, to tell people in which street your work is and in which part of the city you live, like you did a couple of posts before. Leave personal information out of your texts, until Egypt is a safer place. Inshallah...

  10. It is women like these four (and you) that give me the hope that everything in Egypt will come to a good end eventually.

    Four Egyptian women, two veils, four views about their country


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