Saturday, May 24, 2014

Aziz Amami is Free

Tunisian Blogger and activist Aziz Amami is a free man once again. Yesterday a Tunisian court rejected the case against him admitted by the prosecution.
Free Aziz last night "Twitter" 
During the session , Amami said that he did not have weeds when he was arrested accusing the police of fabricating the charges.
Amami stated in court that he was beaten during his arrest.
The Tunisian Blogger already accused the police of fabricating charges to activists as well torching police stations on 14 January 2011 in a TV interview couple of weeks before his arrest.
The court dismissed the case.

It is worth to mention that Amami and photographer Sabri Ben Mamluka refused to take the drug test and insisted on having a test under independent supervision.
Full respect to this judge.
I am happy for Aziz as well Sabri. Hopefully I write the same title for Mahienour , Greste , Fadel, Shamy , Maher and long list of names in Egypt as well the Zone 9 bloggers in Ethiopia.
Here is Aziz with  his mother last night.

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