Monday, June 9, 2014

Newspapers' headlines today in #Egypt

A new day in Egypt and a new president swore in. Here are the Front pages and headlines of Egyptian newspapers on Monday
Today's newspaper after the presidential inauguration in #Egypt #elsisi #egymedia
The headlines of newspapers today
Another shot by TV host Dohaa El-Zohairy
Ahram's Front Page was dedicated to the New Transfer of Power document. This is the first time we would have such document in our modern history.

And the award of the most creative headline "sarcastically" goes to Al Watan that used verses from the Holy Quran about Prophet Moses and his miracle stick to describe Egypt under El-Sisi's rule !!!
Al Watan front page "Dr. Khaled Hamza"
Al Watan quoted the Verse that says "We will return it to its former condition." 
This verse is taken from Surat Taha "20:21" where the whole verse says "[ Allah ] said, "Seize it and fear not; We will return it to its former condition." This verse is about Prophet Moses and his stick when he spoke to God in Mount Sinai for the first time. Of course one wonder what the newspaper meant when it quoted a religious script like that "amazingly like their opponent the Muslim Brotherhood" 
In the original verse God was telling Moses to take the stick and throw it in order to see it turn in to a serpent and so I wonder , I really wonder what they meant to "return to its former condition !?" I know they mean "Egypt" instead of the stick but what "former condition" , did they refer to Mubarak's era !? 
Al Watan is also wondering why ElBaradei congratulated Morsi after presidency and did not congratulate El-Sisi on twitter.

Now speaking about the media , a strong rumor says that Colonel Ahmed Ali has resigned from his position in the army as official Spokesperson and is joining the media team of President El-Sisi , you know the civility of the presidency is important. 


  1. How pathetic that many sold their minds, bodies, souls, and dignity just for the miserable "reward" of destruction of the MB. Huge price for no real gain, as the MB still isn't dead. It is just another con game meant to go on forever. The enslaver has to have its bugbear, so it is never going to get rid of the MB. Anyone who thinks it will deliver its promise to those who voluntarily accepted slavery is delusional. The enslaved have gotten their freedom eliminated but haven't received the promised reward. They never will.

    Follow the money. This political con game is all about bilking everyone to line the pockets of the elite. The foolish obsession with destroying the MB (a task which will never end) is just another means of stealing money. The military-security complex has to have some way of justifying its literal and figurative rape of the country. If the MB ever disappeared, it will pull out and promote the secondary and tertiary targets, like the liberals.

    The government and the military are businesses meant to make money for the ruling class, not for the country as a whole.

    1. No body is even trying to destroy the MB,They did that to themselves they basically pushed themselves into political oblivion.A happy end for all of Egypt. I would rather have an elite with a domestic agenda than MB elite with a foreign agenda. You are talking like the MB don't have their filthy rich elite or are you trying to convince others that they sided with the poor when they ruled.

    2. My post made no claims whether the MB did or did side with the poor because the topic had nothing to do with my argument. The quality of the MB, or lack thereof, does not to bolster or beautify the grotesque nature of the present fascist elite. Morsi could be Stalin and it would not justify the current elitist barbarism. It would be like arguing that Mubarak's rule justified Morsi's transgressions. It is not the case that condemning the fascists equals any type of praise or love for the MB.

      The current elite's obsession with the MB is almost totally a bogeyman intended to divert attention away from its own theft, murder, exploitation, and general terrorism. That is why Sisi's backers are quick to classify anyone who criticizes state enforced torture and corruption as members of the MB. They could just forget about the MB and try to rule positively but that clearly isn't their goal. The cannot tolerate opposition and so want to claim that everyone who questions them is a terrorist, a member of the MB, or some other garbage. A huge portion of the political prisoners have nothing to do with the MB, but Sisi fanatics constantly claim anyone critical of this prison abuse is a brother supporting other alleged brothers.

    3. You are confusing breaking the law and vandalism with opposition. And the current elite were the same ones who were pushing the so called 'activists' down our throat in the media and from their leaked recordings they were actually financing the. But it got to a point where the country was breaking.
      Cheers .

  2. I guess Mursi and his %52 resembled a democratic result but Sissis %96 doesn't. El Baradei probably felt someone so fantastically popular doesn't need his congatulations!

    I sincerely hope Sissi works out and does not follow Mubarak. Glad to see you are still blogging, Z.

  3. "Al Watan is also wondering why ElBaradei congratulated Morsi after presidency and did not congratulate El-Sisi on twitter"
    Because he is a coward who cares more about his foreign image than his own country.And he is not a spy he is too dumb to do that.

  4. I'm surprised you are only now hearing of his passing Zee. I heard about it a few weeks ago. Yes, a terrible loss. Was he pushed or did he really fall? So strange as they say he was inspecting a new house he was having built.

  5. **Please put my post on the correct thread, concerning the passing of Bassem Sabry. Somehow it ended up here. :(


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